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I mentioned tamales last week.  Oh, they were soooo good!   A student’s mother brought fresh pork tamales and jalapeño & cheese tamales and refried beans and salsa.  Another student’s mom made the best rice that I have ever had along with a salsa that packed some eat.  This started as a food science discussion in a class with full of seniors.

I ate all of this on Friday morning at 9:30 am.  I about foundered. I did not eat again until after lunch on Saturday.

Going forward, I can see my week ending in Tulsa, which means Tally’s Cafe.

Currently, we aren’t breeding any does.  It is the time of year when we wait for a breeding period that ends with births at the end of March.  I am breeding a few does for other people.  UZI has been in a good mood lately.


Tammy and Jennifer traveled to Stillwater to watch that game.  It wasn’t pretty but a win is a win.  Just ask the u of o fans.   Heckuva a win for K State?!?!  Gotta luv it.

Have a good one.

Real but not quite right

I constantly get asked, “Where do you come up with this stuff?”

I don’t look for it.  The only problem I have is editing this deal.  It is hard to put the real deals on here.

You see, I learned years ago, that there are students, kids, moms, etc. that read this deal.  And as such, I have tried to keep it clean.  That part is a struggle.  The problem is REAL.

To preface this post, all things are factual.  Some of the most twisted people that I have ever met are in the stock show game.  They also just happen to be some of the best people that I have ever met and will do anything to help a kid or another family.  After typing those last two sentences, I now realize why I like these people.

Today, in class, we had a dress-code violation.  I had a young man wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  It was grade day with a cutting torch.  He knew it and didn’t come dressed to work.  No problem!  I have a bunch of FR overalls from Cudd Pressure Control.  Pull those on and go to work.

Eenhh!?!?   Little bit of a problem.  This “boy” is 6’4″ x 300.  Not fat.  Just a little above average size lad.  No, he doesn’t play football.

“Boss, you serious?”

YEAH!! I told you to come dressed to work!

One thing led to another.  He pulled the jumpsuit on.  It was a tight fit.  It was tighter than I thought it would be.  He did not look comfortable.  But he was covered safely.  A couple of kids offered him $5 to model the outfit to the group in the classroom.  He took them up on it.  They paid him.  There might have been some Tommy Boy references.  He was a great sport about it.  He collected $5 and a bunch of respect for owning it.

Then, he went out and cut a 4″ piece of 1/4″ plate.  We scored it a 92.  Better yet, he then worked right alongside me as we helped a special needs student that wanted to learn how to light a torch.  I literally watched as this kid made friends by owning his dilemma.  He then made good by earning a solid grade.  Win-Win.

I also have him in class after lunch.  At lunch break, he went home and got jeans.  Now, he was in a class…. with a bunch of jocks.  They had heard the story. They wanted to see the picture.  I asked his permission.  He proudly said to show it.  Lots of laughs.  No bullying.  He was 6’4″ before, now he was standing 7′ as he had helped another kid.  And he had scored as good or better than some “jocks”.  All while wearing a deal that just didn’t fit.  Everybody worked hard.  He will come dressed to kill from now on.

If you’ve ever been one of the simple-minded sumbitches that think that I only want to win banners….well, hell… would be absolutlety INcorrect!   But, you would still be right… as I will work to make sure that kid and those others have something to show for their effort.  Not for me.  I don’t need another banner.  But as long as they have lines on Resumes, Scholarships  and Job Apps, why would I not make sure a kid can find success.  If a kid finds success, regardless of the field of expertise, then we all win.  Only lazy sunsabitches can argue this fact!  And if any of you want to know how this deal went down, just call my co-teacher.  She would love to bash me, yet can’t.  Ask her.

This is where one should stop reading.  Walk away.  STOP!!!  You’ve been warned.


As I told this story tonight to a neighbor/friend/parent, we got to laughing.  Somehow, the term “manscaping”  came up.  Growing up,  I knew of no such thing.  Then in the late ’80s.  I heard of a way to get rid of crabs.

