Big Day!

I went to my job for a bit this morning.  Made it to the weekly teacher’s meeting.  Kind of a big accomplishment since the weather has jacked up the Shattuck school calendar for the last week or two.  Why?  Well…between softball and baseball state tourneys and tri-state music and state FFA convention and state track and….I’m not sure about the complete educational journey of any kid in Shattuck but the extra-curricular activities is second to NONE!  For a small school, Shattuck kids can check lots of boxes when it comes to success.  Basically, we are trying to cram a lot into the last week.

Speaking of educational opportunities.  I attended an awards program today.  Yes, Shattuck held theirs but I went to the High Plains Technology Center program.  Dual reasons–first, Duke is finishing there and second, Tammy works there and has a huge part of conducting this program.

Wow!!!  Huge deal.  Anybody that ever wondered why they pay taxes for an area school needs to attend this program.  SUPER, neat, BAD ass kind of deal.

I am really proud of Tammy and her work for the success of this deal.  I am real proud of the Shattuck kids and the awards that they won.  One in particular–Duke won perfect attendance and was named the Welding student of the year.  He has had an extremely positive experience at HPTC.  Mr. Tracy Borden has been an excellent buffer between Duke and I.  I am damn glad that Duke had this experience.

Over the past couple of years, I have got the privilege to know the “service careers” teacher.  She has given our greenhouse (the teachers) a lot of guidance.  But, the cool thing is watching this woman deal with her students.  Unreal!   I have watched some of the best athletes ever ( Barry Sanders).  I have seen some of the best musicians ever perform (pick one).  I have had the honor to know the best of the best in the livestock world.  Dudes, I know great ones when I see them.  This lady is the top shelf.  She is good but you realize how dang good she is when you watch her and students in a large setting like this deal.   It is a pleasure to watch her students interact with the other teachers, the administration and the general public….then you realize how good she is.  Karen Rogers is this teacher.  And she is wicked awesome!

I have listened to her “bosses” brag for years about her and this program.  Her husband retired but still helps.  (And he wears cool caps).  How cool is he?  He helps Danna Goss in her TAP program.  And you livestock people know that it ain’t easy keeping up with Danna at a stock show….come watch this chick with her TAP kids.    That’s another story.

I could go on and on and on.  To reiterate (yes, Barclay, to say it again) HPTC has hired some bad ass chicks–Tammy, Danna Goss and others–but that one deal is off the hook wicked good.  Everybody in this area needs to realize how good of a program that this Karen Rogers runs.  It is unparalleled.   And  yes, that even means all the Shattuck stuff.  ALL of it!

It does not bother me to see others do a job better.  In fact, it makes me feel better to think “Damn!  They are doing that right/better!/whatever the hell/does it matter/ NO/a job well done is a job well done”

Cheers to all of these people involved with this big day.  Job well done.  This is one of those topics that I don’t want to put into print.  The real story is always better.

Peace out and have a good one.

And how good is the ending to the Outlaw Josey Wales?   I like that flick.


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