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Let’s go to Vegas!

I have hardly ever won a drawing.  I did win a red 5 gallon bucket at an NRA event several years back.  However, the person to my left, the person to my right and the person across the table from me all won a gun.  So, I cherish that red 5 gallon bucket with a screw on lid.

Lately, my luck has changed.  Monday, Feb. 4, I bought a $100 raffle ticket for the football boys effort to pay for their state championship rings.  I actually bought the last ticket.  That night, I won a $1,000.

After Mass this morning, I was perched on a porcelain throne and decided to pull up Facebook.  A new online venture called ChampionXchange had a promo going that if you liked the photo, liked their page AND shared it, you would be entered in a drawing for 4 sirloin steaks.

ChampionXchange is a livestock marketing platform that utilizes social media to sell some animals.  I like the concept.  The entrepreneur behind this venture is a family friend, whom also happens to be a former student from Waynoka, Clark Bixler.

I bet you guessed by now, I won some steaks.  I guarantee he was hoping it would be somebody that may or may not actually get the steaks.  But I will make him deliver them to me.

I need to get off of here and go buy a lottery ticket, or a plane ticket to Vegas and see if the dice are rolling hot.

It is county stock show season in Oklahoma.  Good luck, have fun and remember, it is supposed to be fun.

I liked that dude

I got a call right after lunch from a goat legend.  Hadn’t talked to him in several months.  He wanted to know if I had heard any news about Joe Ed Helms.  My mind went “Shit!”  My mouth probably did as well.  IDK and don’t care what came out of my mouth at that point.  I knew that it was probably true.  I just didn’t want it to be.  I always liked that dude.  Joe Ed Helms is a huge part of the history of the show goat world.

I won’t be able to put my thoughts into print–accurately.  But here are some parts that are rolling through my head.

I loved those overalls.  Never saw him in a new pair.  Just a continual string of used overalls.  Never saw him wear anything but a free cap.  And if you commented on the cap, you got a commentary on why he wore it.

I remember the days of Joe Ed & Kenneth Helms, Ralph Shafer, Tommy & Steve Morriss having a sale south of Sonora.  Shitty spray painted sign.  They would have some sales with a goat or two that would bring some jack.  Back in those days, a couple of Morriss goats would bring some money.  But the rest, not so much.  Ralph, yeah, one or two and Helms, yes. They had goats there. Then the rest were skinny, green and scary.  So, I bought several.  Then more the next year.  Then more the next year.  Joe Ed met me up front one year.  He looked me in the eye, shook my hand and said, “I’m glad that you are here.  We’ve got some skinny goats and they aren’t bad.  I know that they will sell in your price range.  We appreciate you being here.”   JEEZ, thanks.  You are correct.  But…..

The first goat that I ever bought from the Helms crew, for my own kids,  was a wether that sold at the Lone Star Elite sale in 2008.  It was Kela’s senior year.  I gave more than I was used to.  And, and at that time, the amount that I gave was more than Joe Ed and Kenneth were used to getting for a damned goat.  $2,200.  Joe Ed asked me if he needed to verify if the funds were good on the check.

By the way, that goat was named “Joe Ed” and he was reserve grand at the OK State Fair in ’08, res. div. 5 at the Tulsa State Fair (Kela also had champ div. 5).   The wether was an actual S100.  Most of you clowns only know that buck as a sales point.

In May of 2009, I backed out of being a partner on a buck.  In June of 2009, at Tommy Morriss’ sale facility, Joe Ed Helms asked me, “Did my son screw up spending all that money on that midget goat?”

I looked him in the eyes and said, “No sir!  I’m the one that screwed up.  You better buy in because that goat will make you famous.”  I still do not know if he owned part of 191 or not.  No matter to me, but at least once a year since then, he and I have walked over to that pen and looked at 191 and shared sarcastic, shitty comments about the goat industry.  And acknowledged the living legend “191”.

And when the first 191’s were hatched and available, I was there.  I took the wrong one according to Joe Ed and Kenneth. The hell I did!  At first, I wanted to name that goat “Jukebox Hero.”  Then, I got a partner.  He knew what the name “Jukebox Hero” meant to me.  But he wasn’t feeling it.  In typical Tyke fashion, “I like that name but I just want to name him Joe Dirt.  Not that Joe Ed is dirty.  But I’ve never seen him cleaned up and it just feels right.”  Dude, as always, Tyke was right.  Joe Dirt it would be and it fit.  There ain’t no cleaned up glamour shot of that buck and he did his job.  Much like his namesake.

