Big Fun!

     The older I get, the more I realize that my job is not raising livestock or selling equipment or teaching ag.  My job is raising kids.  And I have to have help.  Those of you that know us, already know that Kela and Duke have a mom and she is “on the clock” full time.  Her job is easy.  As for me, I have to deal with said mom, that we lovingly refer to as the Dragon Lady.  Trust me, there should be hazard pay with this job for me.   This is a big fun kind of job.  

      Now, this particular monday, which is August 24, 2015, was an absolute beautiful day here in paradise.  We need a rain, but we’re okay.  Temps were great, mild breeze, no humidity and throw in the fact that all does are weaned, no goat breeding going on, nothing due to kid for a couple of months and we’ve got two weeks till the next sale–I am liking doing chores right now.  The hard part is making sure that there aren’t any drowned mice in the water troughs.  

      And on this beautiful evening, I asked my favorite son a question–“How was school?”  His reply, (think monotone and doesn’t care who he offends as he answers, which is typical of Duke)–“Not bad.”   WOW!  He has never liked school.  NOT BAD is big.  So I asked, “Do you have homework?”  His reply, “Yes.  A crap load.  But I’ve already done chores and will have it done.”  What?  Who is this kid?  

     So, his mother and I drove around on the gator, enjoying the perfect NW OK evening.  At this point, my favorite daughter texted her mother with a message about a new deal at work.  All I have to say is “Keep climbing the ladder.”  And, it is about time for her to come visit paradise.  The rest of her past travels and those to come will not be quite as fun as coming back home.  

     Big fun kind of day here in paradise.  I weighed myself at the vet clinic today. Yeah, I stepped down on the digital dog scales that almost all vets have at the front office.  I’m up to 194.8. Which I normally weigh 192, but have seen 198.  So, that says I’m fatter than normal, but not as fat as I have been.  Life is good.  Real good.  It could only get better if an elder statesman from the cornhusker state would happen to drop projects off in Oklahoma.  Wait? What? RUSM?  The mule is traveling.  I want stories.  Looking forward to KC–MY TREAT!   Of course, everybody is invited.  

     I’ve got some stuff to eat, so I need to get off here.  Enjoy your kids.  Enjoy perfect evenings at non-high travel points such as Fargo, OK.  It’s all good.