For the record, I’ve never had “crabs”.  However, I was told of a way to rid ones-self of them.

–Shave half the bush.

–Hold an ice pick in one hand.

–Light fire to the existing bush.

–Stab the crabs as they come running out of the fire.


Stupid, yes.  But, you won’t have “crabs” and yet, you will have other problems.  Just this week, the Shattuck native that told me this remedy, passed away.


Now, back to the original story.  As I told the earlier story, I was asked the question. “Have you ever heard of anybody manscaping while using scissors?”     WHAT?   NO!!  I have now. OWWW!!   U serious Clark?


I have enough trouble shearing a sheep with a 13 tooth blade.  Heck, back in the day–circa 1987?-I sheared a sheath off Jake’s sheep at the county fair.  I had to stand in the barn, holding a towel tightly to a sheep’s sheared off pecker sheath.  The whole county knew what had happened.  I had to own it.  Dad wasn’t there.  I did it.  Later, that night, Jake had the grand lamb.  (In today’s terms, that lamb would be tight sheathed.)


And how does this tie to a goat—who cares?!   All I know, is that every time that I have doctored for the “buck crud”, I think about that “crabs” story.  And as I am scraping crud off of a buck’s scrotum, I think of these twisted friends of mine……..


I just got done eating a plate of Blue & Gold bacon, some fresh eggs………it’s good now, but I CAN’T wait to tell you about tomorrow!!!!!!  It will be a brag.




With the open seat on the supreme court, there is a lot of clamoring over who & when the next justice should be appointed.  It is clear cut, the currently seated POTUS is in charge of selecting the next justice.  There is no reason to wait till after the election.  This should not even be a point of discussion, except for the self-serving side always looking for a way to twist policies to meet their needs.

I don’t care if the next justice is male or female, Catholic, Jewish or Baptist, white, black, asian or hispanic.  We need a fair representation of our nation.  What I would like to see is a justice that originates from middle America.  You know someplace that is not a metropolitan area.  Look at where the 8 current justices come from.

Buffalo, NY;  Savannah, GA;  San Francisco, CA;  Trenton, NY;  Bronx, NY;  New York, NY;  Washington D.C.;  and Denver, CO (I do not consider Denver as a valid representation of middle America.)

We can’t find a supreme court justice candidate from say Ohio or Texas or Wyoming?  U kidding me?

This is like never having a Texan judge a market goat show.  And there should be more Okies judging state and national shows.  Historically speaking, some of the best goat people are Okies.  Why isn’t Allan Poe, Bryan Kennedy, John Lastly or Tommy Milligan being used to judge state and national shows?  Shawn Sparks and Ricky Jack Thompson need to be used more.

All of the above are not my opinions.  I’m just right!  Have a good day!

2020 bullshit!

There is no doubt that 2020 has been rough.  Bend over and assume the position.  And no lube.  Yet, we still have a 1/4 of the year left.  Duke’s 2020 has been worse than most.  Yet, he is still plugging away.  One of these days, I will write his full version of 2020.  This kid has been known to piss me smooth off, yet his resilience is proving to be at an all-time level.

Over the course of 20+ years of teaching ag, I have had some bad-ass students.  Long, long list.  I’m not going to name names but dang, I have had a pile of good ones that made me look like I knew what I was doing.  We are currently loaded at Shattuck.  However, as I sit and reminisce,  there has been so many good ones.  Fortunately, Tammy and I are still friends with all of them.

Yet, some truly were/are great.  Several years ago, a group of former students asked me to name my best student of all-time.  This group of “kids” had state winning speaking titles, grand champion animals, national qualifying CDE teams, state officers, proficiencies, etc, etc, etc.  Loaded resumes.  My mind was stirring when I was asked this question……oh, snap!   Luckily, I found my wits and answered….”I would have to say Kela Kelln was the best one.”  This group of great ones, nodded, looked me in the eye and said, “Kelln, that is the only right answer.”