Joe Ed liked Kela.  He loved getting Tammy stirred up a bit.  He tolerated me but he really liked Duke.

Talking irrigation wells, sweet potatoes, the goat industry, that stubborn son of his, politics in government and the goat industry, the value of an air conditioner in that kubota utv, the value of a dollar or why you don’t ever serve hot dogs at a labor day sale–pick a topic.   I only seem opinionated.  That dude had his thoughts and they were right and you were wrong.  I loved it.

My three favorite Joe Ed comments.

3–“Do you think that you over-spent for that little goat?”  Joe Ed on Labor Day of 2012.  My reply–“No sir!  I’m just afraid that I should have tried to buy that one, J086 and that inbred bastard when I was there and they were all little.  Plus there is a little one that I want but Kenneth wasn’t going to price him.”  Those would become Rumour Has It, I 40, X Factor and 599X.  (In April of 2012, I knew to buy them all.  But at that time, that was a lot of money.  Hell, it still is.  I’d still do it if I saw a fleet like that again.  Regardless of species.)

2–“You quit that John Deere gig?  You going to be like that fat, crooked bastard and just trade goats for a living?”    Me–“No.  I can make a go of it without being crooked or being fat.  But, it would help if you and your son sold me goats cheaper.”

Joe Ed—“Do you know what it costs to raise these things?”   Me–“Yes.”  Him–“Well, it ain’t cheap.”

1–“You’ve got good kids.  I like that girl but she moved to California.  That boy is a worker.  I like him and he’s polite.  It’s a good thing that they take after that wife of yours.”


I liked him and more importantly, my family liked Joe Ed Helms.  Rest In Peace my friend.  And prayers to the family.




I remember

No, really, I do remember hearing old people say “Life gets faster as you get older.”  I also remember thinking, “What? They are old.”

And now—–JEEEEMINY CHRISTMAS, this is all moving SOOOOOOOOO fast!  I remember turning 21 like it was yesterday.  Now, I’m not sure how old I am without thinking about it.

Dude(s), I can remember the good critters that I showed to so-and-so but that was actually 15 years ago.

I recently used a line with some kids–“My first year out of college, the señor (I actually typed senior but the stuck I changed it to señor.  I like it!)  Anyways, the senior class had a cake raffle.”  One of the seniors asked, “What year was that?”  I said “1993.”  One of them groaned and said, “That was like 7 years before I was born.”  Thanks, smart ass!  My daughter was already 3.

It isn’t just that I am getting old but I am not a slick, well cared for machine.  Too many stock shows, too many miles, a few bad decisions and a not-exactly-healthy lifestyle have contributed to me being old and getting older.  Although, no tobacco since 1991 helped me get a cheaper rate on life insurance.

Here’s to too many irons in the fire, doing it right, listening to Elvis, wondering who-the-hell even likes cardi b, play some Tone Loc, enjoying the moment, trying to remember what the moment was and happy about all of it.  Keep calm, don’t be skint and be excellent to each other.


I really haven’t had nor do I have the time to post on here, but I am clearing my head, getting my eyes squared right and just not thinking.  I’ve been on that FAET website and my head is numb.  This website doesn’t require much thought, so let’s have at it.

While dealing with these FFA type record books, a cool tune came on.  It was the theme song from Eddie and the Cruisers.  That was a cool movie.

I could see some wheat peaking out of the ground.  There is a bit more light after 6 pm.  Spring is ever so cautiously nearing.  We will see more cold before it is done.  But, I am ready for camo shorts, comfy shoes, no shirts or socks and just fun days.  I haven’t been fishing for a long, long time.  That, my friends, is going to have to change.

Duke had to speak at the Woodward Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Monday.  On Tuesday, he and Elizabeth Schneider, who is from Seiling were on the front page of the Woodward News.  These two seniors were asked to speak about the upcoming Woodward District Jr. Livestock Show.  Most didn’t know this, but not only are these two really good kids, but they are also cousins.  Kind of cool.

