Bald, Tattoos and One Eye

It has been hectic the last few weeks. Late or no lunch breaks, start early, leave late. I’ve been trying to hire another parts person to help out. I was out of the office Wednesday, but had an applicant come in. Our parts manager talked to him, then called me. The guy had 23 years of ag mechanics experience in Mississippi. I said, “Put him on the phone.” I told him to come in Thursday morning to chat. He asked if it was okay to stay and help out so that he could get a feel for our dealership. I asked, “For free?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “As long as my parts manager is with you, fine. Have at it.”

Thursday morning, the parts guys and I chatted about this applicant. They thought he had a chance to be a good one. So I interviewed him yesterday, asked a pile of questions and made a few observations. He was shaved bald headed. Had a big tattoo on each arm and was blind in one eye. I always like a story.

He tells me that one tattoo is in rememberance of his mother. The other signifies when he was saved by Jesus. All right, cool. I’m always in on a deal for moms and Jesus. He offered to wear long sleeve shirts to keep the tats covered. I’m not against tats but some are. Okay. Now about that eye?

He said, “Daddy was violent and he beat mom. When I was eight, I stepped in to protect her. I ended up getting facial surgery and have been blind in that eye ever since.” This dude is loaded with stories. I kept asking questions. He kept answering them. I told him we would talk again as long as things checked out.

Guess what? They didn’t. I will just throw a few terms out that would include aliases, felonies, misdemeanors, no driver’s license, etc, etc. Guess what else? He wasn’t from Mississippi.

Now, I’m no angel and I’m not to worried about somebodies past, but I don’t like being lied to right from the start. So I called him today and confronted him about it. He admitted lying, then told me another lie and I then told him not to bother coming back to talk to me. He then said, “Great, I caught my wife with another guy this morning, now this.” What? He had told us that his wife was pregnant and due shortly. My head is spinning now.

Sometimes, it is good to be in a pen of goats with nothing else going on.

And, I’m still looking for a new employee.

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