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Remind Me

It is getting late on this evening that was filled with tornados.  Nothing serious, but my parents sent cell phone pics of 2 funnels in the same picture.  Luckily, nobody was hurt.

I got home from a speech contest and headed to the kidding barn.  I enjoyed a break from kidding this winter, but I am kind of glad that there are babies on the place.   I poured feed in pans, put hay with each momma, checked babies, made sure all were nursing and then I sat down on a bale of hay.  And I looked and thought, looked some more and thought even more.

The value of proven maternal lines is SO under-rated.  We all want the hot buck genetics.  Dude, those bad donkey females are where it’s at.  Dealing with does can be a joy when they have them, take them, milk them and raise them.  There is a doe in the barn that I already liked (she has raised a class winner at OYE, a res. grand at a district show and a profitable buck).  This female is moving to the top of my favorites list.  Obviously she produces.  And she is polite, easy to deal with, looks good AND…AND doesn’t tear up panels.  I only own 1/2 of this rip but I will keep them around when they act like her.

Remind me, why is this bone and shag so important?   NOBODY can answer that question properly.  For backdrop pics?  RUFSM?   I do not care that it is in style. That does not make it a positive attribute.  All of these judges that get hung up on bone circumference  should have to raise goats.  There is a reason that I 80 is one of the highest selling semen bulls on the market.  Small calves and have a chance to be good.

These big footed, wide skulled, massive babies that we have trended towards are not profitable.  They have a harder birth which makes them slow to nurse then slow to feed.  Then, this type of animal doesn’t grow well.

I’m not in the commercial business.  But, we need to be mindful of production traits.


Is there a correction in the marketplace?  Personally, I think that we had already seen the correction and my buck sale is proof.  Wait?  What?  When?

Look at the wether sales the past year and this current year.  There has been quite a high percentage of wethers selling for $7,500 and up.  And then there is a bunch at the $2,000 and down.  There is not many selling for 2-7K.  There is a STRONG market for the high dollars and then no middle ground.

Bucks are the same.  If you have the right genetics and buzz, there are several looking to spend whatever is needed on a buck.  Myself included.  But, all stars have to be aligned.  Now, look at the number of bucks being traded online during last week and this week.  I used to enjoy a consolidated market.  In fact, I was about the only one offering breeding age bucks.  Now, there are other options.  Good and bad.

The lot 1 buck I sold looks just like his picture and handles wicked.  I love the lot 2 buck.  I shouldn’t have let him go, but when you only have 15 does left around the place….DUDE!   You can’t keep them all.

I’ve been watching numerous bull sales.  The right ones, with the right pedigree are bringing unlimited amounts of $s.  But, the market drops off after that.  A $5,000 bull will probably breed 50 cows per year.  Let’s be real, most bucks are NOT breeding but 20-30 does per year.

I know what costs that I have in these bucks–feed, clipping, photoing, commission, etc.  There are also opportunity costs for what I could have sold them as younger goats.  Some of these made money.  The better ones probably lost money.  But their new owners will be happy with the outcome.

There will be bucks sell higher.  I’m fine with it.  It is what it is.  There are many people that have been leasing bucks that should have been buying tonight.  Then again, it ain’t much fun to own a buck.

I have had an excellent experience selling yearling bucks over the past 5 years.  I did not understand the market then and I still don’t understand it.  What I do know…a cool, fuzzy young one with a good pic will always sell well.

Thank you to all that bid and bought.  We truly appreciate it.  I haven’t seen a sale report but I am excited to see what bucks went where.  In the end, there are some people that got some really good buys.  And I will probably get to meet up with Bob May somewhere and eat some Mexican food and hear some stories.  It’s all good.

Thank you to all.



The word BLOG is a four letter word and should be dealt with as such.  At times, this deal is a pain in the donkey.  Other times, it is flat fun to sit down here and dispense info.  And then there are those times that I have dang sure caused some issues for the words that I put on here.

Over the years, I have received phone calls, texts and emails regarding info on this blog.  I have enjoyed almost all of them.  Recently, I got a letter in the mail.  Yes, an actual letter delivered by the United States Postal Service.  I opened the letter, trying to think why in the hell would somebody in Arkansas be sending me a letter.  I am glad that I got this.