Lots of countdowns going on around here.  Days to final stock show, days to last prom, days to last graduation, heck pick a date and Tammy or I can tell why that will be the last of.  It’s all good.  Have a good one.

Elite Salesman

I do not remember the exact year.  But I do know that it was in the mid to late 80s.  I remember looking at a magazine and there was color pictures.  OOOHHHH yeah!   It wasn’t playboy or some other porn.  It was better!  It was the two page spread of Payton Scott’s club calves.  Oh man!  That deal was fun to look at.

I remember the first time that I went through Rising Star, TX.  DUDE!!!!!  There  is a salesman near here, somewhere.  I don’t have a cool story.  But 3 plus decades later, I still remember who Payton Scott was.  And I do know that he moved a lot of calves.

On this site, we like to make lists of best whatever.  I am going to make a list of the greatest salesman of all time.  Legal.

This list starts and ends with Simon Cowell.  What an ass!?  But think of the millions that he has made others, all while cashing a check himself on every move.  Tammy hollered, while I was waiting on a pot pie to cool down.  “Chris, do you remember Susan Boyle?”

” Yes”, I replied.  She yelled back, “She is on tv again.”

So I carried my little pan of cooling magma into the living room and watched.  Way cool.  That dude made her famous 10 years  ago.  And now, he trotted her back out a decade later.  They both made bank.  Cool.

That dude is wicked good at what he does.  He may not be likable but he makes money for all involved.  He is the elite salesman.


By the way, if you want to buy one of those lasers.  Just under $8,000.  I can hook you up with the dealer.

Feels good sales

Technology just keeps going forward.  Too fast….yes, at times.  Maybe, I’m old but I am also right.  I still don’t want a text conversation with one or both sides being upset.  If there is a confrontation, I want it face to face.  I can text, I just don’t have to like it.

Likewise, in the stock show world, technology and information keeps pushing us forward.  Personally, I think that there is an overload of info regarding feeds and feeding.  Too many people don’t understand proper nutrition, so they are all looking for that “magic bullet”.  Thus, the reason there is so many feed additives that are snake oils.   But, some people feel good paying money for this stuff.  They feel like they are doing something.

Then there is the utilization of new enhancements.  I am sure that the first people to trim cattle hooves were probably deemed as cheaters.  Back in ’08 or 9, I know that we were frowned upon for fitting does using adhesives and other hair care products.  Now, it is common place.  Heck, when we first started showing wethers in ’03, we pulled weight, just like a calf, pig or sheep.  Others weren’t.

Recently, I watched a lady come “work” on a couple of species of animals with her laser.  To be honest, I was hoping for a tool that looked more like Han Solo’s blaster or Chewbacca’s crossbow.  But, no, it looked like something the Schwan man would use to scan a box of ice cream sandwiches.

As a parent, a breeder and a person that has been known to sell large quantities of show stock, I have no problem with the use of technology like this.  It is non-invasive and is nothing different than people do to themselves.  As a parent, if it isn’t illegal and it helps an animal, use the technology.

As an ag teacher, it is hard to justify telling a family, “We need to get your pig lasered twice this week at $50 a pop. And yes, you need to buy another $50 bucket of pay lean and this $20 jug of fat, and 4 more bags of $8 wood chips.  And this jug of hair care products ($22) and this can of skin care ($8).”    Wait, it was a $300 pig to start with and the addition of all of this other crap does NOT increase the value of this pig at sale time.

Now, don’t go to texting me yet.  Sure, if I can tell that this cheap littly piggy has a chance, I will tell them to do it.  Heck, I have been known to pay for this kind of crap out of my own pocket.  My point is that the days of the “ag farm” kid being competitive are probably gone.  I hope not, but it is getting harder.

This is not a stock show epidemic.  There are specialists in athletics, tutors in academics and private lessons for musicians.  No matter the competition, one must be focused and thinking ahead of what they need to do to optimize their success.

While watching this laser work, I was thinking.  The people that can truly make money in the stock show world are not the breeders or the feed stores.  It is all the service and feel good salesmen.  The clippers get their money, no matter what.  The chiropractor gets their money even if the animal doesn’t win.  The hair care, joint supplements, attitude paste, hair growth, hide tightener stuff, hoof trimming, adhesive products and muscle enhancements due to nutrition or modern scientists are the only ones that actually make money.  If a breeder doesn’t raise winners, price goes down.  Not so with the rest.  If somebody feels like it helped, it sells.

