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Bullying part 2…Skinny…AND leasing?!?!

I wasn’t planning on going to Stillwater this weekend.  But….the Dragon Lady was headed that way..whether I went or not.  When, she told me that, I said, “Hey, take my pickup and on the way back….pick up that doe kid that I bought on Pfeiffer’s online sale.”  That went over real well.

She bullied me into going.  She had Rodney & Clayton Washmon lined up to do chores on Saturday morning.   You can’t find any better livestock help than the Washmon crew. So, I went.

Glad that I went.  We met one of Tammy’s favorite nieces at Eskimo Joes…Miss Mattie Atha.  She is starting her 3rd year in vet school.  She had a boyfriend that attended this meeting as well.  I’d like to say some bad stuff about him, but he was quiet, polite and was obviously smitten with her.  Tammy approved.  The dude held his own with me.  Christmas is going to be fun.

Next morning, we attended the Bid Day festivities for the sororities at THE Oklahoma State University.  All I have to say about this deal is that there were a LOT of smoking hot college girls, hot moms and even a hot grandma or three.  As always, the scenery in Stillwater was good.  Way GOOD!

Actually, I have more to say.  This event made me feel old.  I got to see Tori Sessions, who was coordinating RUSH for the Tri-Delts.  One of my all-time favorite doe showers.  At the current rate of travel, it won’t be long and it will be DR. Tori Sessions.  Tammy and I were at the Delta Delta Delta rush to see Kaylee Holt.  Cool deal!  Logan Holt was there as well.  People, I was surrounded by cool chicks all day.  And I ain’t never had an allergy to hanging with cool females!

There was a glass of water that got spilt.  I grabbed some napkins, but it wasn’t enough.  Another dad went to the bathroom and came back with some paper.  I then went to the same bathroom and came back with some products to soak up the water.  A couple of pads and tampons will soak up that spilled mess.  I know, doesn’t seem right.  But if our military can use these same products to stop bleeding….ain’t no reason that I can’t prevent some slippage at a sorority house.  Job well done!

I also got to see Chesley Comstock who was doing the same RUSH coordinating for Chi Omega.  Yes, Kela was a Chi O.  Tammy and I even took a picture with Chesley, Halie Schovanec, Lexi Vanderwork and Darci Peach.  How cool would the picture be of those girls holding all of the banners from goat shows with Tammy and I?  It would be EFFING BAD ASS!!!  I liked the picture of the girls and Tammy and I without the banners.  I was the weak link in the picture.  Not skinny, not knowing when to smile….just happy to be amongst a bunch of bad ass chicks!!!

After the greek stuff, Tammy and I headed to the dorms.  We had stuff to deliver to Korbyn and our favorite son named Duke was to meet us there.  Duke needed more shoes and fishing poles.  When we got to Korbyn’s dorm, he(Korbyn) was cooking a brisket.  Duke was already hanging there.  And their buddy Alex was also there.  Alex went through the 8th grade with those boys at Shattuck and then had to transfer to Follet, TX.  It was BRUTALLY funny listening to these three talk to each other.  Funny, yes.  Clean, no.  I could have laid back on that couch all afternoon and listened to those three dog on each other.  It was Tammy who said, “Let’s go.”

I don’t like to get in pictures.  Why?  I don’t know.  But I don’t like it.  Never have.  It was a fight with my parents when I was growing up.  Action pics are fine.  But, if you make me pose…then….damn, I feel like Ricky Bobby.  I don’t know when or how to smile.  How do I hold my hands?  Now, I realize that I am fatter than I have ever been.  And people a fat ass ain’t photogenic.  Skinny, I am not.  I weigh less than I used to, but clothes fit different and I guess some habits will have to change.  Some, not all.

We left Stilly and headed west.  I had texted Kelsey about picking up that goat.  I pulled in, backed up and we loaded a goat.  Kelsey & Morgan were busy finishing up a flush/AI.  All good.  The problem was Jerry was on the lawnmower.  Tammy saw that.  Tammy and Jerry like to talk.  A LOT!  So, we took a tour of the new house that will be done before Christmas.  This deal will be nice.  Not stupid,  just dang cool.  Good stop.  Tammy likes to talk to Jerry but she absolutely loves talking to Ada.  I do to.  Luckily, Ada wasn’t home.  So, we made it home in time to do chores.

Got a call about leasing show does.  I don’t feel right with that.  Somehow, it just feels like the insurance companies are the only ones making money on this deal.  I’m out.

I guess I am getting used to this bullied stuff.  People, I hope that you had as good a weekend as I did.


