I have a lot of favorite movies, characters and actors. Of course, I am a fan of a lot of John Wayne movies. But has there been anybody else with a wider range and longer lasting effect on movies than Clint Eastwood? He starred in tv series, movie series, directed great movies and has done it for almost 60 years.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is a timeless classic. The story, the cinematography and of course the music in that movie are killer good. I can watch Every Which Way but Loose over and over and it gets funnier every time. Between the Black Widows, Clyde the ape and the mother, that movie was funny. All of the spaghetti westerns that he filmed and the newer westerns. I haven’t seen all of Gran Torino yet, but that movie has a lot of fans. And don’t forget the Dirty Harry movies.

Moved some crap out west this weekend. Tammy and crew was staining window frames and prepping walls for paint. I went ahead and pulled a set of drills out there. Then Sunday, I loaded portable cattle panels, troughs and a few water tanks that I am not currently using and moved them west. Supposed to meet with the fence builder today. Hopefully, that goes well.

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