Now, I can’t argue with that answer.  But….I saw a book face post that just made 2020 REAL to me!   Kaylee Holt and Duke Kelln are getting their American FFA Degrees this year.  Yet, National FFA Convention is a virtual deal.  Without a doubt, Kaylee and Duke are my favorite co-pilots.  Kaylee always commanded the passenger seat and was in charge of the tunes.  And that chick always played bad-ass 70’s & 80’s stuff.  Def Leppard to John Denver.  I can argue that Duke has rode shotgun on more wicked animal gathering trips than any other kid.

I would have liked to make that drive to Indy.  Go to St. Elmo’s…with the grandparents…..and the grandparent’s paying for the meal.  (That part wouldn’t happen but I like to let them think that it would.)

My favorite dining experience of all-time was at St. Elmo’s.  I was no longer teaching at Fairview.  However, Fairview had numerous proficiency finalists and a couple of CDE teams competing.  The Rhodes and Bedwell families were chaperones.  Tammy and Mindi Clark were in charge of getting kids to and from interviews and competitions.  Fred Slater and I were judging national interviews.  The kids did not know that we would be there.  Kela was mad at me that I would not be there before she went in to her interview.  (she would be wrong)

Fred & I made dinner reservations months in advance.  Only Jim Rhodes, Tammy and Mindi knew the plans.  That evening, the Fairview group (which was a large group) met at the reservation’s table of St. Elmo’s.  Fred and I slipped in with the group.  I was a little bit pissed when they didn’t seat us in the fancy, white table cloth section.  Then, they took the group through another section, then down the stairs.  I’m REAL pissy at this point! These are good looking, well mannered kids that deserve attention.  Then they took the group through the basement seating.  WTF?!?!?!??  RUSM?!?  I’m ready to throat punch somebody at this point.

Now, just as I am ready to unleash a Kelln tirade, they open a door at the other side of the basement.  The kids are led into the cellar…wait, the wine cellar?  RUSM?   And then led through the wine cellar into a private dining room.  Three waiters that did nothing but take care of Fairview kids.  Holy crap!!!   This is unreal.  The food was off the hook good.  The service was like in the movies.  WICKED!!   As we finished eating, they gave us a tour of the wine cellar.  Like it was yesterday, I still remember Justin Bedwell holding a $4,200 bottle of wine.

Today, tonight, right now….if given a chance to go back, I would tell Justin to crack that cork on that bottle.  Trust me.  If that kid had permission, he would do it.  I would deal with the consequences.  And by the time Jim, Joy, Tammy, Mindi, Jeff, Diane, Fred and myself had a glass…there would be just enough for Kela and Justin to taste a $4,200 bottle of wine.  Nobody would be drunk and wow….this story would taste oh so good!  Maybe not.  I truly don’t know.

Fred & I agreed to split the check.  It was stupid high.  Probably the best money that I ever spent.  As I sit here and think about what I could have done with that amount of $s……….I already told ya.   Crack that seal, pop that cork, don’t look back.

2020  has GOT to get better!  Here’s what I foresee, as I drink another glass of cranberry juice on the rocks…..for October of 2020.  Bob May swings through Fargo, America. Loads us up and hauls Kaylee, Duke  & the crew to Indianapolis.  Doug Heshelman meets us at St. Elmo’s.  Uncle Doug pays for the meal. Ron Simonson slides over to make sure that cranberry juice is not the only thing on the menu.  Kratzer is late because he is on Milligan’s personal plane (BK, Frazier and Milligan are flying cuz 2020 has not been unkind to the online sale guru)   Hayden is the pilot.

I’m done.  Have a good one. And a better tomorrow.


There are so many things to write about.  I could write about a crappy weekend that had some highlights but some real lowlights.  Duke went to the Okie State game.  He allowed that they looked as bad in real life as what they looked like on tv.  While in Stillwater, Duke got to see several of his friends, including our favorite OSU cheerleader–Lexi Vanderwork.

