The word BLOG is a four letter word and should be dealt with as such.  At times, this deal is a pain in the donkey.  Other times, it is flat fun to sit down here and dispense info.  And then there are those times that I have dang sure caused some issues for the words that I put on here.

Over the years, I have received phone calls, texts and emails regarding info on this blog.  I have enjoyed almost all of them.  Recently, I got a letter in the mail.  Yes, an actual letter delivered by the United States Postal Service.  I opened the letter, trying to think why in the hell would somebody in Arkansas be sending me a letter.  I am glad that I got this.

It was a typed letter, as the author allowed that his penmanship is illegible.  Brother, I am the same way.  Love it.  Numerous topics were addressed about the blog in this letter.  I was in a good mood after reading it.

To address the first question:  Simply put, there wasn’t very many Manilla Gorilla kids born before he passed.  He was young so I only bred a couple to him the first season.  What we got was good.  I sold a buck in last year’s sale that went to the midwest.  They recently texted and are very pleased with the kids out of him.  I had another buck that was a dang good one.  We photoed him for last year’s sale and then he died due to kidney stones.  I sold a really good doe kid to Blaine Rue.  Schovanec’s raised a buck prospect out of Gorilla that sold to Kesters.  I have had good reports of people AIing and flushing using the Manilla Gorilla semen.  So, that is why you haven’t seen many kids out of him.  He did leave a good supply of semen, so there will continue to be some of that offered.

We had several families here in paradise looking at goats this weekend.  I have a long list of things that I don’t like about the goat industry but I always enjoy meeting new people.  And I have had the privilege to meet a lot of people in a lot of different states.

How about Tiger winning the Masters?  Cool comeback for an old broken down dude.  I really don’t care who wins or loses but one has to acknowledge the don’t quit factor that he has.

Politics–Trump, the wall and the democrats.  My goodness.  No matter what that dude does or says, they will not agree.  I don’t know how anybody can stand to watch cnn or fox news channels.  I’m out on this whole political deal.  Trump was elected.  Let him do his job and if you don’t like him, don’t vote for him in 2020.

Got some kids in the kidding barn.  I was glad to have a break from does and babies but I am glad to have some again.

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.  Thanks for reading.

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