There is a reason that these kind of deals are called a BLOG.  That is the sound that is made when the lack of intelligience caused by the writer creates a vacuum in the atmosphere as a result of causing people to utilize more oxygen than normally needed.  BLOG.  Here we go.

     I got my foundation doe online sale purchase picked up last night.  Steve McEowen met me at OKC last night.  I was greatly appreciative of Steve taking care of the delivery and saving me time.  I was way JACKED to see the doe in daylight today.  Sight unseen? Yes.  Pleased with the purchase?  Hell yeah!  

     I’ve had good luck buying online; so I went to whacking on the Hummel sale tonight.  I bid on 3–contending bidder on 3.  I bid way past what I had in mind.  Somebody wanted them more.  

      Tried to make it to KC for the Royal.  Got home on Wednesday night and told the Dragon Lady, “I’ll wake up about 4, do chores and then head to KC.”  Well, I didn’t fall asleep until about 3, woke up about 5:45 am and said “Nope”.  I wish there was a good story about why I didn’t fall asleep until that time, but nope.  So, I just went to work today.  

      A lot of goat breeders in this part of the world have been waiting to breed does until they are sure that they will kid after OYE is over. However, I know of 1 or 2 that will kid right during it.  One planned; the other, not so much.  

     The Dragon Lady and I enjoy baseball.  She likes to watch it on tv, I like to watch it on the radio.  Baseball is a radio sport.  They have the best announcers, the best crowds and it just looks good on the radio.  You can’t beat it unless, you are at the stadium.  Then it gets way good.  Bush/Fenway–big fun.  We both like the Cardinals in the NL and the Red Sox in the AL.  Well hell. Who do we have in the World Series?  Big fun.  Although the sox kicked the crap out of the cards last night.  Tonight,  WACHA WACHA!  I liked the muppets.  Holy jeeminy, Big Papi 2 run shot over the monster right near the Cask & Flagon.  Hold on, I have to go to the porch to get another.

I’m back.  Seriously, no other sport or stock show does it as good as baseball.  National Anthem, tip of the cap, GOD bless America, throwing out the first pitch, 7th inning stretch, batting practice, etc.  I’ll travel to watch OSU and to baseball cathedrals.  I would rather be kicked in the nuts than to go to another nfl game and I’ve been seen the nba games.  The stadiums are ALIVE at a major league baseball game.  They have the same feel as a killer good stock show with a good arena and a top notch judge that isn’t playing dirty pool.  It is fun!!!!

     Got a text tonight asking me an important question.  What is the best “Rocky” movie?  I can answer that question with multiple answers.  Best ending–2,  Coolest–3 (Thunder Lips, Clubber Lang, Eye of the Tiger, etc),  Worst–5 (that movie smells like Joe Dirt in a confined area on a hot day with no breeze–that smell just doesn’t wash off)   Kelln favorite–4 & the best Rocky movie, period?–1

Even though, I like to watch Rocky 4 the best,  the original is the BEST.  The story of how it came to be, plus he lost and it spawned all of the others.  Rocky 4 has a killer soundtrack and it makes me want to get in shape and beat the hell out of the commies or any other gov’t leaches (see previous blogs).  Obviously, I haven’t been watching Rocky 4 lately as I am getting a tick fatter.  

     Tammy, Duke and I got to Facetime with our other family member in LA.  People think this online sale deal is out of this world, try facetiming with your daughter in LA.  I remember slow gaps on live TV feeds back in the days when it was VIA SATELLITE.  Not much of a gap on this facetime deal.   

      The 2013 goat sales are nearing the end.  It looks to me like good goats, backed by good genetics and good people are in demand.  If you are in the livestock business and you wonder why your suff doesn’t sell like you think it should, don’t be afraid to ask somebody, “Why?”  As a breeder, showman, judge, etc., if you are in the livestock business, you need to be your harshest critic.  It is better to be barn blind bashing your own stock than to have blinders on thinking that you have the magical one and then the only sound when offered to others is BLOG.  

      Whoops!  The sound in Fenway park–BLOG.  Cards just took the lead.  There is only one problem with tonight’s game–I’m not there!  

I wish everybody nothing but shamrocks and horseshoes.  I hope that all of you are as lucky as I have been thus far.