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Beyond repair??

I have always considered myself more of a do-it-now-kind-of-person than a ….well…. a thinker.  But, lately (since the 2016 presidential election), I have changed to a thinker.  Along with that, I have reverted back to my days of reading more.  I think that this is a positive as I find myself not wanting to immediately force-choke people. (if only this was an actual thing)

I hated clinton’s regime.  I liked GW Bush’s patriotism.  I CANNOT say a good thing about your president obama’s time in office.  (Time will prove me right on that counterfeit sack of monkey dung).  I have remained skeptical of Trump but I have liked his policies and the fact that he acted like the leader of THE United States of America.  I do, however, wish that he would stay off of twitter.

But, as I look back, then look to now, what exactly is taking place?

None of us trust the media, yet a bunch of you listen to it.

None of us trust our politicians, yet a bunch of you voted for them.  NOT ME!  I voted for losers.

I use this blog and an occasional book face post.  I don’t use any other social media.  You?  twitter, instagram, snap chat……..fear the power.

Really?  Did the capitol really get over-run?  Is there really danger for this inauguration?  I know some crazy SOBs and not one of them has mentioned a need for a problem on this deal?  Is there a threat?  Or is this more media crap?


I don’t know.  Is our current political system beyond repair?  IDK for sure. But I think that it will take a major over-haul in order to fix it.

Are stock shows beyond repair?  Hard to say. I do know that we need to get out our toolboxes and find a way to fix it.  There is too much good to come from a good stock show.  We can’t just let the jocks, dollars, politics and wrong-doings to become common-place.  We need to remember why we do what we do.

Clear the slate.  Reset.

There are plenty of you in power that read this crap.  Some even act like it is a new topic.  Podcasts dealing with “the most taboo issue in the stock show industry–politics”  BS!  You un-original bastards!  If you are going to address it–name names–get after it.  Grow some balls.  You’ve got the platform.. use it.

And the most taboo issue in the stock show industry would be the cheating that involves altering–drugs, airing, injections–u pick it.

Let’s be real!  The general public is not aware of any livestock show and they really don’t give a hairy kangaroo nut sack can/bottle opener ( I have one) about the politics of a given show.  BUT……just have a single incidence of tainting meat, altering an animal, inhumane treatment of an animal in doubt…..OH SNAP!  We will quickly feel the effects of the general public on the stock show industry.  Stock show politics are ONLY taboo amongst stock show people.

As much as we want to say that the Stock Show is a way of life, in terms of dollars and % of population involved, we are a niche market–at best.  When compared to fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, etc. ——stock show dollars don’t even register.  And the general public identifies rodeo with stock shows.  Not the same.  Well, some of the time but not most of the time.

I am looking forward to Wednesday, January 20, 2021.  Why?  Because I have the chance to do right by kids, the general public and hopefully, somebody learns something–them, me, both.  ALL!  I hope.

You don’t have to like me.  You don’t have to agree with anything that I have to say.  I just hope you think.  And then think, I want to fix it.  Come on!!


GOD bless.  And here’s to hoping that tomorrow is better than today.




I’ve done and seen some cool stuff in my time.  Caught a sailfish off the coast of Costa Rica.  Sat in the endzone seats as Barry Sanders caught the 1988 season opening kickoff and subsequently returned it over a 100 yards for a touchdown.  I was on the 12th row, on the floor, for a 1991 AC/DC concert.  Been in the John Deere factory and drove new equipment off the delivery trucks.

Friday evening we went to Luckenbach, TX.  I’ve been there before.  It has such a cool atmosphere.  The ladies bought some t-shirts.  I talked to people about my new hat.  We then meandered over to the concert hall.  It was unlocked.  We walked in, looked around and discussed the heritage of the building.  They had the stage and doorways to backstage roped off.  I was just standing there in my new hat when the backdoor opened.  A lady was carrying some musical gear.  I asked if she needed help.

She said, “I’ll gladly take any help carrying all of this stuff.

I asked, “Is it fine for me to come past this rope.”

“Come on!”    She did not have to repeat herself.

I grabbed a bag full of mics & cables with one hand and an amp with the other.  And on stage I went.  I made a couple of quick trips.  Then, hollered at the Dragon Lady to take a pic of me on stage in Luckenbach, Tx.  Standing there reminded me of Churchill Downs and Fenway Park.  You can feel the history.

I exited the other side of the stage, into the room known as Hondo’s Hilton.  This was cool.  There was a wall decorated with lots of pics of Waylon Jennings from all phases of his career.

