Christmas Eve

I haven’t made it to the keyboard for most of this week.  This weather has been crazy.  Frozen & windy to sunny and nice.  I’ve been dealing with some stuff this week.  Very important stuff. 

First, it is scary how many perfume/cologne ads are on tv this time of year.  Lots of scantily clad people doing lots of different things.  Some spartacus looking scenes.  A barely dressed couple making out on a snowy mountain side.  Come on.  Even though a bunch of these ads don’t make much sense, at least they are easier to watch than those election ads.  

I’ve also been wrestling with these newer hot dogs buns that the Dragon Lady has been buying.  They taste fine.  It’s just that the slice is in the actual TOP of the bun, not on the side like a normal bun.  This “improved” bun does have some positives.  It always stays upright.  When you put the dog in it, then the chili, mustard and cheese, it doesn’t fall over.  But it still doesn’t seem quite right.  It just doesn’t fit the hand like it ought to.  

I did look at a set of wethers on Thursday.  Albeit, they were Duke’s wethers.  Trimmed hooves, handled ribs and tops and caught a weight on them.  Then, I sat back and watched as Duke and Braden got a buck clipped and photoed.  I’ve been trying to let this May born kid grow a bit before I let him see action.  I wanted him photoed before I let him have it.  Because these young bucks can look like crap once they go to chasing tail.  

Thursday was the birth day of the Dragon Lady.  She said that she didn’t want to go out to eat.  She wanted to wait and eat at Ted’s in OKC on Friday.  So, she cooked up some filet mignon for the three of us.  Duke and I have been aiming to eat some Kobe beef.  I got some American style Kobe beef.  It was Wagyu beef and was higher that prime quality grade.  She expertly grilled these tender pieces of bovine pleasure.  These weren’t cheap steaks, but we will be having some again in the future.  Good stuff.

Then, Friday brought forth the holiday of Festivus.  We had the aluminum pole in the living room.  Of course, we have the airing of grievances around here just about everyday.  And we made donations to the Human Fund.  I did find it odd that none of the normal airings of Seinfeld had the episode that introduced us to Festivus. 

But, we did have a Festivus miracle at the Kelln Kompound.  Our little family piled in the pickup, drove to OKC and picked up Kela.  Even though her flight was delayed, it was an enjoyable trip.  And Ted’s was good.

And this evening, we get to have our annual Christmas Eve Kelln gathering at Shattuck.  The food will be off the hook good.  My brothers and I will probably get loud.  Mom and Dad will be happy to have all of the grandkids in their home.  

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  GOD bless!