A month or so ago, I got a call asking if I could be a presenter at a show clinic. I had to check the calendar.  Ooh?!  Those dates are the same as a big goat weekend in TX.  And it is also crowding the date of a cow sale that Duke and I wanted to attend.  But, I accepted the offer.  And it was one of the best decisions that I have made in a while.

First of all, it kept me from going to sales that I almost never get anything bought.  Therefore, it saved me travel expenses and time wasted.

Once I accepted the offer, I found out that there was also a pig and sheep clinic.  Corey Taylor presented the sheep clinic and Tom Lamle was the presenter of the pig clinic.  People, this excited me.  A lot!

Corey is one of the young up and coming stars in the livestock world.  He is already judging shows and we will see him judging big sheep shows in the near future.  I enjoy interacting with the next generation of livestock people.  Full of confidence, enthusiasm and a desire to show and raise good stock describe him.  I like it.  He and his wife host clinics and raise successful show sheep.  It doesn’t hurt that she is an Okie.  It makes him smarter.

Since Lamle lives about an hour away, we traveled together.  As much as I like dealing with the younger crowd, one of my absolute favorite things in life is listening to livestock legends.  And yes, Mr. Lamle is a legend.  His resume in the hog world is impeccable.  Showed great ones–Check.  Big wins–Check.  Raised great barrows–Check.  Raised legendary breeding stock–Check.  Yes, he is a hog guy, but he is a true livestock person.  This guy has stories and connections that involve all species of show stock.  He is a wealth of information.  Sure, the Lamle family has long been friends of the Kelln Klan.  But, I consider him a mentor.  He is an old school ag teacher, a pillar of his community and profession and he is dang fun to hang with.  In earlier years, we might have found/created some mischief, but not on this adventure.  Both of my kids get a smile when you mention his name.  And it was pretty cool watching the young kids in his clinic give him hugs when it was done.  Which brings me to the awesome part.

This clinic was top shelf, actually it was awesome.  One of the best that I have ever had the honor to be a part of.  Several county agents in the Farmington, New Mexico area organized and hosted this event at the San Juan County Fairgrounds which, by the way, are great facilities.  The hospitality was great.  Everybody, and I mean everybody– kids, parents, sponsors and supporters were extremely courteous.  They had lots of door prizes for exhibitors.  Lunch was provided both days.  The hospitality was unparalleled.  It was awesome.

Most importantly the kids wanted to learn and the parents were there to facilitate the learning process.  Numerous goat parents attended.  They never got in the way of the kids but they asked questions that helped the clinic flow.  Several times, the goat clinic was the last to get done, but I was fine with it as kids and/or parents were asking questions and I was there to answer questions.  It was a challenge to deal with kids that have their first animal versus some that want to win their county in addition to some that have bigger goals of competing at the Colorado or New Mexico state fairs.  But it all blended together and worked–simply awesome.  As we left Farmington and headed towards home, Lamle and I were in agreement.  Dang good deal!

I will say that the best quote came from the pig clinic’s first session.

Mr. Lamle:  “Does anybody have any questions?”

Little boy with cowboy hat:  “Yeah.  When are you going to quit talking so we can show our pigs?”


I came home from this deal in an awesome mood.  Then took my favorite son to look at awesome cattle.  Then I had to get on a tractor with no A/C and the drills were plugged up.  Farming–not awesome.


I need to give a huge thanks to the Dragon Lady since she took care of all the stock while I was gone.  Duke was in south TX clipping and photoing online sale goats, so she had it all to herself.  I couldn’t do these kinds of adventures without her.   I got home early Saturday AM and then Duke and I made it to the cow sale which was higher than a goat sale.  There were some awesome cows-to-be at this sale.


Lamle and I will agree that Pappadeaux’s in Albuquerque was awesome!  And he informed me that Marble Slab creamery makes a blueberry ice cream with blueberries added to it milk shake.  That sounds awesome!


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