I really don’t give a rat’s rear about the nfl lawsuit that involves nike’s new poster female dog.  I did not like him when he took a knee and my opinions have not changed.  I have not watched an nfl game in two years.  My life has not changed as a result.

Now, they are suing and using the term collusion.  Good luck with that.  I’m not a lawyer but I have watched a lot of Law & Order.  It takes hard evidence to prove collusion.

Collusion would actually be more prevalent in the livestock show world than it is in the nfl.  I’m not crying foul.  I have actually benefitted from it.  Not my with my own kids, but we have done well sliding into that reserve grand slot when things were a bit dirty on the top side.  When, where, who….not typing it here.  Tammy nor I have ever wanted anything but a clear shot for our own kids.  We are down to one last show season….and we haven’t changed.  Let’s show.  That’s it.

There is not a breeder nor judge that can accuse me of collusion.  EVER.  Regardless of species.  All that I have left in this game is exactly the same that I started with.  Nothing . WTH?  Exactly.  The Dragon Lady and I have one kid showing.  And we are still using this as a teaching tool.  Feed–properly.  Clean water–YES.  Exercise–Duke only.  Manage temperature–team effort (Duke and Tammy), help others with all of the above (Duke, Tammy and myself).   Cash checks–Duke when he helps sell some goats for others.    I don’t need a banner to prove my worth nor my kids.  We are good.  Would we like another?  Sure.  But it will not change Tammy, Duke or myself.  Yes, we would like to validate years of hard work.  But, I do not feel the urge to have a deal in place.  I’ve seen it.  I’ve been a part of it.  I need NO part of it for my kids.

I’ve seen the great and powerful oz (four letters) at work behind the curtain.  I get it when you have to go warm your hands around that campfire. But, I can’t do it.  Why?  For the respect of the game.  That’s it.  That’s all.

I truly want to believe that a kid and an advisor(parent, friend, teacher, etc. ) can still study genetics, phenotype, proper feeding, utilize hard work, superior showmanship and management and get a fair shake at a show.  I need to believe this.  Why?  This is what the United States of America was founded upon.  I know things have changed.  But that does not make me believe that I should depress my values to meet those of others.

I delivered goats to students this week.  Good goats.  Combined with good management and showmanship, they have a chance.  I do not think that I delivered a grand at OYE.  But, I would like to have the warm and fuzzies that if a kid does their part, well, at least we have a chance.  Personally, I don’t have that warm feeling, but guess what….we are going to go after it like we do.

All I have ever wanted is good kids, showing good stock.

That’s it!

Bring em.  Show em.  Judge em.  Come on.  Regardless of species.

I know that I am right.  How?  I ain’t reading your blog and you are reading this stuff.  Am I wrong?  Not very often and dang sure not today.  Let’s go show.  No collusion.  Come on.  In the words of Marvin Gaye…….

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