Beyond repair??

I have always considered myself more of a do-it-now-kind-of-person than a ….well…. a thinker.  But, lately (since the 2016 presidential election), I have changed to a thinker.  Along with that, I have reverted back to my days of reading more.  I think that this is a positive as I find myself not wanting to immediately force-choke people. (if only this was an actual thing)

I hated clinton’s regime.  I liked GW Bush’s patriotism.  I CANNOT say a good thing about your president obama’s time in office.  (Time will prove me right on that counterfeit sack of monkey dung).  I have remained skeptical of Trump but I have liked his policies and the fact that he acted like the leader of THE United States of America.  I do, however, wish that he would stay off of twitter.

But, as I look back, then look to now, what exactly is taking place?

None of us trust the media, yet a bunch of you listen to it.

None of us trust our politicians, yet a bunch of you voted for them.  NOT ME!  I voted for losers.

I use this blog and an occasional book face post.  I don’t use any other social media.  You?  twitter, instagram, snap chat……..fear the power.

Really?  Did the capitol really get over-run?  Is there really danger for this inauguration?  I know some crazy SOBs and not one of them has mentioned a need for a problem on this deal?  Is there a threat?  Or is this more media crap?


I don’t know.  Is our current political system beyond repair?  IDK for sure. But I think that it will take a major over-haul in order to fix it.

Are stock shows beyond repair?  Hard to say. I do know that we need to get out our toolboxes and find a way to fix it.  There is too much good to come from a good stock show.  We can’t just let the jocks, dollars, politics and wrong-doings to become common-place.  We need to remember why we do what we do.

Clear the slate.  Reset.

There are plenty of you in power that read this crap.  Some even act like it is a new topic.  Podcasts dealing with “the most taboo issue in the stock show industry–politics”  BS!  You un-original bastards!  If you are going to address it–name names–get after it.  Grow some balls.  You’ve got the platform.. use it.

And the most taboo issue in the stock show industry would be the cheating that involves altering–drugs, airing, injections–u pick it.

Let’s be real!  The general public is not aware of any livestock show and they really don’t give a hairy kangaroo nut sack can/bottle opener ( I have one) about the politics of a given show.  BUT……just have a single incidence of tainting meat, altering an animal, inhumane treatment of an animal in doubt…..OH SNAP!  We will quickly feel the effects of the general public on the stock show industry.  Stock show politics are ONLY taboo amongst stock show people.

As much as we want to say that the Stock Show is a way of life, in terms of dollars and % of population involved, we are a niche market–at best.  When compared to fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, etc. ——stock show dollars don’t even register.  And the general public identifies rodeo with stock shows.  Not the same.  Well, some of the time but not most of the time.

I am looking forward to Wednesday, January 20, 2021.  Why?  Because I have the chance to do right by kids, the general public and hopefully, somebody learns something–them, me, both.  ALL!  I hope.

You don’t have to like me.  You don’t have to agree with anything that I have to say.  I just hope you think.  And then think, I want to fix it.  Come on!!


GOD bless.  And here’s to hoping that tomorrow is better than today.



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