We hauled 11 kids to the NW area speech contest in Enid on Wednesday.  Tough contest.  And since Enid is a short distance to Garber, I thought that I better to talk to Schoovy about these bucks that they are selling.

Lot 1 is a goat that sold intact as a baby.  He was originally bought to be a wether, but he just kept looking more and more like a power buck.  And that is what he is.  WIDE chested, big ribbed, wide based, big  back and ass.  He could be a bit longer bodied and hipped but this one will change those pretty does that need more crap to them.  Basically, he is a chunk of meat and muscle on a square skeleton.  Good goat.

Lot 2 is a changer.  Massive chest, ribcage, bone and ass.  Scary square rack and wicked big center rib.  Good hip and big footed while still being cool made.  This one is fun to get your hands on and cool to watch move around the pen.

Lot 3  is cool made with a round ribcage.  He is deadly looking from the side profile but still has mass and muscle.  Big, wide loin.  Not as massive in rack shape as the other two but still very good.

They needed the pics up last week in order to give people a chance to get there and see these in person.  Outstanding trio of bucks that are capable of working in any program.  This lot 2 will be one of the better bucks that sell this year.

And speaking of bucks, Pullan is selling a dang good one this saturday at Banners and Backdrops.  Pics of him are on Facebook.  He handles as cool as he looks.


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