We’ve all got ’em.  None of us like them.  This evening bill session was worse than normal.  Washing machine repair bill.  Pay it and be done.  Because we all know that I’m not going to wash any clothes by hand.

Insurance bill for tractors, implements, drills, brush beaters, etc. –pay that dude cuz if a bad weather deal hits, that bill will seem cheap.

Fertilizer and diesel bill.  I damn sure don’t like this bill at all.  But it is a necessity.   I don’t like farming.  It costs money, costs more money and then a whole bunch of wait and see what the weather does.  Optimism and faith.  Farmers are optimistic that what they are doing will work and faith that GOD and Mother Nature will cooperate.

Two tons of doe feed, a ton of creep/buck feed and a calf creep feeder that needs filled.  It’s just money.  And 36 hours after feeding it, you can step in it.

0% financing.  I have the John Deere Gator on a yearly payment plan with JDF.  That is one payment that does NOT cash flow but I will guarantee dang tee u that there ain’t nobody in the Kelln Klan that is going to go without that Gator.  We use it everyday.  I hated selling those things.  Price seemed high.  And there wasn’t much commission to be made.  Not as bad as selling a lawn mower, but damn close.  (I hated selling lawn mowers.)

Customer(s), “Gosh dang, I can buy a good used, 4wd pickup for that price.”

Me:  “Yes sir.  You can.”

Then in August 2012, our 4 wheeler crapped the bed.  So, I brought a gator home to use while we built fence that weekend.  I bought that Gator on Monday.  We have since traded up to power steering and we will not be without a Gator.  You can just do things in a Gator that you can’t do in a pickup.  No comparison.  I wrote that check with fairly good penmanship.

Duke took an order for a rocket stove this past spring.  The customer just wanted a stripped down version that wasn’t too tall.  It just needed to be a certain height for the customer’s mom to cook on while camping.  Doug Heshelman of Yellow Rose Ranch in Indiana placed this order.  I wrote about Doug several years ago.  He was and is “THE Indiana Uncle project”.  He has been raising goats for his family to show.  But, along the way, a whole bunch of other families, in various states across the Midwest have been winning with goats from Doug.

Doug has an intense breeding program that involves ET, AI, leasing bucks from various top shelf breeders, gambling on new&old school bloodlines and a wicked attention to genetics/trends/social media/ & notes about genetics that is unparalleled.  This dude is scary on genetics.  I’m good but not Doug good.

People ask why I do this blog.  1–If I can help one person, it is worth the time.  2–It helps make connections and sell goats.  3–Sometimes, I just need a place to vent.  And Julie can’t ban me from my own website.  (There have been times when I should have let her shut me down from this site as well.) 4–The people that I have met and deal with as a result of this thing.  There is only one word–PRICELESS!


This deal only goes to show you that if you keep your eyes open, you might have fun.



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