Best of the West

There is going to be a really good set of wethers.  Grand at OYE or Houston–maybe, maybe not.  Premium sale wethers and top 5 in their class type wethers—YES!!  There won’t be but maybe 10 doe kids but there are going to be some really good doe kids.  Tyke is parting with a 3 Amigo/Dirt doe that is good–slick shear good.  What do I think that the top end will bring?  Don’t know, don’t care.  There will be some bargains, I hope.  As I need several for students.  I’m more worried about having a great set of breeders that will bring a dang good set of goats and get them sold to great/good homes for a fair price.  Actually, I’m not worried about anything regarding this sale.  Too many good people involved.  There won’t be a $10,000 goat sold but there will be some that beat those high $ deals.

The Texas crew is going to have a good set.   Cramblet is bringing does and wethers.  Helms–does and wethers.  Tyke–does and wethers.  Poe and  some of his crew are bringing a set.  I think there will be a set out of Rocket Sauce that will measure up.  Schneberger is bringing some of these Godfather kids that have people buzzing.  Sweet has a set of wethers and doe kids that are LEGIT.  Pullan has a couple and word is that the older-than-me-dude has a set.  Just like he did in June and April.  And Seelke’s are bringing something, which means they are good.  Dang good.  Cuz if it ain’t real good, Bob will have already hauled it to the sale barn.

I do know that Tyke will be on his A game and will have a wicked good brisket lunch, as he always does.  Andy Ferguson will be chanting the bids.  That boy can eat, talk and rattle off an auction.  He will be good (I would say GREAT but no–no, I can’t).  The Woodward County Fairgrounds will be awesome.  To answer the most common question that I have been asked—YES!  If you are needing a goat that can win counties, make district premium sales and have a shot at major premium sale slots then you need to be there or be square (that was kind of an 80s saying there). Goats will only getter higher in value from this sale forward. And people, I can guarantee you that there aren’t very many good ones left.

And I am planning on being on good behavior Sunday night.  Yes, unfortunately.  I’m getting old.

And speaking of the Best of the West.  These Texans are showing the world how to handle a natural catastrophe.  Yes, they are dealing with MAJOR problems but as a whole they are getting it done.  And the rest of the U.S. is finding out just how important Texas is to the nation, especially in regards to refineries.

How about this cajun navy deal?  Isn’t it dang cool how these dudes in bass boats are rescuing people, pets, horses, whatever?!  It sure seems like people are handling this Harvey devastation better than most.    It doesn’t matter what you are doing, Texas is better than most, if not all.  Basically, people are good.  Hats off and prayers to all in this ordeal.  Horseshoes and Shamrocks to all!  I hope that you have a great day and a better one tomorrow.

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