Break’s over

I had been needing a break for a few days.  I kind of got one.  Wednesday was hooked up solid. Thursday was all Thanksgiving.  But, I never got in a vehicle.

Friday, hooked up all day long on random stuff.  I wasn’t even sure what to do with a day that I did not have to be somewhere.  So, I took care of stuff at home and made a couple of project visits.  And I halter broke a mini herf.  She acted tough at first, but I caught her a couple of times on Thursday and then Friday.  She’s all but broke.

Saturday was cattle AI prep day.  We ran all of the mini herf cows through the chute.  Each one got a shot and a CIDR.  I’m not so sure that we shouldn’t have used goat CIDRs.  Then we brought some of Duke’s cow through the chute.  Yes, we had to change alley and gate width.  Then, I went and drilled a few acres of wheat for a neighbor.  Which in turn led to me drilling a few acres around here until the drills were empty.

Farming is not normally profitable.  It dang sure isn’t in this part of the world.  But, it has its moments.  I did stop on the blacktop and watch a John Deere cotton stripper as it rolled up cotton bales.  The lights on that thing are amazing.   The engineering behind the whole machine is unreal.  Of course, they are cheap.

Duke decided to take a cousin hunting.  Duke and Luke headed to the stand.  I was still working.  The Dragon decided that she needed to play lookout.  So, she and the head of the neighborhood watch patrol headed out to watch from a distance.  Just, before dusk, as I was doing chores for all of the other people at my place of residence, I heard a rifle shot from the direction of Duke’s stand.  My first thought, “I hoped they missed.”

Why would I think that?  I have shot many deer.  Some big horned, but most were management deer.  I am a big fan of managing the deer herd by selectively harvesting sub-par bucks as well as the excess does.  I have cleaned and used every deer that I shot.  I have helped Duke with all of his deer.  Now, it is not something that I look forward to.

This isn’t my line.   But at this point, shooting a deer is a lot like a “selfie”.  There is build up, a moment of release and then a mess to clean up.  I apologize.  But the credit for this analogy goes to Jake Kelln.

The sun set and Tammy texted that they were following a blood trail.  A few minutes later and I got a pic of Luke Kelln with a six point buck.  My thoughts–“That is a nice deer for a young kid.  And, DANG, I hope that I don’t have to gut, skin and butcher this dang deer.

A bit later, the Dragon, Duke and Luke rolled into the drive.  I was now watching Okie State getting their asses kicked and the Irish trying to decide if they were going to go undefeated.  Luke wanted me to look at his deer, so I headed outside.  Dang!  That was a really, really nice 6 point.  Width, long brow tines, good size and mass.  I high fived Luke and asked Duke, “Who is cleaning it?”  He looked at me with a huge smile and said, “I got it.”   Oh thank goodness.  I was really happy with Duke at this point.

As happy as I was, no one was happier than Duke.  He was amped that he had helped Luke get a buck.  He was way amped.  Duke has not taken a shot at a buck this season.  But he enjoyed helping a young kid.  I’m proud of Duke.  That, and I didn’t have to help.  YEAH!

Sunday was a COLD, miserable WINDY day.  Not fun.  But all the stock had fresh water, protein and hay.  Except for me.  No hay.  Mentally, this was a good break.

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.


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