The group was called Shannie.  There were 2 guitar players and a lady that did a lot of the singing.  They were mostly a vocal group.  Very talented.  It is amazing how many people are extremely talented but, for whatever the reason, just can’t hit the big time.

Kind of like show animals.  There are a lot of good ones but only a couple truly become great.  Nonetheless, we stayed and listened to the show.  I wore my new hat.  This was a really cool evening with good music and cool friends.


My question though, does this make me a roadie?


Get away

I needed to get away.  Tammy and I have not done anything except take care of kids, animals and our jobs for over a year.  Phoenix is normally my vacation.  Not this year.  We did something cool.  We loaded up with some friends on Thursday morning and made our way to the Hill Country of Texas.  Tom and Nancy Lamle along with the Dragon Lady and myself–no livestock, no students, no FFA stuff.  A destination in mind, yet no time table.  It was wicked fun!  And as a bonus, Kade & Jessica Lamle met up with us.

Yes, we made it to Llano for some Cooper’s BBQ.  It did not disappoint but it was not the best food that we ate.  The reuben sandwich at the Auslander in Fredericksburg ranks up there with the best.  Some smoked turkey & brisket from San Marcos BBQ was really tender and juicy.  But the andouille sausage, grilled shrimp with red beans & rice at Pappadeaux’s in San Antonio was euphoric.

Thursday evening, we watched a chick play the ukulele (try spelling that).  She was good, funny and some of her songs were a bit uncouth.  The beverages were really cold.

We went to see a Guinness world record holder.  The world’s largest convenience store–Buc-ee’s in New Braunfels.  This was a well-timed stop as I needed to unload after all of the cajun cuisine.  Without a doubt, the cleanest restrooms for a chain company is Buc-ee’s.  Cubicles built out of brick, multiple rolls of paper, spotless clean and they even have signs/lights that tell you if the stall is occupied or not.  No more looking under the door or accidentally walking in on a fellow human as they are hunkered down on the porcelain.  These toilets are built to tear that toilet up and not have to worry about the person in the next stall snickering.  And guess what?  This New Braunfels Buc-ee’s holds the title for cleanest bathroom in America.  Look it up!  And I used it.

Speaking of Buc-ee’s.  I have been to several of them before but I had never sampled one of their cookies.  On the way home today, I tried an oatmeal raisin cookie.  Oh snap!!  They are even better than the Subway oatmeal raisin cookie.

As always, Fredericksburg was a phenomenal place to just chill and have fun.  I didn’t do much goat related but I did buy a couple of items tied to a billy goat.  I also bought a really bad-ass hat!  I mean a top-shelf kind of hat.  Epic.

I did have some fun with the sales lady in a store in Fredericksburg.  I asked her if she like the spicy pickled quail eggs that they sold.

The nice lady said, “Yes, I do.  I really do…but….well…..I mean…..they just, well, kind of bloat me.”

I looked her square in the eye and said, “The farts from those things are absolutely horrible aren’t they?”

She laughed and said, “I was trying to be polite!  But yes, they are so good and yet they will smell SOOOOO bad!”   Yeah, I bought a jar.  Tammy & Nancy banned me from opening them until I was home.

And then, we got back to 3 miles south of Fargo.  And the welfare recipient beasts that we call doe goats went to bellowing as soon as they saw me.  At this point, I wanted to find an ice pick and stab myself in the crotch.  I cannot wait to be rid of doe goats.

The only down side was that Texas is all about the mask mandates.  Yet, we drove through San Antonio, Austin, Waco, Ft. Worth and in numerous other zip codes, yet, not one Biden sign.  But LOTS of Trump stuff.  Strange!?

I hope you had as good a weekend as what I did.

Just random $h!t

The geico insurance commercial with Billy Blanks makes me think about pigs.  In case you don’t know, Billy Blanks was the creator of the Tae Bo exercise program.  There was also a high profile boar named Tae Bo.  That boar sired some good ones.  I still remember seeing Tae Bo & Bocephus at Hi Point.

In case you didn’t know, I’m kind of a livestock junkie.  Goats, sheep, pigs, cattle, some chickens and throw in some equine.  Speaking of equine, I have one of those metal art deals that you find in south TX.  Cheap, thin metal shaped into animal forms.  It is no doubt a donkey.  It was bought for me.   We keep it in the basement (Tammy doesn’t want it upstairs in full view of visitors).  We call it Dong-Key  (say it like Shrek).   Good thing this deal doesn’t walk because he would step on it.  Every time I look at it, I think of some Mexican welder laughing as he created this sculpture.