OOOOHHHH!!!   I almost forgot.  The Colorado peaches were being delivered to Woodward on Saturday morning. I was in Stillwater.  So, I had a buddy pick up a shit load.  I brought some home and dropped a box at my mom’s.  PEACH PIE, Peach cobbler, holy crap, I feel like Bubba on Forrest Gump.  How do you want to make it?  Has there ever been anything bad with PEACHES!!!   Tyke Greer has a story about me with some peaches from a street corner vendor in Waynoka, Ok.   Chest hair was matted down with the juices from those peaches.  DANG!!!  I’d pay good money for more peaches like those.

Have a good one.




Bullying is a hot topic issue in today’s society.  It is not a new issue but there is more attention paid to it.  Most people can identify with moments in their lives that they were a victim of or witnessed bullying.

Any goat rancher only needs to walk into their doe pen to witness bullying in the caprine world.  All of us of at least one doe that is the “pen bully.”  And if you take a group of “bullied” does and put them in their own pen, there will be a new “pen bully” emerge from the group of previously “bullied” does.  Doe goats–miserable creatures.

I’m not trying to trivialize a legit issue.  I am real sure that there are bullying problems.  But, I also believe that people need to learn how to handle it.  I also believe that adults (parents, teachers, coaches, etc.) need to help kids cope with bullying.  Personally, I was recently a victim of bullying.

The Shattuck FFA held a pool party at the Gage Artesian Beach on Wed. evening.  Lots of kids having a good time.  I cooked hundreds of hot dogs and burgers.  Once, I was done cooking, I decided it was time for the fat, old ag teacher to get wet.  I headed towards the deep end.  Got rid of my shoes and shirt and then the bullying began.  A group of 8th grade boys started commenting on all of gray hair that covers my chest and back.

“Geez, Mr. Kelln!  You need a weed eater to trim that stuff up.”

“How can you swim with all of that matted down wet hair?  Isn’t that stuff heavy?”

Several comments about bearskin rugs and silverback gorillas were made.

While waiting in line at the high dive, one little Einstein grabbed a handful of moss and held it on his chest. “Who am I?”   This group of meatheads laughed.  But another one said, “You ain’t Kelln.  Watch this.”  This one dove off the side and came back up with 2 huge handfuls of moss and spread it from shoulder to shoulder.  “This is more like Mr. Kelln.”  They all howled like 8th grade boys.  I’ll be honest, I did too.  I enjoyed their creativity.

And if they are picking on me, then they aren’t picking on anyone else.  Big fun!


Have a good one and a better tomorrow.

1988 Movie

Tomorrow is the first day of school at Shattuck America!  I’m actually ready for it to get rolling.

Tonight, I finished chores and plopped down to the tv.  I flipped through the channels until I landed on the IFC channel, just in time for the start of the 1988 classic movie “Coming to America”.  After watching several minutes, I quickly realized this was the un-edited version.  Just like the movie that I first watched on VHS back in 1988.  I was taken back in time as I sat there, laughing at Eddie Murphy and others.

The comedy in this movie is classic.  The barbershop discussions are off the hook.  Eddie Murphy was on his A game.  The storyline is great.  I don’t mean to sound racist at all, but this has to be one of the greatest collections of beautiful black women in one movie–ever!  Thirty years later and it’s still like, dang!   (How is that racist to think/say “Dang that is a bunch of beautiful women.. that happen to be black.)  Is that white guilt?   Not here.  Not then and not now.  I would call that a compliment.  And James Earl Jones played the king.  You don’t get much cooler than James Earl Jones.  That voice–and it fits his appearance.  He looks and sounds like, well, a king, the elder Simba, Darth Vader—awesome.  If you haven’t seen this flick, I feel for you.

Now, how does this movie tie to the goat world.  We will get to that.

This movie is unique in the fact that Eddie Murphy plays numerous characters and was one of the writers.  I think he plays at least 4 different roles.  Arsenio Hall also plays at least 4 different roles.

Most of my career in the goat industry has felt like I was Eddie Murphy in this movie.  I was writing the script and playing the parts.  A lot of the time, this script has felt like a comedy.  Other times was drama, Hallmark moments and at times, it has been a horror flick.

I’ve had to play the starring role.  Even though I’m probably better in a supporting role.  I’ve also played the role of free veterinarian.  In 2003, and hell, even now in 2019, there just aren’t many vets that are up to speed on goats in this part of paradise.  I’ve dang sure not always been right but I was free.  I’ve played the role of marketing specialist and head of sales; for myself, as well as others.  I’ve also played the roles of teacher, coach, jock, fitter, nutrition specialist, historian, antagonist and the checkbook.

