Basic Instinct

Yes, there was that really bool 90s movie called Basic Instinct.  Yes, the one with that Sharon Stone scene.  There was also a bad ass Yorkshire boar in the 90s that sired a lot of really good hogs.  He was housed at Great Plains Genetics in Buffalo, OK.  He sired numerous grand barrows including a grand at Tulsa.  He was also the sire of one of the most influential Yorkshire boars of all-time–Slam Dunk.

Basic Instinct was known as a sire of good stock.  He was also known to be a sire that was pre-disposed to have offspring with belly ruptures.  If you were going to breed to Basic, you better have a vet that was good at fixing ruptures.  No animal is perfect.

I have thought about Basic Instinct several times lately.  Yes, I am old school but I recently had to deal with a rupture.  Last winter, while picking lint out of my belly button, I noticed something different.  This spring, while getting my CDL physical, the Dr. mentioned that I had a navel rupture started and needed to keep an eye on it.  Since the first of April, it has gotten worse.  So, it was time to get it fixed.

Of course, this turned into an adventure.  One of the nurses was trying to put one of the blood clot compression socks on my right leg.  She had it twisted and going on wrong.  She made me put my right foot right on her sternum and push on her chest while she wrestled this sock onto my leg.  She was having hell.  Another nurse came in, laughed and rolled the sock onto my left leg like she was a Vegas pro.

Then they took me to the ER.  The next thing I know is that I am watching the Price is Right (Who knew that it was still on tv?  Not this guy) and they had fixed not one, but two navel ruptures.

Now, I have time to watch some mid afternoon TV.  I watched several biographies about John Belushi, Chris Farley and Jeff Foxworthy.  I have always been a fan of Foxworthy but I really like a lot about this guy.  This interview was his life story.  It was Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, Kathleen Madigan and Ron White sitting around a table.  Not as comedians but as friends.  Really cool program.

I also enjoy watching Dan Rather with his Big Interview show.  This episode had Carl and Rob Reiner–TV legends.  I enjoyed watching a lot of it, until it got close to the end and they ruined it.  Why can’t these hollywood types leave their politics at the door?  I didn’t watch the show to listen to them bash Trump.  If I want to watch that, then I will turn it to cnn.  I don’t need an opinion on how to run our country from somebody in hollywood.  I don’t want an actor, athlete or musician spouting what is wrong with our government.  Just shut up and take it to the polls when it comes time.

Am I a hyprocrite?  Nope.  You don’t see me on tv bashing democrats or praising Trump.  But, if you flip to this page, there is always a chance.

Been doctoring a month old goat.  Pretty good goat.  I guess he got wet during the storms.  I am treating him for Thiamine deficiency as those are the symptoms.  But, I have never dealt with this on a nursing baby.  Always something new in the goat world.  I hope to save him but who knows.

I would imagine that there will be lots of goat worming going on during the next month.  This much moisture is going to cause a spike in worms.  I would be prepared for hook worms.  I like to use Prohibit to prevent or get rid of those dudes.


Stay dry.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.



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