Law & Order Rumour Has It x K9 Raised and Owned by Kelln Livestock  
Skippy Red Leg Rumour Has It x K9 Raised and Owned by Kelln Livestock
 semen available
 Easy Decision  Rumour Has It x Joe Dirt/FreakOnALeash/Starbuck Raised by Kelln LivestockOwned by Milligan Livestock  
 semen available
Manilla Gorilla  
 semen available
Woody Warthog Rumour Has It x Harley Raised by Kelln Livestock  
 semen available
Blood Pressure Rumour Has It x Vanilla (191/S100) Raised by Kelln Livestock & 2 SweetOwned by Barnthouse Show Goats  
 LIMITED Semen available
 Mudslide  Joe Dirt x Vanilla (191/S100) Raised & owned by Kelln Livestock & 2 Sweet Livestock  
 Semen Available
 3 Amigos  Rumour Has It x All Jacked Up  Raised by Kelln LivestockOwned with GT Livetock & 2 Sweet Livestock  
 Semen Available
 Nasty Habit  Rumour Has It x Starbuck Raised by Kelln LivestockOwned by Shovanec Livestock
 Semen Available
 The Gambler  2009 x Ralph Shafer doe  Owned with Milligan Livestock
 NO semen available
Prom Date Law & Order x Goofy Owned by Kester Farms; Tom & Kerensa Kester.

$23,000 purchase in Kelln Livestock’s 2017 online buck sale

 Limited Semen Available
Rumour Has It 191 x S100 from Helms  The most talked about goat of 2012.  He was a facebook sensation as a baby and then he grew up to meet expectations.  If you like goats that are smooth fronted, wide chested, massive loined with a perfect rib shape, an impeccable hip/loin juncture, a deep twist while being heavy structured, big stifled and a killer look, then you will like this guy.  He is fun to look at, but even better when you get your hands on him.  The RUMOURs are true….he HAS IT!  Everybody else wanted him, we got him.  Owned with the Seelke’s.’15 Grand wether at Ft. Smith.  Div. 3 Champ at ’15 Georgia National.  Bronze Medallion wether at 2015 OYE.  Two class winners, two 2nds & two 5ths at ’15 OYE wether show.  8th overall Wether Dam at ’15 OYE.  Grand wether 2015 Woodward District show, Grand & Reserve Grand Does 2015 Woodward District, Reserve grand doe at ’14 Georgia National.  Res. div. wether at the KS Jr. Livestock Show.  Colorado State Fair premium sale wether.  He sired the Div.2 Champ & Res. does at the ’13 State Fair of OK.  One kid shown at Tulsa and that doe won a class.  Res. Grand doe Champion’s Choice, ’13.  

Check out Rick Barnthouse’s purchase of “Blood Pressure”. Watch for Skippy Red Leg & Law & Order kids.  Milligan has Easy Decision, Seelke’s have Deuce and several other bucks sired by Rumour.
Big Rumour is working for Dereu & Simonson.   The Rumour sons are getting it done–Grand at Nebraska State Fair, res. grand at Colorado State Fair.

This dude is works!

But, he’s dead.  So if you want to use him, you will need to buy it in frozen form.  

***If you want semen on Rumour Has It, then you better be watching online for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration semen sale.  This will be the last time Rumour Has It semen will be offered in 2015.  10 lots with 10 straws per lot will be offered on St. Patrick’s Day.  Buy a lot, schedule a flush, raise some kids, cash a check.  Don’t ask for Rumour semen until 2016.  Once’16 gets here, well, then we’ll go from there.

 Semen Available @ times
Joe Dirt Helms’ 191 on a Festus daughter from Helms Show Goats Owned with GT Livestock–He stamps his kids with big loins, a good ribcage, excellent hip with a cocky look. He had wethers in premium sales at Enid, Woodward and OYE in his first crop. In fact, 10 of the 20 wethers in the sale at Woodward 2012 were out of Dirt. Extremely consistent sire. Sired Darcy Peach’s Res. Div. 4 wether at 2012 Tulsa. Sire of 3 Tulsa 2012 Premium sale wethers. Also sired the res. div. 2 doe at 2012 State Fair of OK that was raised by Seelke’s and the bronze wether @ 2012 Champion’s Choice Jackpot raised by GT.  He makes sell-able goats that will feed.  Sired the Reserve grand wether at ’13 Enid district show and the Reserve grand wether at ’13 Woodward district show.  Res. div. 4 wether @ OYE 2013 and another premium sale wether.  Grand wether at 2013 Nebraska State Fair.  Class winners at Kansas State Fair. Div. 3 champ at KJLS.  Res. Grand wether 2013 State Fair of OK.  Res. Grand wether 2013 Tulsa State Fair as well as another premium sale wether.  Add a ’15 OYE premium sale wether and a class winning doe.  The winningest slick shear doe in Oklahoma in ’15 as well as the res. div. 2 wether at the State Fair of OK.  Still going..Res. Div. 3 wether & 5th overall at KS State Fair.  And–the VERY popular Grand wether at the ’15 Kansas Jr. Livestock Show–shown by Kaci Foraker was sired by Joe Dirt. And a class winner at Denver.  