And now, some may wonder if I’m like Eddie Murphy–are my best years behind me?  I know that I am better than Arsenio.  He’s been done for years.

I know I still get enjoyment from some things goat.  I know…..well, hell.  I know a lot but I’m still watching this movie.


The goat world tie from Coming to America—–

What did Akeem say was the family business?      Now, keep in mind that he was trying to play a poor person. AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!—you would be correct if you said, “Goat herding.”


“Just tell me that you didn’t love me when you thought that I was a goat herder and I will renounce my throne.”   This is an actual line from the movie, not just some BS that I have used to romance the Dragon Lady.

People, have a great tomorrow.

New Day

It is a new day as Tammy leaves for High Plains Tech Center for a new year (with a different job title).  I head off to teacher meetings for a new year at Shattuck Public Schools.  Yes, I know that I told them that I would teach ag for a year and this is the start to year 6.  I’m actually ready.

We got Duke moved into his dorm room.  Braden met us there.  It was a good thing, since he hooked up the smart tv and the roku stick.  We cruised around Arkansas City, KS.  Nice town.  Nice campus.

Tammy and I left and headed home via Hutchinson, KS.  Yes, I had a place that I wanted to look at some goats.

Scott Comstock had been in Stillwater on Sunday evening.  So, he made a detour and went to Ark City to check on Duke.  The stock show family is a very valuable part of the stock show experience.  Those trophies and banners collect dust but the people you meet and the network that is built from this experience is priceless.

It was kind of late when Tammy and I got home last night.  So, I dragged my ass outside and did ALL of the chores, goats, calves, dogs, chickens and picked the garden spots that we didn’t have time for last night.  It is a new day.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.


Saturday evening here in paradise.  It is the eve of Tammy and I moving our youngest to college.  So far, so good.  He is busy packing his video game consoles.  His welding gear is already good to go.  Clothes, he hasn’t started packing yet–“Mom, I can have them packed in 5 minutes.”   Her–“Dang it Duke!  You aren’t just going to camp.”

Tammy asked him what he wanted for supper.  He just wanted to go to Charlie’s and eat a steak.  So, his buddy Korbyn met us there.  And we ate steaks.

Duke has been joking that I’m going to have to learn just how much he does around here.  We’ll see about that.  I do know that I am going to have to remember to feed the dogs, as that has been his job for years.  That, and I always counted on Duke to screw up.  Lots of punishment hours were spent scooping kidding pens out.  I would have paid him, but….

Sunday morning, we will load his stuff and head to Arkansas City, KS to move him into the dorms at Cowley College.  He will work to improve his shop skills, specifically his TIG welding skills.  He will do well at that.  I just hope that he takes care of business in the classes that he doesn’t care about.  Classes like English, Biology, etc.

It is with great anticipation that we look forward to what the next few years have in store for this kid.  Sure, we are concerned, as all parents should be.  Especially, knowing the genetics that are backing this fine offspring. I wasn’t worried when Kela headed west.  I am not worried now.  There is a knot of anticipation knowing that he is probably going to screw something up.  But, sometimes you have to make a mistake, or two, in order to learn how to do things right.

We did have a real cool moment on this day.  Duke and I were at the ag building.  His cousins, Luke and Lexi Kelln came to the ag building to tell Duke goodbye and good luck.  It was cool.  Lexi is going to be a jr. in high school and she enjoys moments like this.  She likes drama, family, friends and moments with all of the above.  Luke is going to be a 7th grader and is low key, just like Duke.  It has been fun watching Luke and Lexi with Duke over the years.  Lexi has been like the annoying little sister. But Duke would do anything for her.  Luke and Duke are kindred spirits.  Luke loves getting Duke’s hand-me down clothes.  I was just happy to witness this day.

It doesn’t seem very long ago that Duke was picking out his first two show goats–Slick and Superman.  It seems like yesterday that he made me get him some show pigs for Phoenix–Big I and AC/DC.  The next year, he had Bacon, Sausage and Sizzle.  I walked by the scales in the barn today–those scales are labeled with the grand barrow from ANLS in 2012.  That doesn’t seem that long ago when Duke & Bacon won those scales.

We will drop this kid off at school tomorrow. Tammy hasn’t had time to get emotional. All three parties are ready.  She will be a shit-show when we leave.  He will have a moment or three after we are gone.  And, several weeks from now, I will be like, damn dude, I wish Duke was here to to do this crap.  Anticipation…here it comes.


I have had more than my share of highlights in the goat industry.  No rankings. Just going to list some stuff that has always stuck out to me.