And while watching this laser work, I was also thinking, “Dude, I think this would feel good down my back, around my knee and on that effed up toe and these flat feet.”  If it feels good, it sales!  No matter the species.

Huge Divide

It is a known fact that I don’t spend a lot of time asleep.  Three to five hours a night is good for me.  Until I get tired and then, once a month, I will crash from 9 pm to 4 am.  It is also a known fact that I don’t spend a lot of time watching the news.  Why?  I don’t care what the traffic is like in OKC.  The weather normally doesn’t apply to NW OK.  I can watch some ESPN and get all the sports I need.  Fox or cnn…no, they can’t keep the politics in the middle.  One leans hard one way and the other is the polar opposite.

However, I do spend a lot of time reading various things about a variety of factors that influence markets, economies and policies that can affect an average dude like myself.  Basically, I have read a lot of horror stories.  Over the past 10 or 12 years, these stories have gotten scarier.

I did not like your previous president.  I didn’t like anything about him.  He was a counterfeit, a liar, had no experience to allow him to do that job properly and I never trusted him.  I still stand by that.  And history will prove me right.

I also did not like the clinton regime.  Personally, I fear for our country, if we ever find out all of the truths of those people.  I am not the only that didn’t trust them.  There is a reason that she didn’t win.

I spend very little time telling anybody that the Trumpster is the greatest POTUS ever.  He may be.  Probably not.  But he is not the problem.  This divide between left and right is not healthy.  One side doesn’t care about facts, history or common sense.  The other side simply doesn’t care about the other side.  Right or left.  Red or blue.  Wrong or right.

I do think that Trump is trying to do his job.   I do wish all parties would just do their jobs.  I do NOT like that pelosi thing (can you get a shot for that disease?)  Probably not.  How do some of these districts elect these people.  Then I realize, they think that they are doing right.

I have a favorite daughter that lives in one of the three worst places in the U.S. of A.  California is one of our absolute greatest states.  HUGE agricultural producing state with immense diversity and quality.  California is one of the best ag producing regions of the WORLD.  But that cancer called LA is a problem.  They are the squeaky wheel that gets the attention (along with nyc and that crap-hole called chicago.  I have not been to nyc.  I like the state of Illinois but we could do without chicago–especially the cubs.  Just kidding. Kind of.  we can keep the cubs.)

Has she turned–no.  But I can tell that she feels it.  She is more cognizant of issues that are still common-place jokes in this part of the world.  My day2day mouth would cause me problems in la.  It shouldn’t.  I treat all people equal. I’ve had numerous conversations with other parents that have kids that left the midwest to chase their dreams.  In the end, all you can do is hope that you did your job as a parent.

This morning, I was hungry enough to eat……let’s stop there.  Something about a skunk and …..alright.  I was hungry.  So, I pulled into the local cafe.  I had NEVER eaten breakfast there.  Why?  It hasn’t fit my schedule and it was only the last year or so that they started to serve breakfast.  Well, it was good.  And I was the only patron under 50.  Keep that in mind.

Enough of the food report.  Anyways… while there, the morning regulars were watching the news and discussing all topics that came up.  Some black mail of some dude named Bezos.  They didn’t know who he was, just that he was worth a pile.  That pelosi looks like….   Well, that stupid son-of-a–.  And then, somebody brought up a talk show host named ellen.

I then learned a new term.  One of the all time unique Shattuck personas said, “I came home the other day and my wife was watching that ellen chick.  I told her that we ain’t watching that snicker licker in my house.”

Forevermore, when I see a snickers candy bar, I will remember that.

      I am not racist.  I dislike a lazy, drugged up, lying POS person–male or female, no matter the race, sexuality, political affiliation or religion.  I will gladly pay taxes when that money is used properly.  Anybody that knows me, knows that I will deal with you exactly as I see you.  In my world, a spade is a spade.  Wait?! Should that have been a shovel is a shovel.    It is horrible that one has to consider if that statement was proper.  Jeeminy.

I do not think that a wall will fix all of our problems.  I do think that it will help alleviate some issues.  I do think that we need the electoral college.  This might prove to be one of the smartest things that the founding fathers developed.  Just look at the representation that you people have elected from la, chicago and nyc.  It is mind boggling.