Is this current crop of kids really bad?  Not in Shattuck!  7:20 am and some 8th grade boys come in and ask if they can practice cutting with the oxy-gas torch.  The first hour bell rings and one of the boys says, “Thank you sir for the opportunity to learn skills that I can use the rest of my life.”    WHAT????

Meanwhile, back in the classroom, the last hour of the day and some 8th grade girls have speech topic ideas.  “When can you help us write a speech?”    I’ve said it and typed it before, if you put good opportunities in front of kids, they will take them.

A group of freshman boys has several hours invested in an ag mech project. These meatheads aren’t half-way done with this deal and they are already talking about what they are going to build next year and the next year.  LOTS of trash talking with this crew.  I warned them this afternoon—NO more momma jokes!  They are really good kids but……the banter amongst them?!?

At least they play good tunes.  This evening, we discussed the top five rock bands of all-time.  This is what we came up with–in no particular order–the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Guns N Roses, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Def Leppard, Van Halen & Metallica.  Not exactly 5 but I don’t think math is their strong suit.  Nonetheless, a really good group.

Tonight, when I kicked them out of the shop, I reminded them to work their show animals.  “I will.” was the common response.  An hour later, a text from one of them.  A video text–even showed the meathead propping his phone up to video.  Next thing, a video of him setting his goat up.   Creativity at it’s finest.  I liked it.

We had a pet rabbit that lived at the ag building since January of 2019.  Hassenpeffer was her name.  But, thankfully, Hass went to live at my co-teacher’s house.  Well, her husband walked into their backyard, only to see a hawk ripping Hassenpeffer into pieces.  Traumatic!  I wanted to cook that rabbit.  Oh, and for those of you that wonder if I would show a rabbit.  YES!  And it won a blue ribbon.  Maybe a purple.  I really don’t care.  However, I do know that it won more money than what it cost.  Can you say that about your show project?   I think not.

I need to stop typing.  Random, random, random.  People, have a good one and a better tomorrow.




I know that I haven’t been writing much lately.  I just haven’t had a muse that inspired me to perform “my artwork”.  Which maybe, just maybe that means that I haven’t been into the barley & hops?  No.  I still have a few of those from time to time.

One regular reader told me that he couldn’t “go” on a regular basis lately.  His morning routine consists of reading this blog and there hasn’t been much reading so his morning constitutional has been out of whack.  Constipated.  I apologize.

Basically, my muse has just been so dang busy, that well–I haven’t been inclined to or inspired to sit down at the keyboard and type.

And now that I am hitting the keyboard, the letter K on this keyboard brings up a question.  Just how long can honey in a keyboard continue to be sticky?   The answer is obviously years.

Basically, I have been reading–a lot.  Like several books.  A devotional book and a sausage making book.  And at night, I have been watching a lot of cartoons–Star Wars cartoon series.  I had been avoiding those shows–because they were Star Wars cartoons.  And now that I watched a couple, they are so well written.

As I rapidly approach the age of 50, I find myself reflecting on the past years.  Accomplishments, mistakes, mistakes, other mistakes and the very few things that I did right.  This blog comes up a lot in my mental reflections.  I’ve done a lot of good over the years.  But, I don’t want to be remembered as just some opinionated bastard behind a keyboard.  Yet, those of you that know me, will agree, I am way more opinionated in real life.  I’m right.  And I truly do not  give a goat’s smelly nut snack who I offend.  I know there are people HOPING that I don’t type their name.  Why?  Because I am right.

To the very core of my soul, I love the art and science of raising kids in combination with livestock.  And to the very core of my being, I am wrestling with an internal demon of raising kids and livestock in a current stock show environment.  We are talking Balrog taking down Gandalf kind of match 2 the death.  I’m prepared to write more about it.  But now is not the time.  State to state, show to show–people talk about who is cheating, who is in charge, the politics in place, etc, etc, etc.  There has to be a correction in the marketplace.

When? Who?  Why?

I can only answer that last question–The Why.  In the show stock industry, there has to be that Troy Gosney that can describe ads from a 1983 Hampshire Herdsman magazine.  And can talk the damnedest set of reasons over Christmas trees–bookface him and watch it.  50 score.  A person like Jeff Bedwell that can–from memory–trace back generations of Shorthorn cattle.  Always, there needs to be a link from the origins to the present.  There has to be someone that can TRULY describe the genetics and why we do what we do.