It was a typed letter, as the author allowed that his penmanship is illegible.  Brother, I am the same way.  Love it.  Numerous topics were addressed about the blog in this letter.  I was in a good mood after reading it.

To address the first question:  Simply put, there wasn’t very many Manilla Gorilla kids born before he passed.  He was young so I only bred a couple to him the first season.  What we got was good.  I sold a buck in last year’s sale that went to the midwest.  They recently texted and are very pleased with the kids out of him.  I had another buck that was a dang good one.  We photoed him for last year’s sale and then he died due to kidney stones.  I sold a really good doe kid to Blaine Rue.  Schovanec’s raised a buck prospect out of Gorilla that sold to Kesters.  I have had good reports of people AIing and flushing using the Manilla Gorilla semen.  So, that is why you haven’t seen many kids out of him.  He did leave a good supply of semen, so there will continue to be some of that offered.

We had several families here in paradise looking at goats this weekend.  I have a long list of things that I don’t like about the goat industry but I always enjoy meeting new people.  And I have had the privilege to meet a lot of people in a lot of different states.

How about Tiger winning the Masters?  Cool comeback for an old broken down dude.  I really don’t care who wins or loses but one has to acknowledge the don’t quit factor that he has.

Politics–Trump, the wall and the democrats.  My goodness.  No matter what that dude does or says, they will not agree.  I don’t know how anybody can stand to watch cnn or fox news channels.  I’m out on this whole political deal.  Trump was elected.  Let him do his job and if you don’t like him, don’t vote for him in 2020.

Got some kids in the kidding barn.  I was glad to have a break from does and babies but I am glad to have some again.

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.  Thanks for reading.


I really hope that I don’t see nor hear any thunder this weekend.  Several people are traveling from other states to look at online sale bucks.  However, the weather people are saying that we have a chance of wet weather.  I don’t want wet.  Not at this time.  We are not set up for showing bucks in the rain.

However, there is a non-descript early 90s band called Thunder.  I even have a Thunder song in my rotisserie of songs on iTunes.  That song is called “Dirty Love”.  I even bred Joe Dirt back to some Dirt daughters hoping for a buck that we could call “Dirty Love”.  It did not happen.  There were some wicked good double bred Dirt wethers (res. grand at Tulsa and another that was reserve at the state fair of OK) and some bad donkey double dirt females that produced well.

Speaking of thunder, I looked at some cool calves out of a bull called Thunder.  And I wasn’t far from home.


If you can’t tell, it has been hard to sit down at this keyboard and write.  Some stuff–well, I just do not want to talk about.   But I will when asked.  Some stuff, I shouldn’t talk about.  Other stuff, well, we will discuss more this summer.

Load your ass up, grab a cooler and come sit south of Fargo.  You can hear all the Thunder that you ever wanted.


And as I finish typing, a band from the late 80s/early 90s sparks up the speakers.

Top rock songs–to be continued.  Thanks, have a good one and a better tomorrow.



It stays hectic around here.  But, we did make time to eat a wicked good ribeye dinner on Monday night.  It was good just to sit and chill a bit.  I don’t watch much basketball.  I used to when it was actually basketball.  However, I did watch the national title game.  Tammy was excited as Duke and I watched this basketball game with her.  First, I wanted Tech to win.  Second, I had watched Tech play Gonzaga.  They actually played defense and hustled and worked.  It was basketball.  It wasn’t just a screen here, dribble, dribble dribble, isolation play, shoot, long rebound, walk to the other end, dribble, dribble, dribble, alley oop, dunk, walk to other end.  Lots of hustle and effort from both teams.

At times, I feel like the goat industry has turned into a modern basketball game.  A few elite deals can take over.  A bunch of bouncing balls around with some just standing around waiting their turn.  Then the refs just decide not to make any calls and let them roll.  Then, there is a whole lot of work, pimping, fitting and posing, just to get one good picture at a backdrop.   I don’t know, I started down this path without any actual plan of what I was going to write and here is where we are.  I apologize.

I have some AI bred does that WERE due Sunday.  I am ready for them to do their thing.


