Bullying part 2…Skinny…AND leasing?!?!

I wasn’t planning on going to Stillwater this weekend.  But….the Dragon Lady was headed that way..whether I went or not.  When, she told me that, I said, “Hey, take my pickup and on the way back….pick up that doe kid that I bought on Pfeiffer’s online sale.”  That went over real well.

She bullied me into going.  She had Rodney & Clayton Washmon lined up to do chores on Saturday morning.   You can’t find any better livestock help than the Washmon crew. So, I went.

Glad that I went.  We met one of Tammy’s favorite nieces at Eskimo Joes…Miss Mattie Atha.  She is starting her 3rd year in vet school.  She had a boyfriend that attended this meeting as well.  I’d like to say some bad stuff about him, but he was quiet, polite and was obviously smitten with her.  Tammy approved.  The dude held his own with me.  Christmas is going to be fun.

Next morning, we attended the Bid Day festivities for the sororities at THE Oklahoma State University.  All I have to say about this deal is that there were a LOT of smoking hot college girls, hot moms and even a hot grandma or three.  As always, the scenery in Stillwater was good.  Way GOOD!

Actually, I have more to say.  This event made me feel old.  I got to see Tori Sessions, who was coordinating RUSH for the Tri-Delts.  One of my all-time favorite doe showers.  At the current rate of travel, it won’t be long and it will be DR. Tori Sessions.  Tammy and I were at the Delta Delta Delta rush to see Kaylee Holt.  Cool deal!  Logan Holt was there as well.  People, I was surrounded by cool chicks all day.  And I ain’t never had an allergy to hanging with cool females!

There was a glass of water that got spilt.  I grabbed some napkins, but it wasn’t enough.  Another dad went to the bathroom and came back with some paper.  I then went to the same bathroom and came back with some products to soak up the water.  A couple of pads and tampons will soak up that spilled mess.  I know, doesn’t seem right.  But if our military can use these same products to stop bleeding….ain’t no reason that I can’t prevent some slippage at a sorority house.  Job well done!

I also got to see Chesley Comstock who was doing the same RUSH coordinating for Chi Omega.  Yes, Kela was a Chi O.  Tammy and I even took a picture with Chesley, Halie Schovanec, Lexi Vanderwork and Darci Peach.  How cool would the picture be of those girls holding all of the banners from goat shows with Tammy and I?  It would be EFFING BAD ASS!!!  I liked the picture of the girls and Tammy and I without the banners.  I was the weak link in the picture.  Not skinny, not knowing when to smile….just happy to be amongst a bunch of bad ass chicks!!!

After the greek stuff, Tammy and I headed to the dorms.  We had stuff to deliver to Korbyn and our favorite son named Duke was to meet us there.  Duke needed more shoes and fishing poles.  When we got to Korbyn’s dorm, he(Korbyn) was cooking a brisket.  Duke was already hanging there.  And their buddy Alex was also there.  Alex went through the 8th grade with those boys at Shattuck and then had to transfer to Follet, TX.  It was BRUTALLY funny listening to these three talk to each other.  Funny, yes.  Clean, no.  I could have laid back on that couch all afternoon and listened to those three dog on each other.  It was Tammy who said, “Let’s go.”

I don’t like to get in pictures.  Why?  I don’t know.  But I don’t like it.  Never have.  It was a fight with my parents when I was growing up.  Action pics are fine.  But, if you make me pose…then….damn, I feel like Ricky Bobby.  I don’t know when or how to smile.  How do I hold my hands?  Now, I realize that I am fatter than I have ever been.  And people a fat ass ain’t photogenic.  Skinny, I am not.  I weigh less than I used to, but clothes fit different and I guess some habits will have to change.  Some, not all.

We left Stilly and headed west.  I had texted Kelsey about picking up that goat.  I pulled in, backed up and we loaded a goat.  Kelsey & Morgan were busy finishing up a flush/AI.  All good.  The problem was Jerry was on the lawnmower.  Tammy saw that.  Tammy and Jerry like to talk.  A LOT!  So, we took a tour of the new house that will be done before Christmas.  This deal will be nice.  Not stupid,  just dang cool.  Good stop.  Tammy likes to talk to Jerry but she absolutely loves talking to Ada.  I do to.  Luckily, Ada wasn’t home.  So, we made it home in time to do chores.

Got a call about leasing show does.  I don’t feel right with that.  Somehow, it just feels like the insurance companies are the only ones making money on this deal.  I’m out.

I guess I am getting used to this bullied stuff.  People, I hope that you had as good a weekend as I did.


OOOOHHHH!!!   I almost forgot.  The Colorado peaches were being delivered to Woodward on Saturday morning. I was in Stillwater.  So, I had a buddy pick up a shit load.  I brought some home and dropped a box at my mom’s.  PEACH PIE, Peach cobbler, holy crap, I feel like Bubba on Forrest Gump.  How do you want to make it?  Has there ever been anything bad with PEACHES!!!   Tyke Greer has a story about me with some peaches from a street corner vendor in Waynoka, Ok.   Chest hair was matted down with the juices from those peaches.  DANG!!!  I’d pay good money for more peaches like those.

Have a good one.



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