I didn’t have to deliver does to San Angelo but Friday did find me making a mad dash to San Angelo to swap some stuff.  The Friday Night Fever was a bit crowded. HUGE crowd.  And then they started the auction.  Jeeminy–there were a lot of people there to buy a goat, that night, no matter what.  Several breeders had sets of goats that averaged $5-7K and they were well below sale average.  72 lots averaged over $7,700.

I made a dash back home, loaded out a doe, cleaned up and then headed to Beaver America for Tom Lamle’s retirement celebration.  I hadn’t been to the Beaver Sale Barn in a long time.  They have fixed that place up wicked awesome.  Great food, big crowd, fun times.  Although, there were several incidents.

First off, the Dragon Lady is now walking with a limp.  The Governor Jack Staats sat down in a wooden rocking chair at Lamle’s barn.  When he rocked back, the rocker broke and the chair fell over backwards with Staats in it.  The problem was that Tammy was behind the chair and the back of the chair came down across the bridge of her foot.  It isn’t broke but it is swollen and numerous shades of purple, green and yellow.

Years ago (over a decade ago), while looking at pigs at the Lamle’s.  I was sitting on the panels in the chip barn. Luckily for me, Kade Lamle had cleaned chips and put down fresh, deep, fluffy chips as I fell off the panel and landed back first into the chips.  Didn’t hurt but I have caught crap about that for years from Kade.

Although it wasn’t revenge, it was very satisfying to watch as Kade went to sit down on top of an ice chest.  He thought the lid was closed.  Nope, he want ass first and crack deep into the icy abyss of one of those coffin sized ice chests.  Yes, I was literally just feet away, witnessing this.  Satisfying.

Kade and Kela are the same age, so we have got to watch him grow up.  We traveled to Phoenix with them several times when the kids were showing.  Kade, Duke and I had a highly successful trip to Phoenix a couple of years ago with a pig and a goat.  We might just have to take us a show-cation out there again this year.

Some friends from Woodward had left a little bit ahead of us.  They called and needed a ride.  They had plowed a deer.  So, we went and waited on the wrecked to load the pickup and then we hauled them to Woodward.

It is goat buying and selling season in OK and TX.  The rest of this month will be spent at sales and farms.  The market looks like it is unlimited high on the really good ones and really cheap on all the others.  No middle ground.

Have a good one.

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