I know

Yes, I know that it has been several days since I hit the keyboard.  To be honest, I’ve been asleep.  For the past thirty years, I have been running on little to no sleep.  I’m used to it.  Now, I have to deal with some medical type deals and wham!!   Heck, I’ve been sleeping at night–all night.  I’ve had to take naps.  I ain’t used to this and it is kicking my donkey.  They tell me that it will balance out.

The chiropractor and the Dragon Lady are convinced that my driving lots of miles and how I sit while driving are the cause of some of my problems.  Therefore, I have kind of had my driving privileges suspended.  They are probably right.

We now have two sales posted on  The My Turn kids are pretty cool.  I like this pair of buck/wether prospects.  The yearling bucks are up.  Call with questions.

Every March and April, I am amazed at how many bulls are sold in NW Oklahoma.  Many of them for good money.  We have enjoyed selling yearling bucks in April for several years now.  Judging by the internet banner ads, it looks like several more have joined in.  It is the time of year to be buying bucks.  Every breeder, no matter how large of a herd, is always looking for that “next” buck.  It is a never ending circle.  Some are looking for THE buck, others are looking for the right buck for their herd while others are just looking for the best one at a certain price point. Everyone of us is looking for a bargain and most will miss the bargain.

We have finally started kidding.  Some AI babies have hit the ground.  Several more are now due.


Have a good one and a better tomorrow.


Not fun but kind of fun

Saturday was our scheduled day to clip and photo yearling bucks.  The weather report was warning of cold.  Fine.  We weren’t prepared for the wind.  Should have been but nobody warned us.

I’ve been on a very tight schedule lately, so I did not load all the bucks and haul to Perry like I have in years past.  Instead, Braden Schovanec, Blaine Rue, Duke and I tackled them all.  Blaine & Braden clipping.  Duke and I washing and blowing.  Braden setting up bucks.  Duke running the camera.  Me barking some orders & keeping this crew in pizza.  It went really smooth.  These kids know how to work.

Duke and I had already trimmed hooves, washed and clipped front ends.  We had repeatedly caught, braced and set each goat up.  Putting on an online sale is not as simple as grab a goat and take a pic.  There is a lot of work behind the scenes and ahead of time.

On Saturday, we dealt with wind and lots of it.  It was supposed to be overcast–YES–overcast is good for photography.  But, a very bright sun kept jumping out at inopportune times. We made it work.

Then, we headed over to Woodward to photo some Jan. born kids.  The Cockrehams had these washed and dried.  We clipped and photoed.  It went well.
But, a not fun kind of day got fun.  Once goats were pictured, an actual trivial pursuit game broke out.  Who won?  No need to ask.  When it comes to worthless info…that is right up my alley.  Then steaks were grilled.  Best photo shoot ever.  Good goats, fun game, great food and even better people.  Braden and Blaine each headed home to do chores.  Tyke and I went home to do chores and do important stuff which consisted of watching Talladega Nights.  Duke and Tammy were dealing with prom stuff.

Pictures of yearling bucks and young kids will be up later this week.  There are some fun goats in each of these sets.

Have a good one.

1st time

I made it 46 years without many medical issues.  I broke numerous bones, tried to cut a couple of fingers off, a bad run in with some poison oak a time or two and lots of bruises and aches and pains.  Then, I broke that damn toe last year.  I didn’t have a good story for that.  But it was damn sure broke in two.

Now, I hurt my hip.  I felt it immediately and I don’t have a cool story for it either.  But, it dang sure hurt.  Now, I have made my 1st time visit to a chiropractor.  And in true livestock fashion, I went to the chick that also works on our goats, sheep, pigs and calves.  Why?  I put more value in our stock than I do myself.  So, I figure if she can fix the stock, might as well be my turn.  Plus, she doesn’t prescribe a bunch of injections, cuts and drugs for the critters.

There were lots of different people working OYE with lasers, magna-waves, massages, heat treatments and alignment therapy.  This, the human version, was probably cheaper.   Although,  I do have a fun story about watching a treatment on a pig at OYE.  Some of you will remember that “thong” song from the early 90s.  The tune is stuck in my head.

As I get ready to turn 48, I know that I am not that old in years but this unit is not exactly a slick, one owner that was only driven on Sundays to church.  I think that I’ll follow some of the advice.

No need to text me.  I already know that this post comes full circle back to a post a month or more ago.  “FEELS GOOD” always sells.

