I attend more than my fair share of live auctions.  From cattle salebarns to land auctions, equipment auctions, fund raising auctions, breeding and show stock auctions and of course, a goat sale or three.  I like watching people at live auctions.  There are numerous types of bidders at live auctions.  

1–The Low Rent bidder.  They will start everything at floor price.  They aren’t looking for the best one or the best deal.  Just something cheap.  And of course, they can later say, “You know, I bid on that one.  Maybe, I should have hit him again.”  Even though they started the bidding at $500 and he brought $10,000. Yeah, hit him again.

2–The Budget bidder.  This bidder will bid in a methodical fashion, right up until their magical # that was previously decided upon.  “I’ll go to $800 and that’s it.”  This bidder gets really frustrated when the bidding jumps them at some point and the bid is back to them at $825.  And $825 is over the budget so nope, not going to bid again. This type frustrates me as they will spend more time and money going to another sale to buy one for $800.  Even though they might have gotten the one they needed at the first sale for $825.  Personally, I am not a budget bidder.  Although, in the role of buying for others, I have to be at times.  

3–The Too Cheap bidder.  Every show sale has this type.  Animals have been selling for lots of dough and then all of a sudden, there it is.  A sale lot brings way less than the others have been bringing.  This bidder goes ahead and bids, even though it wasn’t marked on their list to own.  “He was just too cheap.  I had to try him.”  I have seen this “strategy” work out, but normally there is a reason it was cheap.  I remember Jeff Spradlin hitting a goat at Pfeiffer’s for $200.  I asked why he bought that one.  He said, “He was too cheap.”  They named him One Bid, since Jeff only bid once and the goat only got one bid.  Guess what?  One Bid placed 4th at Tulsa, made the county sale, Enid Premium Sale and placed 6th at OYE.  Not bad.   

4–The I Want bidder.  This bidder is there to buy the one that he wants…..regardless.  They will have a half assed budget, but the second the bidding starts, the budget goes out the window.  This bidder normally has to do some justification, hiding or explaining to a wife as to why they spent that much.  Alcohol always helps this bidder.  If they don’t have some before the auction, they dang sure will after they spend a butt-load.  

5–The Calculating bidder.  This one is smart.  Maybe too smart at times.  Never the first to bid.  Almost always bids on the right ones.  Watches the crowd to see where “competitors” are located.  Sometimes has a scout to watch other bidders during the auction.  Has a budget, but also knows whether to go past or not.  

6–The Emotional bidder.  This one gets caught up in the auction and lets emotions take over.  They will bid to the budget, but then emotions kick in and then they transform into the I Want bidder.  

7–The Pissed Off bidder.  Gets sick of getting out bid and/or doesn’t want a competitor to get one that they want, so they get pissed and keep going.  

8–The Combo bidder.  This would be me.  I will have a budget.  I will gather something that was cheaper than expected.  I dang sure have done the I Want.  I’ve killed many brain cells trying to figure an angle, who else is bidding and dang it, let’s get him gathered.  Yep, I too have succumbed to the emotions of an auction.  Screw it!  What’s another $100 if it is the one you want.  And I have dang sure been pissed.  

       I am normally pretty calm at a live auction.  Heart rate doesn’t change much.  I can see the animal, feel the crowd, see other bidders, watch and hear the auctioneer, hear the crowd and bid like I need to.  

       On the other hand, online auctions cause me to turn into a 6&7.  Too much time to think.  Pissed that it is in extended time.  Which means that there is more time to turn into a #4.