The calendar says August.  We did start back to school which happens in August.  But it is 80 some degrees, green and guess what, we got another 1.6″ of rain with more in the forecast.  Unreal.

I got me a new bander.  While at Helms last weekend, he was showing me his new toy…a Wee Bander. Supposedly, this thing bands so tight that they don’t feel pain for very long.  This could be a handy tool, especially for those of us that don’t like to band very early.  Being a sucker for new toys that have a chance of helping, I ordered one.  I even banded one with it.  Simply reading the directions for this thing will not suffice.  You must watch the how-to video before using.  Plus you need a physics degree with a masters in mechanical engineering to operate it.  But, yeah, it works.

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