Been a week

I hadn’t been near the keyboard for over a week.  Been at Tulsa for part of that week.  Getting ready to go back again.  We didn’t show much stock this time.  In Shattuck, with fast-pitch softball and football, these kids have enough going on this time of year.  We will be ready to show later.

Speaking of softball, Shattuck is playing in the state finals this afternoon.  They are facing off against Arnett.  Two towns, 15 miles apart, playing for the gold.  Two big-time stock show girls will be the starting pitchers.

No, Duke did not show at Tulsa.  He has a pair that needed to go but he didn’t want to go.  He already won an ag mechanics plaque for the 2017 Tulsa State Fair.  He allowed that he didn’t need another one.  He wouldn’t have won the goat show but he would have been competitive.  I was told by Julie Focht that Duke told her that he doesn’t like shows that have a midway.  I asked him about this.  Too many people was his reply.

I had a pair of brothers enter the broiler show.  We used to fight this show and won it several times but it had been years since I had dealt with it.  These boys wanted to try it.  They ended up showing all the way into the finals.  Their pens of 3 placed 15th and 16th.  Not bad.

It is kind of cool to watch the broiler show.  People help each other.  There is some “trash talking” all in fun.  No politics.  No money.  No whining.  Just the distinct possibility of getting some chicken crap on you.  This show is all about proper feed and care and maybe just a bit of luck.

Huge congrats to the Schovanec family on the donkey kicking of a doe show.  They won 4 classes and showed the grand doe.  Heck of an end to Halie’s career.  Oh, and Carson also showed the reserve Duroc barrow.

This spring, Duke sold his wether Gentleman Red in our Broke2Show online wether sale. Mia McCool bought him.  She did a fantastic job working and showing this wether.  It paid off for her as Gentleman Red made the premium sale at Tulsa.  Not many goats qualify for OYE and Tulsa premium sales.

I need to head back east to T-Town.  At least I will get to eat at Tally’s again.  Have a good one.

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