Bullying is a hot topic issue in today’s society.  It is not a new issue but there is more attention paid to it.  Most people can identify with moments in their lives that they were a victim of or witnessed bullying.

Any goat rancher only needs to walk into their doe pen to witness bullying in the caprine world.  All of us of at least one doe that is the “pen bully.”  And if you take a group of “bullied” does and put them in their own pen, there will be a new “pen bully” emerge from the group of previously “bullied” does.  Doe goats–miserable creatures.

I’m not trying to trivialize a legit issue.  I am real sure that there are bullying problems.  But, I also believe that people need to learn how to handle it.  I also believe that adults (parents, teachers, coaches, etc.) need to help kids cope with bullying.  Personally, I was recently a victim of bullying.

The Shattuck FFA held a pool party at the Gage Artesian Beach on Wed. evening.  Lots of kids having a good time.  I cooked hundreds of hot dogs and burgers.  Once, I was done cooking, I decided it was time for the fat, old ag teacher to get wet.  I headed towards the deep end.  Got rid of my shoes and shirt and then the bullying began.  A group of 8th grade boys started commenting on all of gray hair that covers my chest and back.

“Geez, Mr. Kelln!  You need a weed eater to trim that stuff up.”

“How can you swim with all of that matted down wet hair?  Isn’t that stuff heavy?”

Several comments about bearskin rugs and silverback gorillas were made.

While waiting in line at the high dive, one little Einstein grabbed a handful of moss and held it on his chest. “Who am I?”   This group of meatheads laughed.  But another one said, “You ain’t Kelln.  Watch this.”  This one dove off the side and came back up with 2 huge handfuls of moss and spread it from shoulder to shoulder.  “This is more like Mr. Kelln.”  They all howled like 8th grade boys.  I’ll be honest, I did too.  I enjoyed their creativity.

And if they are picking on me, then they aren’t picking on anyone else.  Big fun!


Have a good one and a better tomorrow.

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