Big Week

This is the biggest week in the OK show goat industry.  3 big sales on Saturday plus a whole crap-load of online sales this week.

I’m a little road weary but it will be okay.  Not all of the traveling has involved goats.  There has been some FFA stuff, a sheep or two, a cattle deal, maybe a goat, a buck or two delivered and then a trip to the airport to pick up the favorite daughter.

I need to make connections today to get a buck on a trailer to head to north and east.  I don’t know why I am doing it, but I am getting ready to make a 6 hour round trip drive to get this buck to the trailer.  I am pretty sure that this stuff is the buyer’s responsibility.  But I want to accommodate all buyers if possible.

It is a picture perfect morning in paradise.  No wind.  I was able to mosey through several pens of goats.  One pen is weaned and starting to come out of the ugly stage.  A couple of other pens are now 8-9 weeks old and ready to wean later this week.  I’m trying to decide what to take to the sales and which sales to take them to.  I am really pleased with these Warthog kids.  I don’t have many but there are several that look like they will work.  There is a Law & Order kid that I have had intentions of keeping intact but dang he could make a wicked wether.

Decisions to be made.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.

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