We will now break for some real first-world kind of problems.  It was 1 degree this morning.  Yes, ONE, UNO, EINS.  It was 5 when I left the house.  3 when I went through Gage.  But then it dropped to 1 as the sun was coming up.  But, at least it wasn’t windy.  As I sit here tapping this keyboard, I made a decision.  It is Friday night and I ain’t going anywhere tonight.  I think that I will have me a frosty beverage.  So, I braved the elements and stepped out onto the carport to get a cold one from the fridge.  Guess what?  The cold ones that were inside the fridge were like Elsa.   FROZEN!   WTH?  They froze inside the fridge!

And to continue our real first-world kind of problems section.  As I am typing this crap, I have received a text requesting that Bob Seelke be a guest blog writer.  NOOOOOO!   Not happening.  I like Jodi too much to let that happen.  But… but…. if it were to happen, all barriers would be broken.

Let’s clean this political mess up.  We, the people, still have a say when it comes to vote.  Clean it up.  Make your town, your state and America great.  Not again.  Just make it great. Period.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.


Random, random, random

The weather people are a whole lot like goat reproductive technicians.  Their success rate isn’t always very good BUT, they still get paid.  Right or Wrong.  We ended up in an ice hole around here.  And they weren’t calling for it.  At least the wind wasn’t blowing.

I lose track if this is a goat website, ag teacher blog, NW OK weather report, movie/music critic or foodie site.  In the end, it really doesn’t matter.  If you don’t like what you are reading, go read somebody else’s stuff.

It is about time to start peeling some hair off some wethers and see if my hands have been lying to me.  Might wait till the weather warms up a bit.  I don’t know if any kid from Shattuck will ring a big bell at the shows this year.  But, the stock looks good, in all 4 species.  At this point in time, if you feel like you still got a chance, well, you still got a chance.

Several are trying to make strides on feeding and fitting while others are working to step their game up on the showmanship scene.  In the end, I like the effort and I like the stock.  I hope some get some hardware to validate their work.  No matter, (win, lose or dang, I didn’t see that coming)  the journey is important.

Been hooked up and busy dealing with Shattuck FFA stuff.  I really can’t complain as I have gotten to deal with some top shelf kids and adults.  Although, I have had to deal with a computer program quite a bit.  FAET.  Yep, that makes it a four letter word.

Weather–check.  Goats–check.  FFA–check.  Hang on dudes, lets keep the randomness flowing.  Unless, it freezes up like a faucet at the ag farm with an undrained hose still hooked up to it.


Iconic movie roles.

If I ever turn the keyboard over to somebody, there might be a strong chance that Tom Kester could do it.  That dude must not be right in the head.

Roles that nobody else could properly play.  One in mind, is Stephen the mad Irishman on Braveheart.  Great character.  “He wasn’t right, n the head.”

There are several actors that play iconic roles–that IS what they do.  Tom Hanks, Kevin Costner, John Wayne & Harrison Ford.

Then there are those that have had excellent careers but they have played a role or two that NOBODY else could do better.

For example, Rocky.  Sure, Sly Stallone is a fallible actor.  But none of us would change the original Rocky character.  It works.

Bad guys–How about Al Pacino as Tony Montana in Scarface?  He killed that role.  Or Anton Chiggur in No Country for Old Men.

Cops–Jerry Orbach in Law & Order.  He made that series.  How about Frank Drebin in the Naked Gun flicks?

Samuel L. Jackson as Jules in Pulp Fiction.  “Say what again!”

Powerful characters–Can a voice actor be on this list?  Heck yeah.  When two of the most memorable characters of ALL time are backed by the same dude, then, yes.  Besides, it is my list.  Darth Vader and Mufasa.  Oooooohhh, say it again.   Mufasa.  My friends, James Earl Jones can use that voice and can turn a role into a role of a lifetime.

Aaaahhh, here we go.  Let’s tie this back to the goat game.  One of the best pieces of livestock that I have ever dealt with was a buck named….Rainman.  And that role played by Dustin Hoffman was iconic.

And, one of my favorites, Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire.