–Bingo.  I saw him for the first time when he was 3+ years old.  That wasn’t just a good goat.  That was good livestock.  He won everything.  His kids won.  And even though he was a purebred, those genetics were wicked enough to transpose the wether game as well.  I have seen several living legends in the livestock game.  Bingo was without a doubt the single best piece of livestock that I have ever seen.

–191.  Refer to Bingo.  Why?  191s mom was the twin sister to Bingo.  Lots of power in the blood right there.  I’ve got several stories involving 191.  But my favorite(s)  involve him siring Joe Dirt, Rumour Has It, Braden’s grand at OYE, Duke’s res. grand at ANLS, Bree’s grand at the Lone Star Elite, Chesley’s bad ass wether AND a whole crap pile of other good goats.

–900.  He wasn’t/isn’t just a line in an ad to me.  I saw him, handled him and showed goats out of him.  Throw Starbuck and Showtime into this list.  There is a reason that those names are still relevant…they were that good.  The entire industry became focused on 900 genetics and we are all still looking for the next deal. (Yes, I am aware that there is a She Said buck.)  I’ve seen some great stock in other species as well (Who Made Who, Warfare, Basic Instinct, Yakety Yak, etc…)  900…cool enough for me.

–2011 Helms Purchases– He didn’t want to sell anything private treaty, but….but…if you promise me that you will take them to the Lone Star Elite Jackpot.  I did and we did.  He didn’t give them away.  I don’t get nervous but I was damn sure uptight going into this deal.  Schovanec’s, Taylor’s and Kelln’s headed to San Angelo for this show.  Bill and TravASS asked me how I thought we would do?!?!?!   I thought we could be competitive.  After watching the first couple of classes, I told TravASS and Big Bill,”Get ready cuz these Texans ain’t ready for what’s getting ready to hit them.(not the term that I used)   Our showmen and goats were better.  Watch!!   I was right.  Bree was grand, Braden had a res. div. We showed 8 goats and had 7 in the top 2 of their classes.  The other was 4th.  Those kids won a couple of showmanship buckles.   We came home with a pile of cash and buckles.  We went back for several years with very similar results.  Payout was wicked good.

–2014/2015  show results     Goats that I bought or raised had the following results–2014–res. grand at Tulsa, grand at Phoenix.  2015–res. grand at Denver, grand doe & wether at Woodward District, bronze wether at OYE and res. grand at Kansas City.  I probably should have ran an ad after that stretch.

–Woods County Fair in 2002– Barclay Holt, Jack Staats and I talking crap with Don Lenhart and Sonny Wagner about showing goats.  Who knew that Don and Sonny were the smart people in the discussion.  Those two old farts gave us Ag Teachers hell about the fact that the goats were coming.  What?  They were right.

–The people that I have met.

–All clean!   At NO point in time, has one of the goats that I was dealing with, tested positive..for anything.  NEVER.  OYE, Tulsa, Denver, Phoenix, Kansas City, Lone Star Elite,   name it…..CLEAN.  And no dirty pool.  We just showed good stock.  I’m not a big name jock. But my kids are done showing—2000 through 2019.  Twenty show seasons with goats, sheep, heifers and chickens.  Not one time did my kid’s animals test positive for anything .  EVER!   I am proud of this because others can’t claim this.  Their own kids were banned from…


Scholarships released their 2019 scholarship recipients.  Oooohh wow!  That is an impressive set of young people and there is one that I don’t know.  But I do forever more know that those other 5 are wicked good.

Seth Hilfiker–Hadn’t heard of him before but was very impressed when I searched his name.  Congrats!

Kylie Whitworth has an awesome FFA resume for any state, and Georgia (like Oklahoma) is one of the MAJOR FFA states.  I have heard stories of her passion for ag, goats and FFA from her dad as well as her ag teacher.  I think that there is even a story about a choice for a new/newer car or a bad ass wether.  I think that wether is maybe in the backdrop picture with her.  Cool, cool, cool!!!

Taylor Parrish has been mentioned on here before.  Great work ethic and this girl can show a goat-wether or doe.  We have been fans of this kid for years.  Taylor will do well at anything that she wants to do.  I will always remember the Kansas City spook house with Taylor, Julie, Duke and others.

Julie Isbell–I know that this chick’s academics were at the top end.  I have enjoyed getting to know her over the years.  She doesn’t just show goats.  She has been known to lead a dang good steer as well.  Comes from a great livestock family and an excellent FFA program.  We all expect big things from this one.

