Online sales have evolved over the past decade+.  In the beginning, it was “I’m not buying anything unless I’ve seen it.”

Then it became, “I’m not buying anything unless I trust the breeder.”

Next, “Did you see those pictures?”

Then, “So and so saw that and told me what they looked like.”

And now, I would say that it is a combination of all of the above.  You should see the animal.  If you can’t, you should be able to trust a breeder or somebody that has seen the animals.  You should be able to judge an animal from the pics.

And then there are online semen sales.  As a whole, I would say that these are like the items near the checkout in a grocery store or a quick stop.

While you are standing there waiting, hey, look a Reese’s Easter egg.  Cool, I’ll buy two. You didn’t go in the store to buy any Reese’s but there they were and the impulse kicked in and you just had to buy some.  I’m guilty.    I like those Reese’s Easter eggs.

I feel like some people just buy semen online as it seemed cheap so I’ll bid once or twice and then they get it. Oh cool.  OKAY!  Maybe the buyer has talked to somebody and has a breeding plan.  Maybe not.

When somebody buys a buck or a show goat online, there is normally some kind of conversation with the breeder.  At the very least, there is a discussion about delivery of the animal.  This is not always the case with online semen purchases.

It is a known fact that I am not a huge fan of texting.  I realize that texting is a valuable tool when used properly.  But a random text from a # that I have or have not ever seen sends a message that says, “Please release lots 7 and lot 18.”

My first response is always “Who is this?”    This is a vital piece of info as REI needs to know who it is getting released to.  The next response is “What are lots 7 and 18?”  as I don’t keep every semen sale list on my person at all time.

But, some people do it right as they send a message that has their name, lot# and buck name and sale that they bought it in.  At this point, I can verify, call REI and release those straws.  Thank you.

I do not release straws until the buyer contacts me.  One, if it was semen sold in a donation auction, the seller doesn’t get a buyer’s list.  Two, I still have semen in my inventory that was sold and paid for 6 years ago.  Every year that I have sold semen, I have semen that was bought and paid for and the buyers have never contacted me.  I could hold a Sold and now we are selling it again semen sale.  I’m real sure that one year is a proper time line before re-selling.

I recently had a guy call and request a release for semen that he purchased in 2016.  I released it and he has picked it up.  He even admitted that it was an impulse buy and he kind of forgot about it.

I make every effort to accommodate semen buyers.  I call REI and release it.  Sometimes, a release gets mishandled.  I will gladly call and fix that problem as well.  Repeat buyers contact me about storing it until they get a shipper full.  No problem.  Communication is key is any business.

Recently, I got a text from Milligan Ventures forwarding me an email that “so-and-so had repeatedly tried to contact the seller to get 2 straws released.  We have texted, called and left messages with no reply.  What do we do?”  The paid invoice was included.

At first, I was upset.  I had not been contacted by anybody of that name.  Then, I looked at the invoice.  Guess what?  The phone # for me was wrong on the invoice.  They had been calling and texting the wrong #.  So, I called the buyer and took care of the problem.  Simple.

Which means that somebody, somewhere was getting messages about some straws of semen.  “What kind of sick son-of-a leaves messages like that?”

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.

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