Bee Gees

     Sometimes, you find yourself just cruising home on a Saturday night, just “stayin alive” with the Bee Gees on the radio.  Conversations are good with the Dragon Lady and then, you get a voice memo texted to you.  And the night goes downhill from there.  It is an interview done somewhat professionally.  Topics included–tomato juice, 32, low T, 14 hours+, high school yearbooks, now 33, mommas not home.  We laughed.  Actually, we laughed a lot.

     Friday night, I had to take a pile of 7th grade boys to the movie.  We went to see the new Hobbitt movie.  It was 3D.  I’m 42 years old and this was the first 3D movie that I have seen while actually wearing 3D glasses.  This deal was off the hook good.  On the drive home, I looked over at the 7th grader in the passenger seat and he was sitting there in the dark, wearing 3D glasses and a Long John Silvers paper pirate hat.  At first, I was like, what a fool.  But then, I realized that I was a litle bit jealous.  Life doesn’t get much better than when you can wear a pirate hat and stupid glasses and it just doesn’t matter.  

     I read the Hobbitt and the Lord of the Rings books when I was 12 or 13.  The thing that I like about these movies is that the director obviously read the same books that I did.  It is amazing how visual that they made these books, but kept them like the visions that you have in your own mind.  Either J.R.R. Tolkien did a helluva good job describing scenes or Peter Jackson just understood it and put it to film properly.  Either way, there has been 5 movies and they are good.  I know how the next one ends, but I am ready to go see it.  

     Here’s to you and hoping that we all have a good time and a happy ending.