I could dispense some worthless info about items like Brown Sugar or Janelle, Janelle the love gazelle.

We could definitely discuss the current political climate in our nation.  Especially, the death of a supreme court justice.

We could talk about “Operation Chicken Stirrer” and other efforts to protect kids from being exposed to a covid quarantine.  I know of several families that have moved their kids out of in-person school and into distance learning from home during these last 2 weeks before Tulsa.  For that matter, I know of whole athletic teams that have been removed from general population in order to distance the kids from a possible covid quarantine.  My opinion… whatever you got to do to protect your own.  With the lack of common sense and the constant spike of knee jerk reactions, one doesn’t have to be scared of the rona as much as they need to fear a shutdown in any given school or community.

Peace out.  Pray for our country.  Here’s to horseshoes and shamrocks to all of you.  Good day!


As I sit here and review my day, the hardest decision that I made on this day, was whether to pull that frozen mug out of the freezer.  I wanted a frozen mug, but that mug was supporting a bag of frozen garlic bread.  Consequences!

On any given year, the hangover after OYE is the hardest.  That marathon can tire a young person with low miles.  Now, I am not young and I am an off-the Kelly Blue Book charts on miles for age.   It is a matter of circumstance(s) but I feel like I just survived another OYE.

We were supposed to have the Shattuck FFA Ag Olympics last Tuesday.  Mother Nature kicked us in the nuts and turned last Tuesday into a 50 degree, WET day.  (of which, we only got .5″ south of Fargo.)  We setup for the county show the next day and then did an Ellis County Fair.  A lot of places squatted to pee and cancelled.  We still held ours.  Livestock #s were down.  Livestock judging contest participants were record high.

Then roll right into a bit of a scare on Sunday morning.  (understatement).  Add to the fact that we were going to shoot video of Duke on Sunday afternoon for his national proficiency finalist video requirement.  POSTPONE that deal.

Monday saw the delivery of Blue & Gold as well as DJ’s.  The local studs at the Shattuck Volunteer Firefighters brought us a reefer truck to store the meat over-night.  (Try using the term “Reefer” truck to high school kids…yeah!)

Tuesday brought the dispensing of said meat products.  That evening, we shot some nice footage of Duke for his proficiency deal.  It is what it is.  Thank goodness, the current Shattuck FFA reporter is a stud at producing videos.

Hypertherm &  AirGas came and demonstrated new features on plasma torches to my older ag mech kids.  Now, it is hard for me to not have the wants.   Real sure that we will sell some stuff to buy some stuff.

Wednesday found us finally holding the Ag Olympics.  I don’t participate.  I just organize, setup the events, gather the food, cook for a couple of hundred and then deal with the clean up.  All I know is this.  The kids tell me that this was the best one yet.  All I really know is that my favorite event is the Hog Calling Contest.  2020 was the best year yet.  These kids brought it!  I need to haul some of these to the midwest state fairs to compete.  Oh wait….I think they all cancelled this year.  This Ag Olympics deal was not an original Kelln idea.  But it has blown up in Shattuck America!

Anytime you have kids hooked up and doing right, people will back it.  The Manske family offered up the location and helped setup, cleanup, WHATEVER it takes.  The Barnes brothers donated watermelons–dang good.  If kids are involved, it ain’t a hard decision to help and do right.  SNB bank let us use their portable traeger.  Daryle Greer was told that we didn’t need a donation for the meal, yet he still paid for part of it.

Today, I cleaned up the aftermath.  Yeah sure. I used some slave labor to pickup after themselves.  And, yet, I am dragging donkey.

I’m wore out.   I need sleep.  It is hard to get things done at home but it won’t be hard to get up and go to work tomorrow.

Duke has not missed a bit of his wind energy classes at High Plains Tech Center this week.  He is sore, trying to learn how to button his pants one-handed and is missing some hair:  yet, he is doing good.  It would be hard for me, but he is young and will heal quick.  It is still hard to think about………yeah;   it’s hard but it could be worse.

