Been awhile

I know, I know.  It’s been a few days since I’ve made it to the keyboard.  I’ve been busy.

Judging from the phone calls and texts the past week or so, there is still a demand for high quality bucks that are ready to go to work.  There are a lot of bucks out on lease.  Several breeders are doing this and it just makes sense.  A smaller breeder can lease a quality buck for way less than owning him.  And if a breeder has a buck that isn’t being used, he might as well collect a little income while helping another breeder.

My family has been scattered across the globe.  My parents just returned from a trip to Ireland.  Lots of cool pics.  Tammy has been in California with Kela.  Duke and I have put on a lot of miles but haven’t been anywhere.

I did get lucky this week.  The gator started having an issue.  It felt like a u-joint was going out.  Duke and I took it John Deere to get it fixed on the 26th.  Guess what?  The warranty expires on the 28th!   However, I am already for them to get it fixed.  We are lost without that thing.

Another school year is rapidly approaching.  Not all of our projects at home are finished.  It is a high probability that some won’t get done.

And while Tammy has been in California, Duke and I managed to let some of her chickens get eaten by some predator.  Six in one night.  It will be okay because it was some of her terrorist chickens, not her pets.  Have a good one.

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