And still going….. Darcy Peach showed the grand wether at the toughest district show in Oklahoma with a Joe Dirt son. Congrats to Darcy and her family for having the grand wether at the 2016 Woodward District Stock Show.  Darcy’s wether won a class at OYE and was 3rd out in div. 4.  And Colin Ring had a class winning doe at OYE with a Joe Dirt daughter from Tyke.

Plus, his daughters are developing a heckuva resume–Reserve Grand wether OK State Fair ’13, Reserve Grand wether Tulsa ’13, Reserve Grand wether KS State Fair ’14, class winner ’14 American Royal, Tulsa premium sale wether ’14, ANLS premium sale wether, ’15 reserve grand wether @ NW District show, etc, etc. Oh yeah, add the ’15 OYE bronze medallion wether and the grand wether at ’15 AR/OK State Fair to the list of great ones with Dirt mommas.

Dirt needs used.  When they sire like this guy, you don’t need a picture of him.  Lots of breeders have a killer picture of a buck and not much to back him up.  Not us.  We’ve just got results.

Show his wethers, buy his does and if a buck is offered, you better try to gather him.

**Thanks to Teague Livestock of Colorado for their Joe Dirt son that they purchased in our “kind of” April Fool’s Day online sale.

 Not tonight, probably
Fade2Black Black Sabbath x X Factor Raised by Kelln Livestock. Owned with Seelke’s, Nation & Pullan. Black headed sire that throws tight hides, big tops and a cocky look. He might throw a black head or two. His kids are easy to pick out. Sired the Div. 5 champion wether at 2012 Tulsa and another class winner. He sired a pile of county winners in his first crop, plus premium sale wethers @ Enid & Woodward.  Expect more great things from this young sire. Res. Div. 1 wether at Woodward district 2014.  Div. 1 Champ wether at ’14 Tulsa State Fair was a double bred Fade2Black raised by Pullan.  And the res. div. 5 wether at ’15 Tulsa shown by Lexi Vanderwork.

–Semen is available on Fade2Black

Rainman  911 Son from Mike Halfman Owned with Poe Livestock and Miller Livestock. He stamps them with a big loin, square hip and great hind leg set. He is an extremely consistent sire of wethers and doe kids. He has worked on all types of does at Poe’s, Miller’s and Kelln’s.  He has been bred to a wide variety of does and has had winners.  He works.

***Sired div. 1 champion wether & res. div. 5 wether 2013 Tulsa State Fair.  Go ahead and add a couple of class winning does at ’13 Tulsa and pile of top placers.  Duke’s Div. 6 Champ wether at 2012 Tulsa and another premium sale wether.  Sired Tori Sessions div. 1 champ. doe at 2012 Tulsa.  Also sired the Div. 2 Champ wether @ 2011 Tulsa and 2 other premium sale wethers.  Div. 3 Champion doe and 3rd overall @ ’13 OYE, 2013 State Fair of OK Res. HVY DIV wether.  Several class winning wethers at ’14 OYE.  Res. Grand wether at ’14 Tulsa State Fair was a Rainman grandson. Throw in a 2nd place wether at ’15 OYE. And add the grand overall doe at the 2016 Woodward District Show.  As well as the grand wether at the ’16 Kansas Jr. Livestock Show.  

He is a very consistent sire of quality goats in Oklahoma. His daughters are proving to be top shelf females.  The safe bet. No need to list this guys siring record.  It’s better than most and not as good as just a couple of select few.  He’s proven.  His sons and daughters are now producing banner getters.  This deal is good. Real good.

–Semen is available–from time to time.

 Contact for more info I will gladly talk bucks & how to use them.  Semen is available on most, but not all, some cheaper than others, some at volume discount, some not at all. But you can inquire. The worst that you will hear is “No”.  You’ve heard it before, so it shouldn’t hurt too bad.