I hate to type this…. yet still love to write this– a Blaine Rue that is SO excited to go work on goats–my goats, your goats, he’ll drive to the end of the Earth to go get goats ready.  PASSION.  He loves it. He goes to sleep at night thinking about goat genetics and wakes up thinking about working with good goats.

I’m real soured on the current state of the stock show industry.   I wish that I could go back 25 years.  We can’t.  It sickens me to know that a given judge is political, or that a firm has quick-connects for the air hose.

Here’s the thing!   NOBODY can tell me that I’m wrong.  The science & art of raising kids with livestock is a life-long lesson of responsibility, work ethic & pride that is hard to replicate anywhere else.  The desire of chasing banners at a stock show has turned into a political, money pit and orgy of negatives that is hard to justify in the real world….well, without a lot of prayers and confessions.

Keep it clean.  Forget the dollars and do what is right. The moral & educational foundation which the stock show industry was founded upon, is actually still there.  We have to respect that.


I’m out.

Light Saber

Without argument, the coolest weapon to ever grace the big screen.

No, I do not have one that will actually cut.   I wish.  Dang it!  But, I do have one that looks and sounds like the real deal.

And then, Christmas Eve arrived.  It is a well documented fact that Christmas Eve is MY favorite night of the year.  Why?

Simple.  Christmas Eve mass in Shattuck.  Then, wicked, good food & drink at John Q & Deborah Ann’s house.  Family, including some uncles taking part in the festivities.

For most years, our parents try to get all 3 sons the same present.  All 3 of us would be happy with a can of blue diamond smoked almonds (aaa-monds or aLLmonds)  IDK     Does it matter?   I love those things.

This year, all 3 boys got a damn stick.  Seriously, a stick.  They got us a Shillelagh.  Yeah.  Search the spelling.  I dare you.  Try—-Irish beating stick.  Wikipedia will bring up “Shillelagh”.   This year wasn’t up to par as 1/3 of us was dealing with the rona crap.  We couldn’t get all of us together.

Our parents got the 3 Kelln boys a perfect gift.  What u say?   Irish Light Saber.    Mom and Dad got them from Ireland.  Every time, I walk past this thing, I have to grab it and walk through the house with it.  It fits… Perfect.  Now, even the lesser brothers have a proper Irish Light Saber.

Since you obviously have spare time, read up on how a shillelagh is made and their purpose.

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.


The year that was

2020 has constantly been called a “dumpster fire” of a year.  I disagree with that.  Coming from someone that routinely lights a dumpster on fire (in order to burn feed sacks and net wrap), a dumpster fire is a very safe and controlled burn.  There wasn’t much about 2020 that was safe or controlled.  Well, there are probably some people controlling this crap but that brings up negativity.

As we close this POS of a calendar year out, it is easy to look back with a lot of negative thoughts.  There was a bunch of stuff that happened this year, personally and as a country, that was not fun.  But with the bad came good.

–2020 stocks shows–Cancelled shows, replacement shows, shows with balls that still had shows and lots of well-attended jackpots.  Even a midnight hog show.  Sales still held strong throughout the year.  Hopefully, the demand for high quality animals will continue.  I hope that the new year brings honest judges.

–Work–Tammy and I were able to work throughout this entire ‘rona crap.  She had to miss some days due to contact tracing.  I didn’t have to miss a day of being at the ag building, ag farm, greenhouse or shop.  And kids were there working almost all of those days as well.

Duke had a rough year but came out better for it.  Quit college to go to the Marines, got hurt and sent home, bad car wreck, etc.  He made the best of a disappointing situation, no jobs available and graduated from wind energy technician school.  Now, he is weighing job offers.

Kela was working a dream job then rona hit, no work for  almost 5 months, then working 18-20 hour days at that job and now rona has Hollywood shut down again.   But, she used her time off to visit most of California’s national parks, get a house with a backyard and adopt a dog.


–Weather–We had a really wet spell in March/April.  This allowed us to put up some wheat hay.  Then it got dry– real dry.  I had a field of Higear (Hegari) that only received 2″ of rain from sprout to harvest.  It still made hay.  I didn’t have to buy any hay this year (except for small squares of alfalfa).  And I was able to sell some hay.

Then, at the end of October, an ice storm that left us with 4.5″ of moisture.  I now had soil moisture to plant wheat.  Then a month that dumped almost 30″ of snow–really, really wet snow.  It has been really muddy but we have wet ground going into the new year.  We have a chance.