Wallet War

Last Friday, at lunch, we ate our traditional meal on the premium sale day of OYE–Cattleman’s.  It was good.  Real good.  While there, Tammy asked me what I thought of the goat show, the judge and my general thoughts.  Well, here are those thoughts.

I thought the kid judging did a very good job finding the right class winners.  I thought that the grand, reserve and bronze patterned up as well as any trio in several years.  I did feel like there was NOT any dirty pool going on.  It felt clean.  No rumors before, during or after.  Sure, Pfeiffers won three of the four divisions.  You know what, they would have won if I would have been judging.  Those goats were good and well presented.

Now, I have no explanation for some of his 2nds through 10th.  There are some subpar goats in the premium sale.  Some of these are tied to me.  I came home with some bad ass goats that somehow got lost in the mix. Okay, fine.  I’m not negative.  A judge that did a timely job of getting the right ones to the top end while not playing politics–basically he needs to judge more shows.

While at Cattleman’s, Duke made this comment.  “Dad, this goat showing has turned into a wallet war.”  He is right.  The division champs were all high dollar critters.  Why?

The genetic pool of good ones is a small pool.  Really just a wading pool.  This makes everyone want those couple of magical goats.  I get it.  I am guilty.

Duke, Tammy and I knew that we couldn’t get much done in Texas anymore.  Plenty were lining up to drop a pile at Pfeiffers.  So, I did what I had never done.  I dropped a pile on a Hail Mary.  How much?  Well, more than most of you spend on bucks.  I wanted to buy a steer but Duke said nope.  So, I bought a goat that was cool, extreme and a borderline structural wreck.  It didn’t work out.  I’m not mad.  My kids have shoes and will continue to eat.  Was it a stupid purchase?  Sure.  And now that I am done with it, I am better equipped to advise people on how to spend their money.  Kind of like going to college.  This education cost me some tuition money but I know more now.  WAY more!  Anytime, any of you clowns are trying to decide whether to twist off or not, call me.  I have a whole new perspective about this industry and all the other crap that goes with it.

Did I get customer service with this purchase?  NO!  NONE!  But, that may be my fault.  I guess people are scared of me.  I have always provided top end service to anybody that was tied to me.  No matter what.  I realize that I am a dumb ass.  We did not need help while at OYE.  RUSM?  Braden and Travis Schovanec, Tom Kester, Bryan Kennedy as well as Duke and myself.  We had plenty of help there.  However, for dollars spent, make a trip, or two,  during the winter and make sure people are happy.  If for no other reason, act like you give a shit.

I’ve sold a $10,o00 wether before and I didn’t like.  Hell, I gave that buyer a $3,500 Helms goat and a $2,500 Brandon Evans goat.  In the end, they had 3 wethers for $10,000.  It still didn’t work out, but guess what?  We are still friends.  Yes, I am a dumb ass.  But I am fine with that.

And in the end, the Boyers followed instructions, worked hard, fed from a low-rent breeder in Nebraska (Yes, that guy) and won their district show and made the sale at OYE.  This puts me in a good humor.

As a breeder, ag teacher, parent, friend, whatever–I do not want this goat showing deal to be a wallet war.  It already is.  And I understand it.  And as a result, this old fart has not purchased a goat yet.  But, I have bought some steers and heifers.  Why? They are cheaper.  Seriously.

I hope that none of you readers take negativity from this post.  I’m not mad.  In fact, I’m in a good humor.  I hauled Kaylee Holt and Duke to the NorthWest Area Star interviews today.  Kaylee is now the NW Area Star in Placement and Duke is the NW Area Star in Agribusiness.  These meatheads interview for the state star next week.  Great kids.  I think that is a great ending line for tonight.  Great kids!

So much….

I’ve got so much rolling through my skull and I need to not let all of it out.  I won’t say that we had a great OYE.  We did in places.  In others, well, it doesn’t feel great.

To start with, there is a reason that I agreed to teach again.  GREAT KIDS!!  And in order to get great kids, there is always a great set of parents.  People, I work hard, but I have to in order to keep up.

