Basketball Goal

Tonight is the culmination of the NCAA basketball season(s).  The women finished their tourney Sunday with South Carolina winning that title.  Tonight, UNC and Gonzaga are squaring off to decide this title tilt.  On the NBA front, Russell Westbrook is headed towards the history books in the triple-double department.

The Dragon Lady was a wicked guard for the Arnett Lady Wildcats.  Those were the days of 6-on-6 girls basketball.  I didn’t like the game but I enjoyed watching those girls play.  Lots of state tournament games in the big house for those girls.  Brother Jake was good.  His wife played at NWOSU.  Their kids love basketball.

Kela wasn’t a bad basketball player.  So, when she was in grade school, I bought a fold up basketball goal that we had in the big barn at The Swamp.  She could shoot year-round.  Of course, this goal could be lowered to “dunking” level.  It got retarded a time or two.  I distinctly remember an “Air Micotil” label for one of the cattle guys that hung out around Waynoka at that time.  Ironically, he now lives in the Fargo neighborhood.  I’m real sure that the only “Air” involved with us old farts and this goal at this time, would be some oxygen to keep us going.

I should have sold this basketball goal when Duke was about 6 or 7 years old.  He was on a Fairview team that played in the Enid youth league.  We knew early on that Duke was not going to play in the NBA or…..anywhere, for that matter.   However, during one of these youth league games, the coach asked Duke if he was ready to go in the game.  Duke looked at the coach and said, “No.  I’m good watching the game from here.”   I appreciate his honesty.  He hasn’t changed.  His mom can watch basketball, year round.  Me…tell me if Okie State won or not.  Duke….Hunh?!  What do they have that’s good at the concession stand?

And now, Duke and I have this basketball goal loaded on a trailer with some other good stuff.  We are taking these treasures to a consignment auction that sells this saturday.  It is still a good goal.  It’s just that it isn’t a goal for either of us.  We all need to set goals and to work towards those goals.

Speaking of goals…..I hope that you can have a great day and a better tomorrow.  I ain’t perfect but it ain’t all bad around here.


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