Then there is this entry.  The role made the actor famous.  He has made other good movies.  Maybe even a bad one or two.  Once you have seen this flick, you never forget it.  Slingblade.  Billy Bob Thornton wrote, directed and played the main character.  “Some folks call it a sling blade.  I call it a kaiser blade.”  Bad Santa was dang good but Slingblade is iconic.  Unmnhh, hunmnh.  If we were to make a most under-rated movie, this one might win it.  Dang good flick with an iconic character.

Iconic does not have to be on the big screen.  This show is right at 30 years old.  But it ain’t aged a bit.  In fact, “The older the violin, the sweeter the music.”  And those characters will live forever.  Gus and Captain.  Augustus McCrae and Woodrow F. Call.

“I like to kick a pig, every once in a while.  How would I do that?”

“I put a lot more value on the animal than I do my name.”

“I won’t say I did and I won’t say I didn’t, but I will say that a man who wouldn’t cheat for a ____ don’t want one bad enough.”

“I hate rude behavior in a man.  I won’t tolerate it.”

“It’s not dyin’ I’m talkin’ bout.  It’s livin’.”


And then there was Phoebe Cates.  Hunh.  For some reason, I am ready for the weather to warm up and go swimming.

All iconic.  Yes, there are more.

People, have a good one.  Have a better tomorrow.  I hope that all of you get to deal with some iconic characters on a regular basis.






Yes.  Without a doubt,  the most common question that I get is : “How much longer are you teaching?”  I can honestly answer–at least until May.  After that, I do not know.  There are parts of me that feel like going the distance.  But, there are also parts that are itching.  I planned on a year, did a 2nd one, had to do a 3rd year and now finishing 5.  IDK and don’t have time to worry about it.  Busy.

I like what we are doing.  But parts of the job can WEAR you out.  Stock shows being the number ONE factor that can burn an ag ed instructor.  I say this, yet, I kind of know what I am doing with stock shows.  I have a family that understands stock shows.  Heck, for that matter, stock shows are what made me want to be an ag teacher.

Until you have done this job, you have NO idea!  If you are griping about your ag teacher, DON’T.  Analyze, if  you like them,  on everything they do EXCEPT stock shows.  If stock shows are their weakness, well, then walk away and go pay a jock to do what you are wanting.  Let the ag teacher teach and provide a positive experience for your kid(s).  Pay the jock to do whatever it is that you need/want.  I understand all aspects, probably better than anybody else in the game.  I have done both at a high level.  Except, the getting paid part.  My fault and I am at peace with decisions that Tammy and I made years ago.

Speaking of stock shows, I did haul some middle school age boys to a doe show this weekend.  They placed well.  But the trash talking from a pair of brothers was legendary.  I love driving an ag pickup with kids just being themselves.  Big fun!

If you are showing goats right now, you need to spray for fleas.  They get them.  It happens.  And this is the time to spray, comb it in and then do it again later this week.  There is that itch again.

Weaned mini herfs.  Put big calves on creep feeder.  Spent Sunday afternoon looking at student’s projects.  Actually kind of pleased.

I guess that there is a football game on tv.  The Dragon Lady cooked up some t-bones that I stumbled across this morning at the grocery store.  High choice, great color (actually porterhouse) for $7.29/ lb.  We are lucky to have a wicked good grocery store.  The Venture foods crew keep good produce and have a bad ass meat market.  Did I mention that they are cooking for the Shattuck Ag Booster dinner on Tuesday night?  And they help me with anything that I need for class projects (The seniors like to cook/eat).  I’ve got a story or two involving making wurst with this class.

I think that I will hit publish and eat some steak, taters, beans and DANG, there is a reason that I am getting fatter.  She is putting the croissants in a ziploc bag.  She is full, I’m full and wait, what, RUSM, I did not know that it was possible….Duke is full!

We ain’t rich but we are better off than 6 billion+ other people on this planet.  If you are reading this, then you are as well.

Have a good one.  Make a donation.  Help a neighbor. Pray for those that need help.  Make it better for others.

Random cool kind of

It is cool getting texts to line me out about these blogs.  Actually, it is amazing how many different states can be represented and how many people actually read this crap!!  There are some readers that I think have an alert when I hit the “publish” button.  Others are like a morning ritual, they hit me up about the same time of a morning.  No matter, it’s all cool.  Maybe, I ought to make a comments section on here.  But, it takes time and effort to police something like that.

