This word could mean a lot of different things— Gathering money at mass on Sunday, gathering money for your local stock show fundraiser, gathering money for equipment sales,etc.  If it doesn’t rain this winter, the word collections on equipment might lead to reposessions.  I hope not. 

     In the livestock world, it means collecting semen on your studs.  On Wednesday, I hauled four bucks to REI at Stillwater to get them collected.  Rumour Has It, Fade2Black, Rainman and Joe Dirt all made the trip.  Four bucks in one trailer means that my trailer now has a maliferous odor to it. 

     Rumour was actually the good performer.  He was rearing to go, jump does and get collected.  He gave a large amount for a young buck.  The others weren’t as easy to deal with but we now have them collected.  I did get a little pissed when Fade would rather jump Joe Dirt than the teaser doe.  There might have been a comment about you FarmHouse acting son-of-a-queer, fatherless child.

     REI only had two goat customers on Wednesday.  Milligan in the morning and me in the afternoon.  These guys got to hear several sets of stories and comments that they hadn’t heard before.  Needless to say, but they were well entertained.  During one story that involved Bill Taylor, one of the guys  said “You mean the big red headed Bill Taylor that used to teach ag at Leedey?”  I said, “Yep.”  He said, “That was my ag teacher in high school.”  The stories got better after that. 

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