Bree Taylor–You want to talk about a competitive desire to always be FIRST!  This one has that in spades.  I saw it when she was little and she has continually backed it up.  Bree doesn’t compete, she wins.  I would list her resume but we don’t have room.  Academics, judging, showing, athletics–name it!  She also had some bad ass ag teachers that I am fond of.

Duke Kelln–I can promise you that he didn’t have the highest GPA or ACT score.  However, his activities and show record will stack up with anybody/anywhere.  Whatever this kid wants to do, he does it very well.  This dude was winning banners when we still had to show wethers on chains.  He won stuff at an age when the rest were just trying to show.  As good as he was with wethers, he was even better working goats, helping with does/babies, getting online sales stock ready, etc.  Cows, fishing and hunting—he loves!  He was always at his best helping others at shows.  I’ve saved texts from other parents over the years about Duke’s help.  A true behind-the-scenes & make good things happen kind of dude.  He truly always has liked to see his friends succeed.  Unless it was welding competitions and then it was all about being the best. Even then, he drove his friends to get better.  And he won and won and won.  Yes, I can get pissed at this kid.  Yes, I am very proud of him, his work ethic and I look forward to his future with great anticipation.

Did I write more about my own kid than the others?  Hell Yes!  If you don’t like it, go read your own damn blog. I could talk some crap about how good the kids are despite their parents.  I mean, one dad is a hi-po!  I still refer to another dad as “Thing”.  And I could but I won’t, use a lot of F bombs to describe another dad.

On a final note….a HUGE thank you to Tommy and Julie Milligan for starting and growing this scholarship program.  That facebook/banner ad of these 6 students is impressive.  And it is literally coast-to-coast.

Other websites are offering free/reduced commission to some breeders but not all.  Kela sold to the Milligan family in 2009 and a decade later, we still sell with  And TRUST YOU ME, I haven’t been given any free commission.  Those high $ buck sales that I used to have–there was plenty of commission money to buy new shoes for those Milligan boys–even though some of them don’t wear shoes or much clothing at all.  There is nobody in the industry that talks to more breeders AND buyers than Tommy Milligan.  He truly understands all facets of the goat industry.  He isn’t trying to buy market share.  He is just trying to run a business.  Why are others giving their “services” for free to some?  Probably because that is what their service is worth–nothing. has stayed consistent, sells more than any of the others and continues to give back.  The Milligan’s do a pile of pro-bono work for various goat related activities.  I’ve even told Tommy over the years, “Don’t do that shit for free!  Nobody else will.  It costs you money.”   Thank you Tommy & Julie for all you do!  The Kelln family understands and greatly appreciates your efforts.


I don’t even know how much this scholarship is worth.  I haven’t been worried about any of Duke’s scholarships.  I’ve just been happy that he has gotten any.  However, in all actuality, he has gathered up a pile of scholarships for somebody that didn’t like the academic side of scholastic life.  However, Duke’s probably ought to be worth about $5K because I figure with readership and word-of-mouth generated from this blog that I just got Tommy Too Tall about that much in FREE advertising.  But, we are grateful for whatever he gets.

How appropriate!  Journey is playing as these young people get ready to start their journey.  How good was that band?  Damn good if you ask me!  That and the 75 million albums that they have sold worldwide.

Congrats to an absolute outstanding group of scholarship recipients.


Why are you here?

Not some philosophical question about your existence.  Just a question that I have asked students during the past 20 years of teaching ag ed in Oklahoma.

Why are you here?


Why are you in this class?

I want to learn to weld.  Or, I want to go to the shop.  Or, I want to build stuff.  All of these are very common responses.  Every ag teacher has heard these replies.

During the 90s, I learned how to help kids build cool stuff.  I have a smoker that the kids built my first year in Waynoka.  The only money spent on this smoker was a jack, some 6011 rod and gas for the torch.  It ain’t purdy but it is hell-built for stout and is a cooking SOB.  I still have this smoker.  It sits on the NW corner of my shop.  If you have been here, you have seen it.  Then, we graduated to building trailers and such.

In 2001, we decided to build a dune buggy.  I mean, Waynoka, home of the Little Sahara.  In cooperation with the local dune buggy shop, from scratch, we built a dune buggy.  Reworked a Volkswagen front end to serve our purposes.  Bent 1 1/2″ round tubing and welded the frame together.  Had the frame powder coated–FFA national blue with gold flake in it. Lots of chrome.  Bright yellow safety harnesses to go with the blue and gold color combined with that chrome.  Oh!  The kids built the engine from the block up.  And those VW blocks are in two pieces.  WTH?  Teacher learning assimilated with the students learning.  Uh, yeah, I knew that it went together like this!?!?!?   We used a VW bus transmission.  The bus trannys are bigger.  A girl plumbed the master cylinder and ran the brake lines.  (Yeah, we later used that part in a state winning speech).  This thing was BAD ASS!  I ain’t bragging.  It was cool.  Way cool!