Yes, I agree that there was a couple of glaring omissions from the coolest movie ever blog.  I guess that they missed their class.  I take the blame for one of them and the other I will blame Duke.  There were some honorable mentions.  Speed, yes.  Anything with Clint Eastwood–agreed.  Men In Black–good one.

Dude, I should have not forgotten The Big Lebowski.  I mean, THE dude, and the whole show is bad ass cool.  My fault.  I must have been looking at last year’s class breaks instead of the current breaks. (this has actually happened, fortunately for me, it was my own kid.)

The next cool movie is one that Duke keeps on DVR and watches several times a month–AT LEAST.  It is way cool and I can’t believe that he and I both forgot it.  The RUSM? how do you miss that one award goes to—Tombstone.  For the sake of this movie, I hope this imaginary contest took place in Texas where there are multiple major shows and they can go to another “if” the judge missed one.  If in Oklahoma, well, I hope it will hold for Tulsa.  Otherwise, the term is S.O.L.   Val Kilmer & Kurt Russell have played some cool roles.   But these are their coolest.  How many cool quotes come from the movie Tombstone?  I can answer that–more than one.  “You called down the thunder, well now you’ve got it.”  My favorite.

Random.  Okay. I don’t like to use many needles and/or drugs but sometimes there are things that are needed.  In goats, one prime example is one that is getting a bit soft in their pasterns.  So, you give a couple of ccs of BO-SE.  This can help tighten ligaments up a bit and therefore, get them up on their pasterns a tick better.

However, if you are dealing with an animal (goat, sheep, pig or calf) and they are getting tight in their movement, what should you give them?  Guess what?  BO-SE.  This makes no sense.  IDK.  I’m just thinking about random stuff.

Let’s keep this randomness going.

Treadmills–we have one.  It wasn’t cheap. We have used it.  It has helped on certain goats.  I do not think it is the end-all-to be-all.  I do think that sheep respond better to treadmills than goats.  I do think that a treadmill can do more damage than good to goats.  EVERYBODY should watch a treadmill being used properly before they ever try it for themselves.  And, it seems like an animal on a treadmill needs a steady round of BO-SE.

Back in the day, Kela had a human treadmill that she used to walk wethers backwards on.  I don’t think that it ever built butt but it may have helped to harden tops.  Now, for the past several years, Duke has had one of the bad donkey sheep treadmills with “goat” inserts.  It has helped several of  his goats.  When it was needed, this thing earned it’s keep.  Currently, it is collecting dust.  BUT, we have it if we need it.  However, this dude is going to be removed from a depreciation schedule later this year.  As well as a bunch of other show equipment.

Speaking of treadmills.  I may have or may not have mentioned this on here before.  But several years back, I may or may not have watched a livestock legend work a big blue-butt barrow on a horse treadmill.  A couple of weeks before this event, I had asked this cool dude if it was true that he could make a pig walk backwards on a treadmill.  He grabbed me by the shoulder, laughed hard and said, “You give me a hot shot, a twelve pack and I can make a pig wear a tutu and turn cart wheels down this aisle.”  I went to their barn for a different species but I can say that big blue pig would jump on that treadmill and run forward like it was related to Secretariat.  However, when motor direction was reversed, that big pig was walking backwards and not liking it.  Much like me on a treadmill, that pig wanted no part of it, but it was getting a work out.

Actually, as I buttoned a pair of slacks before I went to Mass this morning, I realized that I might need to be like that big pig.  I need somebody with a treadmill, a hot shot and a twelve pack.  Wait, I’ve got all of the above.  And therein lies the problem.  I need somebody to use the hot shot on me and make me use a treadmill and keep me away from a box of beverage.

Keep the randomness coming.  The Dragon Lady is sitting here in my office, watching a “live” tv version of Rent.  She is actually just sitting here, waiting for Idina Menzel.  She has that focused look much like I would have waiting at a concert for Motley Crue, Tesla or Def Leppard to take the stage.  EXCEPT, she has already seen Idina perform live in LA with Kela and Mindi Clark.

I wish that I had time to go to Stilly today.  The baby brother–aka Big D and his family left church this morning headed straight to Stillwater.  Okie State and Iowa State wrestling match.  Two of the all time programs tangling in Gallagher-Iba.  COOL!  I foresee a future of fewer stock shows and a couple more wrestling matches.