Backdrop and banner pics–yes, everybody wants these and I don’t like to be in them.  Kaylee Holt gathered two of these pics this week.  Res. Berk gilt and champion Berk barrow.  Home Raised.  And then did a cartwheel out of the limo!   Top that!   You can’t and I can’t.  Her dad and uncle help me a lot.   This family has been friends for decades and this girl is one of the very, very best.

Then there is the sheep part.  This Rodney Washmon is one of the best.  He and his crew are work horses.  They want to win but they will gladly help others.  The main reason that Duke showed sheep this year is the fact that he likes working with Rodney and Clayton Washmon.  Thank you for all the help.  The sheep show did not end like we wanted it.  Three different kids that were alternates for the sale.  None got in.  That will change.

Our cattle barn is different than most.  We have a family that has been to the top of the mountain.  Then, things changed.  I am SUPER proud of Tiffany Schultz and her son Gatlin Goodson.  They knew that they weren’t going to win with that home-raised steer but they worked and showed like they were.   And they were team players when it came time to setup or tear down equipment.  Great job people.  Home raised premium sale steer is bad ass!  Oh, and raised the bull that sired that steer.  Even cooler.

This cattle barn also has a family that is just starting, but the Dad showed numerous breed champions and premium sale steers during his career.  Plus, his dad is part of the south Fargo neighborhood watch patrol.  This Rakestraw clan is a positive to any team.  HUGE positive vibes going forward.  True team players.

Now, throw in one of my heroes–Hoss Manske and his crew–people, I might just go back to clipping a lot of calves.  The cattle barn requires a lot of work and managing egos, but this Shattuck crew is wicked good.  And who in the hell thought that feeding/buying cattle would be cheaper than goats or pigs?   Guess what?  It is.

In 2014, the goat barn at Shattuck consisted of Duke Kelln and Bree Taylor.  Two hall-0f-famers.  Bree moved on and did well, really well.  Duke is now done.  That leaves me trying to decide how to tackle the goat shows as an ag teacher.  That does not leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling.  That should concern goat breeders.  Why?  We will address this at a later date.

Duke ended up with the 4th overall Hair sheep.  The Dorset came up lame the night before.  Lots of drugs and some magna-wave therapy and Honky still limped during the final cut in class.  He still placed but not near where he would have.  There was a halter malfunction with Duke’s class 9 wether goat.  This judge was all about first looks and we didn’t get a good first look.  Duke showed 5 animals on Wednesday and placed all 5.  No sale.  Wednesday felt like unfolding a broken lawn chair.  Nobodys fault but it wasn’t fun.  Congrats to Duke on work ethic, willingness to help others and just doing well.  As a dad, ag teacher, whatever, I am proud.

BUT…Kela flew in that afternoon.  Which helped heal all wounds.  The video of Tammy jumping out of the stands, right in front of Kela and Kela going do you get this “$h!t?”  And Tammy trying to answer, then realizing that it is her daughter is priceless.

Speaking of goat shows.  I look up and realize that the Dragon Lady was leaning on the rail talking to THE Ron Simonson.  WTH?   That old dog just happened to find the Dragon Lady.  But, guess what?  Last fall, I was gone judging a show.  I couldn’t go to KC.  Ron had sent me some pics and a price of a goat.  I sent Schoovy and Greg Boyer to pick this goat up and possibly another.  They came home with both AND BOYER KEPT THEM!!!!

How did that work out?  For me, oh well.  For Audra Boyer—AWESOME!!!!  She won grand at Enid District and made the sale at OYE!     I couldn’t be happier.  Great family.  Great, great kid.  Huge smile!   I like this kid a lot.  This story makes me feel good.  Almost as good as Greg with a glass of Maker’s Mark.

No.   Duke’s career did not end with a banner.  But he upheld his part.  They were well cared for and well presented.  I am proud how he handled defeat.  I will take him and give you the field when it comes to getting stuff done.   I am the weak link of this family and I know it.  I am super proud of what Tammy and I have to show for trophies.  We call them Kela and Duke.

Four scholarships–Duke, Gatlin, Kaylee and Sierra.  Four from one little school.  Shattuck Proud!

I wasn’t planning on teaching again, but am glad that I did.  I truly don’t know how much longer that I can do this but I do know that I when I leave, the cupboard is full.

Thank you to all that helped.  We have a lot of friends.