I’ve been busy and therefore have not had time to write worthless crap on here.  However, we did get another 1.1″ of rain on Wednesday night.  We dodged the bad winds and hail.  Hail, we are actually wet around here.  Which means that it was a hot, humid, miserable turd around here on Thursday afternoon while photoing female goats.  And this concludes your greater Fargo weather report.       

       I’m still not very good at shuffleboard but I’m better than a bunch of other clowns in NW OK.

We had our NW area Ag Ed teachers meeting on Wednesday in Woodward.  Good to see some of those people.  The WW Fairboard and Farm Credit fed us some dang good steaks.  Best lunch that I’ve ever had at one of those kind of meetings.

Duke and I spent Thursday afternoon photoing doe goats.  Productive day and we didn’t end up trying to stab each other.  In fact, the first 30 does made me re-think selling any of them.  And then we tried to photo 3 with kids and there was a lot of cussing involved.  There are a bunch of really good female goats in this deal but I am not in the right frame of mind to keep this up.  I am coordinating some delivery in order to get these rips dispersed to new buyers.

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.

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