Had a weekend without any shows or work related stuff, but we were still plenty busy. We had some visitors Friday evening, Kela and her friend Jacy spent Friday night with us. Kela worked with Duke on showmanship. Jacy was here to work on a report for a class. Duke thought it was big stuff having a couple of college chicks stay up late with him watching movies.

Duke and I worked babies Saturday morning. Then I went to Cleo Springs and Aline to sort through goats. There is a good set of wether and doe prospects scattered around. None will be for sale until after OYE.

Saturday afternoon, a trailer load of wethers made it to my house. Weighed, handled, cussed and discussed what has to be done between now and OYE.

Sunday, I went back to Cleo to clip a pair of does. I spent both days with the Cleo Springs Goat Queen–Tori Sessions. She’s pretty good help and she dang sure had hair popping on the does I had to clip.

Tammy was ecstatic about Arnett basketball. If you didn’t know it, Tammy was a heckuva basketball player for Arnett in the late eighties. She played in the state tournament every year. She now has a niece starting for Arnett and they came through the losers bracket to make it to the state tourney. The Arnett boys also qualified for state.

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