Back2 Back—–Hungry

How about this stuff?  Back2Back posts on the same night.

I’ve never been truly hungry.  Sure, I’ve missed a meal but my brothers and I, nor our kids have never been truly hungry.  Our parents and grandparents always made sure that the kids had a good meal.  We might not have gotten the new toy or the cool clothes but we have always had high quality nourishment put in front of us.

However, some of that stuff…..dudes, I’ve never been hungry enough to like cooked spinach or stuffed bell peppers or raw tomatoes.

I grew up with a Granny that liked to cook for family and people, yet she wasn’t a good cook.  Worst hamburgers ever.  Burnt steaks.   U0mph!   But she made the BEST gravy ever!   Looking back, that bad ass gravy made up for a whole bunch of common food.  I miss Granny but it wasn’t her cooking that I remember fondly.

On the other side, my Grandma Schneider was used to cooking for 5 sons plus others.  Large quantities and a wicked dessert.  I’m at an age where I am thinking that maybe I need to try to re-create the beef short ribs on sauerkraut.

Growing up, my brothers and I were spoiled.  Our mother was and is a bad ass cook.  Steaks, burgers…not so much.  But everything else.  Bierox.  Noodles & budeglase.  Roast Beef.  Pies!  Pies!    Oh my the pies!  Bread rolls.  Desserts like kuchen and frog-eye salad.  Main courses like prime rib and grilled salmon.  OOHH!!!   I’m not much of a chicken eater but the grand kids line up for her fried chicken.  Hot or cold, they crave it.

When I got married, the Dragon Lady could cook a mean lasagna.  That’s it.  That is a story best told while sitting on a bucket.  She got pissed at me and talked to my mom and now…..the Dragon Lady is wicked good.  I’ll pay money for a helluva steak but she holds her own.  She and her dad, for several years now, grill the steaks for Christmas dinner.  I stay out of the way and wait with ready plate, fork and knife.  Chicken fried steak….wicked.  And she doesn’t cook them very often but the egg rolls are awesome.

Tonight, I ate a plate of egg rolls then walked into the kitchen and there is a fresh PEACH pie that has my mother’s carvings in the crust.  If I die tonight, I will pass as a well fed, happy soul.

Riches, I do not desire when I have tastes such as these.  And as I get ready to end this post, I am glancing towards the kitchen.  And there by the stove, sitting in rows upon the rock ledge, are glass jars that embody a color far greater than the very best ruby that ever existed on this Earth.  I can only anticipate the flavor that is held within these glass containers.  It is not every year that nature yields a harvest that provides such a flavorful palate.  But this is that year.  Shall it be a biscuit or merely a piece of toast that will be the carrier of such a flavor.  Oohh!  I look forward to the morning as I am going to pop the seal of one of these jars of Sand Plum Jelly.  Ass chewing be damned!  I will eat some of this goodness!


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