I think there is a liar or two around my place.  All of the thermometers say that it has been around 36 to 40 degrees F on this Sunday afternoon.  Well, it feels a lot colder than that.  I think the thermometers should be reading butt-ass cold.   I had an Arizonan dude tell me that 30 in the desert feels colder as there isn’t any humidity in the air.  And I quote, “A dry cold is a brutal cold.”  I guess that’s what we are dealing with here.  It is way dry and it feels cold.

     Duke and I moved a set out of the kidding barn today.  They are happy to be in a bigger pen, but they act a bit cold.  The babies still have access to heat lamps and hot boxes.  

    How about some smells?  There isn’t many smells better than a beef pot roast simmering with taters, carrots and a touch of onion.  Funny how some smells can make you warmer.  

    And Fargo just won some golden globes on some award show.  Pretty sure that it wasn’t the 73840 Fargo.