Christmas Gifts

I recently saw one of those meme deals that read “Santa has seen what you posted on social media this year and you are getting a dictionary.”

So, so true.

This past week, I refrained from commenting on a whole pile of book face posts regarding the Bedlam game. There were SO many posts with spelling errors.  It drove me nuts.  But, I “new” if I commented that there would be retaliation about “their” or in most gooner posts “there” school wins football games.  “You NO that our coach is your coaches is daddy.”

I’m fine with an occasional typo.  They happen.  A sticky I or O key can cause a well-oiled typist some grief.  And, spell check can duck one over.  What? Duck?  I don’t use language like that.

I do take great pride in the fact that I am a graduate of the Oklahoma State University.  My dad is proud of being an Okie State grad.  Kela loves living in LA and riding for the brand.  Our family is proud of our collegiate heritage stemming from Oklahoma State University.  Yes, OSU has won more national championships than UO. Except in football.


I also understand why so many people cheer for UO.  They win and have always won a lot of football games.  I get it.

Besides, Okie State, I also like to watch a couple of other teams win some football games.  It is well documented that I like Notre Dame.  I mean—German/Irish/Catholic heritage and while growing up, the pokes weren’t winning many games.  But the Irish always seem to put up a fight.  I also like LSU.  I’ve never met a LSU fan that I didn’t get along with.  Georgia & Clemson would also fall into that category.  I don’t mind cheering for Penn State and Nebraska.  All excellent ag schools with strong fan bases that are loyal to their own school and don’t spend so much time bashing others.

I respect a lot about Texas Tech, Texas A&M as well UT.  All great schools but hard to cheer for on a regular basis.

And for some strange reason, I’ve watched several SMU football games this season.  One, they get replayed on ESPN the OCHO at 2 am on a regular basis.  Two, their whole team is made up of transfers and recruits that no other D1 school was chasing.  And yes, the whole death penalty deal.  They have served their time.

But don’t bash my school that I actually attended and the only reason that I left is because I graduated from this school.  I know a lot of people that attended and graduated the University of Oklahoma.  None of them are on social media talking trash.  I know a lot of people  that cheer for UO.  Of course, their spelling problems should be expected.  Especially, since they ALL mis-spell their own favorite team’s name.  It is called the University of Oklahoma.  UO.  But they all call it OU.  Bass-ackwards.

I do not dislike the University of Oklahoma.  However, I dis-like a lot about many of their fans.

In all honesty, I hope all of you have a favorite college for which to cheer.  Yes, cheer and root for them.  And leave me to cheer for my favorite team.  And my crew is consistent.  Even though the pokes are only mildly relevant in football, that’s still my team.  Why?  I like the school.  That’s it.  I’m fine with wrestling titles, golf wins, future baseball wins, a football upset here and there, softball titles in 2026-2029 and a continuous slug of winning livestock and meats national titles.  Yes, it is disturbing to watch the football team get handled…again.  But, it is what it is.  It does not change my opinion of the school or make me want to where some uo crimson.

And, now, to tie this all back to the goat/livestock industry.  I wish sumebody wood pruf reed the right ups on online livestock sales.  There getting sum of dem all wrong.

Oh crap!  Let me take off my UO cap and t-shirt.  JEEEZZZ!!

Now that I’ve got my orange back on….what I meant to write was….I wish that somebody would proof read the write ups on online livestock sales.  They’re getting some of them wrong.  Some of them need a dictionary as well.  Of course, one needs to know how to spell in order to look it up in a dictionary.

p.s.  I hope that I didn’t have a typo in this post.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.

p.s.s.  While jacking around with this dumb donkey deal, I forgot to check my bids on a little group of nannies.  Guess what?  I lost out on some bargains.  Like Okie State football, there is always next year.

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