I hope that any of you all that read this crap don’t think that my life is hard.  I am married to the Dragon Lady.  We have jobs that we enjoy.  Our kids are Kela and Duke.  That part isn’t hard.  Well, I might make it harder than it needs to be.

In all honesty, the  hard part of my life…is dealing with goats.  I don’t like doe goats.  I don’t like all of the problems that come with goats.  But….here we are.  It’s… shall we say……hard.


The garlic bread is still in it’s place.  This is the way.

That Message

I’m just going to start this with saying that 2020 has been a shit show and Duke has had it worse than most of the rest of us.  I’m just typing this one, so I can one day look back and remember my emotions.  I cannot and will not type my true feelings as our internet service sucks ass and may not last that long.  Here we go.

No parent want’s that call.  Or in today’s technological world, that message.  Yeah, that message.  THE message that you find out that your offspring is involved in a bad wreck.

Saturday night, I truly thought that Duke was in bed.  Sunday, at 6:42 am, Tammy got a text.   I was on the couch watching some Animal Planet.  “We’ve got to go.  Duke’s been in an accident.”

“What?  Says who?”

“I got a text from him.”

“Wait.  What did the text say?”


She showed it to me.  “Been in an accident.  I’m by Clay & Christie’s house.  Bring a hammer and a blanket.”


WTH?  That doesn’t sound like a drunked up teenager.?!!?

So, we drove, in the fog, to the spot.  Only 3.5 miles from our house.  I drove past it without seeing his pickup.  Then, as I passed it, I saw it…. my heart sunk and I backed up.  I made Tammy stay at the pickup.  This did not look good.  I headed down the dry creek embankment to the Gray Goat that was sitting upside down.  I lied down in the sandburs and johnsongrass and shined a flashlight into the smashed cab.  I couldn’t see him.  I was feeling the worst of it.  “Stay back!”  Mentally, I was preparing myself, her, us, both of us,  for the worst.

Long story, made short.  He was responsive.  It took me 5 or 6 whacks with a hammer to break the side glass.  I spread a blanket over the glass shards and he crawled out.  Blood everywhere.  I shined the light in his face, smelled his breath and looked at his wounds.   Let’s be real…a 19 year old Kelln male, one should suspect alcohol.  Nothing.  He could walk.  No signs of concussion.

And you people know that I like Paul Harvey….so here is the rest of the story.  He sent that text at 11:30 Saturday night.  He had no cell service.  We thought that he was in his room.  The text came through 7 hours later.  He had tried to kick the windows out…no luck.  He had been trapped in the wreckage all night.

He met a driver on the road that was in the middle.  He slowed down.  The other driver went left of center.  He had to swerve.  He did not have a head on collision.  He did not hit the bridge rails.  According to the HiPo, he took the only path that saved lives.  The police cleared him of any wrong doing.  He is partially scalped, has a broken right hand (Duke is left handed), numerous other scrapes & cuts and is sore as hell.

After taking him to the hospital, we came back to the scene to meet the deputy sheriff.  I walked up and he was shaking his head.  He said, “Third bad roll over that we have worked this week.  All GM cars.  All parties walked away with minimal injuries.”  The HiPo showed up.  Said the same thing.  Our friend Lance Shultz, pulled up with the wrecker truck.  Reiterated that same fact.  This isn’t an ad, but dang!

Once, the cops cleared the scene, they allowed me to crawl in the pickup to find valuables.  Namely, a hand-made knife that Tom Kester had given Duke for graduation.  As I crawled inside the wreckage, I could see where he sat, with pools of blood around him.  I could see the scuff marks on the windows, where he tried to kick the windows out.  I used his favorite flannel shirt as a blanket.  There was lots of broken shit but the most dangerous objects were all the fishing hooks and fishing lures that were in the now busted tackle box.  I salvaged a Waylon Jennings CD, a Charlie Daniels CD and a Jerry Clower CD.  (I love this kid.)  Five different knives ( all folded or sheathed).  And I solved the nationwide coin shortage.  ANY damn coin that you ever needed was dumped all over the inside of this cab!