We finished it the first of May.  The new principal told me that I had to give semester tests.  What?  We built an effing dune buggy.  Tests?  RUSM?  I told him that the seniors and I were taking this thing out to the Little Sahara to run it on the dunes.  That would be our test.  He winced,  ducked his head a bit and then said, “Alright, but I’m coming with you all.”  Come on dude!  We are still friends.  This buggy won the Woods County Ag Mechanics contest at the county fair which had some good prizes.  There was a car show going on in Alva.  Some locals paid our entry for the car show.  It won crowd favorite and most unique entry.  The kids were stoked.

Then we took it to the State Fair of Oklahoma.  Kids, we are going to have the grand champion ag mechanics project at the fair.  Wait? What?  We didn’t win.

That dune buggy won it’s division.  But it got beat by a semi trailer from Elgin and a refurbished/restored tractor from McCloud.  I don’t begrudge the semi trailer but I still think we should have beat the tractor.  Oh well.  At that time, OKC fair and Tulsa over-lapped.  So we couldn’t go to both.

We sold 100 chances for $100 apiece on that dune buggy.  The local bank financed this project.  We brought in $10,000.  We had about $6,000 invested.  Profitable venture.  The community pride, the kids pride, school pride and let’s not shit ourselves, my pride–all were invaluable.

I’ve had kids show the grand steer at OYE, the grand lamb at OYE, the grand goat at OYE, the grand chickens at Tulsa and breed champion pigs at OYE.  Not to mention my own offspring’s success.  Throw in some CDE events and speaking winners.  It’s all just coincidence.  No matter, that first dune buggy is my all-time favorite project.  About 20 kids worked on that thing.  Diverse kids.  It fit the community.  We used guidance from community members.  Learned about finance from the local bank.  Kind of forced the school to accommodate our schedule.  Worked after hours.  Had problems the first night that we fired the engine.  Had to trouble shoot.  It made money. (although I wish that I had paid for it and still owned it)  It actually helped raise more money for the local stock show and ag boosters.

I even got the opportunity to co-author an article with an OSU ag ed professor in a professional journal about this project.  Over the years, I have kept a few pictures.  I still have the picture of the group that built that thing with the people that guided my dumb ass and the buggy.  I guess I ought to digitize it and post it some time.

We built two more of those things.  In 2005, my last spring at Waynoka, we finished the last one.  A girl welded the entire frame.  She didn’t trust the boys to weld as good as she could.  That girl was a heckuva stick showing Hereford cattle but she could also run a MIG.  That chick is now our accountant.  It was a candy apple red with silver fleck powder coat.  Even more chrome.  Louder engine.  A student and I  drove that thing through the streets of Waynoka.  Cops were called.  They turned their lights on and escorted us back to the school.  Small town living.  I then drove it right by the grade school and middle school class rooms.  I shifted down and racked that thing out.  Teachers were pissed.  The principal, superintendent and most importantly, the school secretary were proud.  I was real proud.  Poe Cat took over as the Waynoka ag teacher and they won some plaques with that thing.

I write this for my own memory.  And because until now, Oklahoma has not always had a proper place to exhibit these kind of projects.  Even though ag mech projects appeal to more students than livestock showing.  We have shown at the state fairs but it was for bragging rights.  No real prizes.  A plaque and $25 for grand overall.  Duke had the grand in 2016 and 2018 at the State Fair of OK.  Reserve grand at Tulsa in 2018.  We liked the shows.  But it could be better.

   Phoenix added an ag mech show a couple of years ago.  I highly recommend it.  We added an ag mech show to Woodward District this year.  It went over real, real good!  Good enough that others took notice.  

Like other things, Texas does the FFA ag mechanics project shows to the highest level in the nation.  Ft. Worth, San Antonio, San Angelo, Houston and others shows all have large ag mech shows.  Huge sponsors and prizes.  Some chapters are so good at winning welders, plasma cutters and torches, they have a waiting list of people to buy the prizes.  Kids have outfitted their own shops with tools won at these events.  It is awesome.  

Getting the Ag Mech show added to Woodward District took some doing, but it went over well.  Now, guess what?  YES!!!!  There will be an Ag Mechanics project show at OYE this year.  The show staff is on board.  Really good group of directors.  Jerry Renshaw is the head of the Ag Mech show.  Yeah, he was the ag teacher from Elgin that had the semi trailer that beat the dune buggy, several years ago.  There are sponsors in line.  It will take time to grow it.  But….but…but… hell yeah!  We have an ag mech show at OYE in 2020!  Yes!

