Yes.  Without a doubt,  the most common question that I get is : “How much longer are you teaching?”  I can honestly answer–at least until May.  After that, I do not know.  There are parts of me that feel like going the distance.  But, there are also parts that are itching.  I planned on a year, did a 2nd one, had to do a 3rd year and now finishing 5.  IDK and don’t have time to worry about it.  Busy.

I like what we are doing.  But parts of the job can WEAR you out.  Stock shows being the number ONE factor that can burn an ag ed instructor.  I say this, yet, I kind of know what I am doing with stock shows.  I have a family that understands stock shows.  Heck, for that matter, stock shows are what made me want to be an ag teacher.

Until you have done this job, you have NO idea!  If you are griping about your ag teacher, DON’T.  Analyze, if  you like them,  on everything they do EXCEPT stock shows.  If stock shows are their weakness, well, then walk away and go pay a jock to do what you are wanting.  Let the ag teacher teach and provide a positive experience for your kid(s).  Pay the jock to do whatever it is that you need/want.  I understand all aspects, probably better than anybody else in the game.  I have done both at a high level.  Except, the getting paid part.  My fault and I am at peace with decisions that Tammy and I made years ago.

Speaking of stock shows, I did haul some middle school age boys to a doe show this weekend.  They placed well.  But the trash talking from a pair of brothers was legendary.  I love driving an ag pickup with kids just being themselves.  Big fun!

If you are showing goats right now, you need to spray for fleas.  They get them.  It happens.  And this is the time to spray, comb it in and then do it again later this week.  There is that itch again.

Weaned mini herfs.  Put big calves on creep feeder.  Spent Sunday afternoon looking at student’s projects.  Actually kind of pleased.

I guess that there is a football game on tv.  The Dragon Lady cooked up some t-bones that I stumbled across this morning at the grocery store.  High choice, great color (actually porterhouse) for $7.29/ lb.  We are lucky to have a wicked good grocery store.  The Venture foods crew keep good produce and have a bad ass meat market.  Did I mention that they are cooking for the Shattuck Ag Booster dinner on Tuesday night?  And they help me with anything that I need for class projects (The seniors like to cook/eat).  I’ve got a story or two involving making wurst with this class.

I think that I will hit publish and eat some steak, taters, beans and DANG, there is a reason that I am getting fatter.  She is putting the croissants in a ziploc bag.  She is full, I’m full and wait, what, RUSM, I did not know that it was possible….Duke is full!

We ain’t rich but we are better off than 6 billion+ other people on this planet.  If you are reading this, then you are as well.

Have a good one.  Make a donation.  Help a neighbor. Pray for those that need help.  Make it better for others.

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