Big Sales Weekend

     This is the biggest goat sales weekend in Oklahoma.  It starts Saturday at Noon in Norman, OK.  Helms, Ralph Shafer, Cramblet and myself will be selling at noon.  There will be a killer set of wethers and a really nice set of does.  I’m taking 5 wethers–4 Rumours and 1 Dirt.  I like all 5 of them.  I think all 5 are premium sale quality with a couple of them having a chance to be big time.  There will also be a really cool pair of black headed doe kids out of Black Rhino.  

     Then there is a sale in Perry, OK at the Noble County Fairgrounds.  This sale starts at 4:30 and is hosted by Milligan.  Poe, Sweet, Bruce, Hardin, Milligan and others will be selling there.  I am taking 1 wether.  He is actually a wether from Seelke’s.  He is a Deuce x Goofy.  Big boned, cocky fronted, deep twisted are a few terms used to describe this guy.  But all judges will agree that he has a monster wide loin.  There will be an excellent set of goats at this sale.  It will be well worth your time.

      Fifteen miles away at 6:30 is Pfeiffer’s sale.  I’ve seen them and this is a really deep set of goats.  If you are involved in the goat business, I highly recommend attending all three of these sales.  Even if you aren’t a buyer, breeders need to be out and about and see what others are doing.  It’s just good business.


      A husband and wife have a bad car wreck.  The husband was killed.  The wife is in a coma.  She was three months pregnant at the time of the wreck.  She stays in the coma for 6 months.  She awakens and realizes that she isn’t pregnant anymore.  

      The doctor explains her car wreck, the coma, the pregnancy and then congratulates her on giving birth to healthy twins–a boy and a girl.  She is excited about the twins.

      The doctor said, “Your brother has been here taking care of things.  He named the twins.”

      The woman, says, “Oh no.  This could be bad.  My brother is a dumb ass.  What did he name them?”

      The doctor replied, “He named the girl Deniece.”

      “Well, that isn’t a bad name.  What did he name the boy?”

      The doctor looked at her and said, “Denephew.”