At the hospital, it became apparent that things were going to be okay.  I stepped out to talk to the sheriff’s office, the HiPo and our friend that handles our insurance.  I came back in to Duke’s room and he was gone for XRays on his hand, ribs and hip.  Tammy had finally broke down.  She stayed strong until it was time to let loose.  I then went about dealing with grandparents on the phone.  They all needed to come hug Duke but no, he needed space.  Now I set upon the task of notifying uncles that shit was going to be OKAY.  And then anybody that might want to buy a 2009 GMC 4 door, 4WD that used to run like a bat out of hell.

I asked Duke if he was knocked out.  “Maybe for a minute.  The headlights were on.  It took me awhile to find my phone.  I knew that I was bleeding bad.  I never had cell service.  I tried to get out.”

I asked, “Did you sleep?”

“Very little.  I just kept praying.”  Thank you GOD!

Let’s get right to it!  The Gray Goat has hauled as many champion caliber animals as any.  Grands and reserves at OYE, Tulsa, State Fairs, KC, Phoenix and Denver.  Anybody that ever rode in it or drove it, immediately knew that it ran like a spotted ass zebra.  Jim Rhodes, Bill Taylor, Mikey Thompson….they know.  And in the end, when it was totaled, our boy was able to walk away.


Last weekend, Kela dodged California wildfires.  This weekend, this.  Tammy are I are going to be 70 before we hit 50.  GOD bless to all of you and remember to pray.   It works!!

Semen Sales

In the cattle industry, it is all about moving LARGE volumes of a given bull.  Sure, there are a few that they can jack the price up; but as a whole, there are only a select few that command a high $ per straw.  However, like an artist, some of these can go up in price.  But, for the most part, cattle semen straws are $30 to $50 per straw.  No matter what, you can still buy semen on the best beef, dairy or clubby bull.

The hog deal has changed over the past decade.  Prices have gone up, but there are also guarantees for quality on some of that high end stuff.  Others….maybe not so much.  No matter, you can get a hold of almost all boars.

The sheep boys sell jumps.  A whole collection.  The right ram brings a pile for a jump and there is a waiting list for these top end rams.

These 3 species have one thing in common–a fairly high conception rate.

Goats—uuunhh?!?!?   Not so much.  But, we are all working to get better.  I’ve had good moments, bad moments and getting ready to have great moments!


I do know what it is like to sell stupid high $ semen.  Seelke’s and I have sold of Rumour Has It semen at a fair market price.   Some at $750 per straw.  And the buyers made money.  Cool.  I’ve had other bucks that brought more than $300 per straw.  I’ve paid a lot for some semen.  Cheap or expensive, I’ve had the same results.  Eeenh?  Not true.  I’ve always had decent luck with semen that was collected by reputable firms.  Horrible luck from HIGH end breeders with low rent collection locations. I’ve been an active participant in all phases of the market.  Sold high, bought high, sold cheap, bought cheap….all of the above.  I guess that would make me an addict?!?!


Here’s my point.   The highest selling goat semen seller in the wether game is not a big time player.  Very few high $ deals.  Almost no banners.  Lots of name brand genetics, good photos and most of his stuff is profitable.  That dude moves LOTS of juice.  There are a couple of big time breeders that move a lot of juice at a fair amount.  But, that market is limited.  They do not move the volume of that dude.


One of the largest companies on the planet is Wal-Mart.  We all know that wally world is a “shit show” but they move LOTS of product and can “stomp out” the competition in any given area.  This is not an unknown fact.  They move lots and lots of stuff.  You’ve shopped there. I have too.

