Right now, in Duncan, OK, the Fall Classic is taking place.  This is the dangdest gathering of hog breeders, buyers, lookers, tire kickers, BSers and the largest # of hogs sold in one place.  They will sell breeding age pigs of all breeds, show pigs, auctions in the parking lot, private treaty transactions.  You name it, if it involves a show pig, it is happening at Duncan this weekend.  The motels are sold out months in advance.  The restaurants are full and the quick stops & bars stock up on cold beer to appease all of the hog enthusiasts.  It’s crazy, but cool.  

     I haven’t attended the Fall Classic in several years.  Part of me would like to go.  The rest of me knows that it is best if I stay home.  The thing about the Fall Classic that got me to thinking is how much different goat sales are compared to other species.  

     The driving force behind the price of a bull or boar is the semen sales.  Whether a boar stud or breeder buys the top boars this weekend, they will sell semen on that animal.  Almost all of the top bulls have semen being offered in some form or fashion.  Goats, not so much. Yes, I know that the AI / flush side of the goat industry is just now really getting good.  But if you are interested in using the VERY best wether sires, it has been hard to get your hands on the semen.  The driving force behind a buck purchase is that almost every breeder is trying to find that magical next piece.  So us breeders spend a pile to get a piece of the right genetics.  And then we just keep him to ourselves.  


Heat Wave, Sugar Ray, Monopoly, Full Flush, Who Made Who–all made famous because of their AI use.  LOTS of breeders used these bulls and raised good ones. 

Slam Dunk, Tae Bo, Yakety Yak, 105, Warfare–these boars revolutionized alot of different herds.  All through AI.

900, 191, Festus, Mozart–What would the semen from these bucks be worth on the open market?  How many could actually utilize this semen to improve their herd?  I don’t blame the breeders for not parting with it.  But on the other hand, how many dollars are being left on the table?

Sometimes, an opportunity might be missed to make some cash.  

900–Everybody would want a piece of this legend.  I’d like to have it just to say that I’ve got some 900 in the tank.  Is a straw of 900 worth as much in 2013 as compared to what it would have cost in 2009?  I don’t know, but I do know that if offered, it would bring a pile of jack.

191–Still siring and still very relevant to the industry.  His sons are siring champions, his daughters are producing.  This living legend would bring a wad.

Festus–not as hot a deal as he was a few years ago when he was dominating wether shows.  It would still be cool to put Festus on a bunch of 900 line daughters.

Mozart–He may be more relevant today than he was in his prime.  That’s saying something.  

Freaky–way relevant and might change a herd quicker than any of them.


What would I do with semen from these bucks?  900, Freaky & 191–I’d probably just put it in the tank and tell stories about it.  Then I’d probably forget to fill the tank at some point, then I’d have some high dollar useless straws and I’d have another story.

Festus and Mozart–I’d use it and try to make a set of females.

Now, if I had some Showtime.  Well, I’d be real careful and try to use it ASAP and make as many offspring as I possibly could with that stuff.  

The day is coming when semen will be readily available on all of the top shelf wether bucks.  But, it may not be this day.  

Until then, it’s like the NFL draft and people better grab the BEST available bucks.