–Politics–Now, there is the real shit show.  I do not have one good thing to say about any of American politics.  They all need replaced.  We need term limits with the same benefits of all other federal workers.  Dump ’em all!  Crooks, liars, cheats, sinners–and nobody can argue with me.  Swamp?  No!  It is a septic tank that is plugged up and backing up into the bathtub.  And I don’t see it getting better.  $600, $2,000–Does it matter?  With all of their other sewage waste that they have tied to it, I wish they wouldn’t give out any money to anybody or any country.  That’s as positive as I can write about politics.

–I do feel bad for the senior classes of ’20 and ’21.  I feel for college students.  I feel for people that weren’t able to attend church services on a regular basis.  I feel for those that truly were affected by the covid.  I do think that we will be researching this year, for many years to come.

Cheers and congratulations to surviving one of the worst years.  It could have been worse.  I’m not so optimistic that January 1, 2021 will automatically wipe the slate clean.  It will take time but at least we have a chance.

GOD bless and I hope that tomorrow is better than today.  My friends, here’s to horseshoes and shamrocks for all of you.



There is just a few days left in this dumper of a year.  With that being said, if you are thinking about buying anything that is made with metal, I suggest that you do it quick.  ANYTHING made with metal is getting ready to get really high, if you can find it.  Trailers, feeders, panels, anything.  I have been chasing metal for ag projects for students for several weeks.  It is getting harder to find.  Just another covid/political casualty but nonetheless, it is becoming a real problem.

Not to mention guns and ammo are made up of metals.  Throw in even more political issues and that stuff is becoming like bigfoot, impossible to find.

We are trying to make sure all of the does are bred.  Trying to catch any possible re-breeds.  Then we can get blood tests done in the next month.

Had a cool episode the other day.  Tammy and I sat and watched the “Making of The Mandalorian”  season two.  We watched this with Kela and we saw her on screen several times.  It was cool listening to her talk about what she does, the actors, directors and other neat tidbits.  I now have a better understanding of what her job entails.

And if you haven’t seen the commercial where satan and 2020 get matched together, google it.  Very good commercial.

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.

Another 50

Not an anniversary but a 50th birthday.  12-22-20

Yes, the Dragon Lady turned 50 today.  She may not look 50 but she is.  50 if an accomplishment but when you factor in that a majority of her life has been spent with me….I’m just saying she earned the fifty.

She says that she didn’t want a party.  She just wanted all 4 of us to take family pictures.  So, Duke & I suffered through it.


On a sad note, Christy Schovanec passed away last night.  She has fought various forms of cancer for the past 4 1/2 years.  She managed to fight through long enough to see Braden graduate from college, get his first job and buy his first house.  She saw Halie graduate High School & just a week or so ago graduate college (with honors).  And she got to watch Carson grow from a grade school boy, transition into jr. high and become a full size Schovanec in High School.

She was the matriarch of one of the 1st families of Oklahoma stock shows.  We have watched as this family worked together to keep things going on the farm, to keep kids active and to continue life, even though it wasn’t easy.  But they did everything as a family.  RIP.

Keep the Schovanec’s in your prayers.  It is a tough time of year to have to have a funeral.



This is going to be a hectic day.  I promised the 1st hour 8th grade boys that we would make pancakes if they all made an A on their Tool ID test.  Had to cash in a few bonus points, but they all got their A.  The 2nd hour seniors made fresh Wurst on Tuesday.  Due to snow & a re-scheduled basketball tournament, we have yet to be able to sample their product.  2nd hour today was supposed to be the day.

And then last night, I remembered that I have a graduation to attend at 9 am.  Real world problems that will work out just fine.

Doing chores on Thursday night was like being on the planet Hoth.  Then the temps stayed up over night and the wind picked up.  There has been so much meltage, that chores on Friday morning was in a swampy mess like Dagobah.  It won’t be long and it will be dried out and this place will once again resemble Tatoonie.

I’ve got to meet a trailer headed to the SE with 2 does.  I have to meet another trailer taking 6 does to Cali, 1 doe to SW OK and 1 doe to west Texas.  Then, I need to meet a Kansan to pick up another doe.

If you think a crap-ton of snow and mud is going to keep me from loading out and getting 11 does gone from this place…you would be wrong!  May the force be with me.  I will make it happen!


And if you watch “The Mandalorian”, I highly suggest that you watch all the way through the credits of the newest episode and catch the little added bit.  I only found it as I was just being a dad and watching to see Kela’s name on the screen.


Have a good one and a wonderful tomorrow!