Candy Corn & Nickleback

Recently, I’ve heard several discussions on the radio, read a deal or three on the computer and heard some kids discussing whether candy corn was any good or not.  What?

Candy corn has been made since the the late 1800s.  Over 125 years–you don’t make a product for that long and it not have some fans.  Some call it Chicken Feed.  Some people are just realizing that it looks like corn.  No crap?  Or to quote the late great Robin Williams,  “What the @u(k?”   Thirty-five million pounds of this sugary treat is made & sold each year.  A lot of somebodies like this stuff.  But, a lot of lists rank candy corn as the worst Halloween candy.  Hunh?  I would think that the apple with a razor blade or a snickers with a needle in it would rank as the worst candy.  I don’t know.  Just seems logical to me.

The superintendent of Waynoka Public Schools that hired my dumbass back in 1996 was Dale Ross.  Obviously, Mr. Ross was a very intelligent person.  He was a great talent scout.  He always had a chicken feeder on his desk filled with candy corn.  Kids loved it and adults couldn’t keep from grabbing a kernel or four.  I am not a fan nor an opponent of candy corn.  I just don’t understand why some people are becoming so vocal against it.

The candy corn debate reminds me of the band Nickleback.  I like several of their songs.  I really like one or two of their songs.  Rockstar is a wicked cool tune.  Judging from the facts that they have had #1 hits in the US of A and have sold millions of records, I am not alone.  But, several have taken it upon themselves to constantly bash this band.  Fine, I don’t care, I just don’t get the bashing.

What in the name of all things goat does (does not does–plural)  candy corn and Nickleback have to do with anything?  Our society allows a few to whip up a lot of noise even though all facts point the other way.  Which brings us to November 6.

For the first time ever, I voted by absentee ballot.  I know that my ballot may not get counted but I dang sure was not going to miss out on casting my votes–right or wrong–regardless of what the media or internet thinks that I should do.  As an American, I voted.  You should too.

I don’t care if you like or dislike candy corn or Nickleback, get off your butt, vote and do NOT let a bunch of noise deter you.  VOTE.

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