Big Fun

I enjoyed watching the pageantry and the national anthem of the pre game for the college football playoff.  I like the military presenting the flags.  I liked the Trumpster and the first lady walking out with the ROTC units.  I loved the USA chants when they walked onto the field.  I really liked listening to the LSU coach talk in the interview.  Always reminds me of the Waterboy.  Thus far into the game, it looks like the Clemson punter should be the MVP.

The Okie State cowboys have recently gotten a couple of announcements from players that are staying another year.  In typical Okie State fashion, next year looks good.  Real good!

WE need term limits to congress. These crooks do not need a chance to make a career out of public servitude.  Serve two terms and go back home.  This will make them have to live under the guidelines and rules that are passed in D.C.  Some of these jackwagons have been in office 3 and 4 decades.  There is NO good reason for them to be there that long.

Speaking of crooks…how about a bunch of the Astro’s coaches & managers getting fired for stealing signs.  OK.  Fine.  Now, let’s put Pete Rose into the Hall of Fame.  All he did was bet on his own team to win.  Against the rules and wrong but not cheating.

When I got home tonight, I took advantage of a few waning minutes of daylight this evening.  I caught Next Friday and trimmed his hooves for the first time.  Then, I grabbed Uzi and tackled his hooves.  Uzi had wicked long toes when I bought him.  Once toes get really long, it seems like they always have a problem.  I’ve had him 7 months and have now done major hoof trimming 4 different times.  And now, my clothes have a funky odor.

Here’s to a good game.  I hope for good, clean shows in the upcoming months that are free of cheating and corrupt servants that are in leadership roles.  No matter what, I hope for big fun.


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