Cold Weekend

Had us a little showmanship and feed adjustment session on Saturday afternoon. Yes, it was very cold outside. But the heater in the barn that we were in was working very well. It seems like everyone has heavier goats this year. Don’t know if it is genetics, better feeding practices or because we have had a mild winter (until now!) or a combination of all of the above. Be interesting to see how it affects weight breaks at OYE.

We locked the babies inside last night and left the does outside. The wind made things plum miserable this morning. All of our sheds face the south and the wind is coming straight out of the south. At least it is supposed to warm up fairly quick.

Watched the grammy’s last night. I kind of like this Adele chick’s music. Pure natural talent, not a pile of slick production going on there. Plus, I like LL Cool J, Glen Campbell and the Foo Fighters, so it wasn’t a bad show as far as I was concerned. I love good music–rock, rap, country, classical, pop, Christmas songs, etc. I keep music going in the barn, XM radio in all of the vehicles and blue tooth to play the Ipod in the pickup if nothing good is on the radio. I can’t play an instrument or sing to save my ass, but I like good music.

Wasn’t very many people like Whitney Houston–one of the world’s best singers and one of the hottest women that you could find. I still remember that 1991 super bowl national anthem. That is how it should be sung.

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