This is one post that I don’t want to hit publish.  I haven’t been on the dunes in a decade but I still wonder.  Why do I not own that first buggy?  I was piss-broke and a dumb ass is why.



Funky cold medina.





Empty Show Pens

When we got done with getting our asses handed to us at OYE, we didn’t load the wethers on the taco wagon.  We brought both goats and a pair of hair sheep home.  The two hair sheep found homes fairly quick.  Good and Cheap makes for a quick sale.  The two Willie High $ show goats were both gone to new homes by the end of April.  Moneywise, I could have done better, but I wanted them in homes that had a chance.  Once again, I am a dumb ass.  Peace of mind is worth a lot in this household.

Then, I started buying lambs for students.  We didn’t have pens ready at the ag farm.  So, I used Duke’s show pens.  This lasted until a week ago when I finally moved lambs to the ag farm.  Basically, the pens sat idle from last Monday until tonight.  And then I dumped a few wether goats into these pens.  I need a couple of days to sort, doctor and get them on feed.  These pens were handy.

There is NO empty nest syndrome at the Kelln Kompound.  I’m glad to have the pens handy to use.  However, I am REAL GLAD to be an EX show parent.  As a family, we had a helluva run.  Highs as well as lows with the arrow trending towards high.  I remember all of the highs but I felt every damn low.  It is done and I am thankful for that.

Looking forward, I see Duke showing up to major shows to help good showmen.  He likes working with Keester and Schoovy.  I see Tammy helping where Tammy wants to help.  And it will be noticeable with who she helps.  They tend to get pictures, jackets and awards.

As for me, I am an addict.  Although, a recovering addict.  I’m fine with an empty set of show pens.  But I have no problem guiding a good kid or three that are willing to work.  I hope that they are Shattuck kids but a zip code has never mattered to me.  It is fun to see the desire to do right and the required work ethic kick in gear with a kid.  No matter the $s, that is the part that gets me excited.

I probably ought to proof read this deal.  But, I’m not in the mood.  Peace out, GOD speed and let’s have a good tomorrow and a fabulous week going forward.  I had a heckuva Monday, so it only gets better from there.

Vacay & Gems–right close to home

We took a bit of a vacation this week.  Tammy, Duke, myself and Duke’s half Mexican brother went on an excursion.  Duke’s half Mexican brother is Korbyn Schick.  Just a joke–I grew up with Korbyn’s parents.  He has been around our house a bunch.  His dad works at school with me.  Duke had a snap chat video at the state championship football game with–as he called it with, “his half Mexican brother”.  Korbyn was an active FFA member–ag mechanics, opening ceremonies team, top end sausage seller and was the Chorus Manager for the State FFA Choir. Oh, and he was a 3 time state champion O Lineman for Shattuck.  Played in two all star games. Turned down small college football scholarships in order to go to the OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY.   Smart kid!

We made a stop at Eischen’s for fried chicken and fried okra.  I don’t eat much chicken but I will eat a fried chicken at Eischen’s.  I’m picky about my fried okra.  I will eat it at Eischen’s.  But it ain’t as good as the stuff I grow.  Sure, it sounds like I’m bragging but my okra is bad donkey stuff.  We got home and had okra ready to pick and cook.  Which we did. (We being–I planted and grow it, Tammy picks it, breads it and cooks it)  I was reminded why I was right.  It’s good.  If you are an okra eating fan, hit me up and I will hook you up.  This stuff is better than yours.

After Eischen’s, we headed to Lake Texhoma and caught limits of stripers.  I caught the biggest.  Tammy caught the most.  Then we headed to Dallas for some half-ass shopping then met a buddy for supper at Pappadeaux’s–I love that place.  My favorite bad ass restaurant chain.  Korbyn was scared to order–prices , diversity of menu and…….he punted and followed Duke’s lead.  “Dude, get what you want.  This is one place my dad isn’t going to say NO as long as you will eat it.”   My favorite order at a Pappadeaux’s is still Brandon THE Bruce with the Chilean Sea Bass.  That was fun.

Then we traveled to Waco for the Magnolia Market.  LOT of estrogen in that place.  Left Waco and drove through College Station and the Texas A&M campus, then on to Houston.  We went to an Astro’s vs the Rangers game.  Cool stadium.  Got to see back2back2back homers.  So fast that they couldn’t even get the express train on the top of the left field part of the stadium backed up and ready to roll again.