Then there is the Lamborghini dealership.  We ALL know about a Lamborghini!  Yet, name a dealership.  You probably can’t.  How many have seen one in real life?  I guess the Millennium Falcon was a Lamborghini.  I haven’t seen it but I KNOW in my heart that it was a fast SOB that did the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs.  And if I ever wanted to fly it….well I have offered a shit pile of cash to pet a Koala and spent a pile on legendary goat semen….I digress.  Tammy would disown me if I had a chance to bid on the Millennium Falcon.  Yet, I’ve never seen it.

I’m not smart.  But I do not know anybody that owns or leases a Lamborghini.  However, I seen a lot of Volkswagens on the road.  I also see a few Audi cars, never seen a Bentley or Bugatti, and I have only seen just a few Porsches in my life.   But…but…. guess who owns ALL of those name brands.  Yeah, the low rent deal–Volkswagen.  One of the most iconic cars of ALL time, yet nobody thinks of it as a name brand.  Yet, they own several iconic brands.


Study your genetics,  watch what is trending.  This IS a stock market.  Study. Follow.  Use common sense.  Do NOT reuse other breeder’s pics to RE-SELL the juice.  Get permission first.  Sure…you bought 4 straws of juice.  You did NOT buy permission for use of the picture of the sire.  Ask first.  Me…I’ll normally give permission.  But I am in the minority.  However, if you use a picture of Joe Dirt, I will sue your ass!


I hoped you learned something.  I always hope that I learn something.  Peace be with you and yours.




Acronyms!  Our world is loaded with them.  Especially since texting became popular.

One of the most popular acronyms is KFC.  I’ve never understood why they needed to change their name from Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC.  Something about wanting to distance themselves from using the word “Fried” in their name as being unhealthy.  IDK?   Seems to me that anybody worried about healthy heating probably isn’t going to any fast-food chain.  But now, the colonel’s KFC is advertising that they are now making “Fries”….as in french fries. WTF?  This just leaves me SMH.

Yet, those mashed taters and gravy are pretty tasty.  And should any other place on the planet be allowed to use a spork as a utensil?  I think not.  I got to use one the other day at school.  It was a crappy built spork and it made me want some KFC mashed taters & gravy.

–old school moment–Sniglets.  I think that was the first place that I heard the term spork used.  Rich Hall and the Not Necessarily the News had a segment on words not in the dictionary but should be.

And in my line of work, every year at this time, we get to talk about what FFA used to stand for.  It is hard to argue with FFA not standing for Future Farmers of America.  The membership has vastly grown since the change and the demographics are radically different.  And it is for the better.

In the livestock world, we use acronyms like AI, ET and BTW (is that by the way or…..) those terms all cost money.  But if it works, money well spent.

4o degree temp change from yesterday to today.  Add some moisture and I will need some spectam and smz tablets the next day or three as I can assure you that there will be some goats with some shitty rear ends.


There are a lot of blog moments that never get written because they are NSFW.  So, I will leave you with these facts.  I only eat at a KFC once every couple of years. But, I get to deal with FFA on a daily basis.


On this day, the most important internet site for goats will change it’s name. will now become  Sure the original address will still take you to the new site.  Every busy/ every body needs to keep things fresh.  I get it.  And obviously, there is more and more business done through that site that is NOT in Oklahoma.

But still, there is a bit of a sentimental aspect, at least for me that doesn’t want to see disappear.  Kela had a great run when she owned and operated the site.  It was a part of our lives for many years.  I have been asked if I wish that I had kept the site.  The answer is always “no”.  The right people have it and have taken it to the next level.

Speaking of change, we are going to see a change in the weather today.  Some places west of here will see snow.  Cold and wet is in the forecast.  We need the moisture.  2020 continues to be a helluva year.  We will have to reschedule the Shattuck FFA Ag Olympics.

Although we no longer hold a Labor Day sale, we still have a cookout.  A lot of the same people, some new ones and a change in attitude.  Way better behaved as compared to the old days.


Have a good one.  Those of you in western OK, western KS, Colorado and the TX panhandle, keep those wethers warm and dry the next couple of days.