Lots of new breeders are looking for “that” buck.  The one to elevate their program.  This is all well and good, but….  But, you first have to have a base of genetics built into your doe herd.  Get those females similar in type and kind and most imortantly, similar in genetics.  Then, when you get “that” buck, it is more apt to have a large impact instead of just working on a doe or two. 

This isn’t a new recipe for success.  Helms had a fleet of S100 does, then he dumped 191 on them and BOOM!  Pfeiffer started a herd with a set of Harbour females, then dumped Okie on them and built a whole empire of wether producing females, then put Colt on them and we are still seeing the positive results of all of those matings.  Schneberger has a pile of 1315 females.  Now, he is in the process of spreading his new bucks genetics across them to try to make a splash for next year.  I bet it works.  If it doesn’t, he will wish it would have.  

As much as I dislike dealing with does, in order to build a successful breeding program, you have to have a consistent doe base.  Those good does can make common bucks look good.