And on Saturday morning, we left Houston and headed North X NorthWest.  We made two stops on the way home.  The first—at a Buc-ees.  Best quick stop/truck stop that I have ever seen.  CLEANEST bathrooms ever!

I haven’t eaten at one yet..  But, I am amazed with the way that centrally located food joint operates.  Burritos, sandwiches, BBQ, roasted nuts, etc.

Quick shout out to my buddy Kenneth Helms.  About four years ago, he and I were cruising around Texas.  He advised me to become a Hilton points member.  Of course, that dude travels a bunch and has piles of points. As a result of his advise, I used my points to pay for rooms at Hampton Inns in Dallas and Houston.  Thanks, Dude.

Then we stopped at Llano, TX.  Little place called Cooper’s BBQ.  First time that I ever went to Cooper’s, I had just bought a Helms S100 wether at the Lone Star Elite sale in Goldthwaite.  Then, I had to meet some dude further south with a pair of wethers that cost more and didn’t win shit.  But, that fat GOAT’eed dude commented on the Helms wether.  “Hunh?” he said.  No shit, you could fit those two turds inside that skinny Helms goat that I bought.  That S100 wether ended up reserve grand at the State Fair of OK and res. div. 5 at Tulsa in 2008. Not bad.

Now back to Cooper’s, they were on point with the smoked products.  Turkey, pork loin, brisket and sirloin was way good.  The smoked jalapeño, cheese sausage was off the hook good.  After that, we headed north to paradise.  Basically, I spent almost 1,500 miles in Texas and I did not stop to look at any stock.  No goats, sheep, calves, nothing. It got hotter the farther north we traveled.  After getting home, it was apparent that the wind and heat had kicked the shit out of the garden, flowers and cover crops.  I might have to buy hay if it doesn’t rain on these fields soon.  More bills.

Today, I spent time in the pastures picking up sticks, logs and crap from the ponds flooding earlier this year.  It wasn’t that hot but was so, so humid.  I was sweating–a lot.  Then, Ron Simonson texted me a video of a young southern kid– judging from the accent.  I had the same problems–“I was sweating.  Where?  Everywhere!   My butt crack and my balls and everywhere!”  Dude, I can relate.

I might have even got a bit over-heated.  Old, fat, out-of-shape and it was hot and humid.  So, I got done, grabbed a towel, pulled on some swim trunks and drove to Gage.  I headed to the Gage Artesian beach.  This is a  gem–right close to home, right here in the middle of paradise.  The Shattuck FFA president, miss Addie Swanson, is the chief life guard.  When he isn’t mowing lawns, Korbyn cooks burgers, dogs and is the head greeter for the pool.  The water was roughly 70 degrees.  It felt awesome.  There were people from Australia at this pool on this Sunday.  It is worth the drive, not that you can drive from Australia.  There is nothing else like it in this part of the world.

Duke goes on a regular basis.  As a kid, I rode my bike the 7 miles from Shattuck to Gage in order to do flips on the twin high dive boards.  Not quite the triple lindy from the Rodney Dangerfield movie “Back to School” but there was some wicked stupid stunts done from those diving towers and boards.  Now, those towers are no longer there.  I wonder why?  (insurance)  But, I did get to see some kids do some gainers, flips with twists and cut-aways (now they call them a suicide dive).  I was out.  I would say too old. But if John Q. Kelln was there, he can still put on a show from the diving board.   I just swam a bunch.  The mineral water felt exquisite.  The sand bottom and the large size of this pool makes for a a heckuva exercise.  I think that I’ll have my swim trunks in the ag pickup for when I leave work tomorrow.

This was an abbreviated version of our week.  It was a really good week.  But, next week will be even better.  If not, I will wish it would have been.


Best buck ever?

Best major show?

Best show day product?

Wait.  What?  Duke is watching a movie in his room.  I could hear sounds.  My ears perked up.  I recognized sounds from a distant past.  I left this keyboard, walked down the hallway.  I knew the sounds.  I opened his door, looked towards his bed, then at the screen and waited for the sounds.  I heard the sounds ” I hate rude behavior in a man.  I won’t tolerate it.”  I knew it.  I just knew it.  He was watching Lonesome Dove.  I love that flick.

Cross Canadian Ragweed is on the iTunes  (Carney man), Lonesome Dove is on the tube, down the hallway in Duke’s room, couple of goat dipshits are texting/calling my phone.  I ain’t answering/replying tonight.  Izzy the corgi pup is on my feet.   This blog is long, lacks info and you clowns are reading it.  Life is good.