No, the world isn’t going to end.  At least not yet, anyways.  But the movie.  I’ve had to work diligently with my wife and favorite son on a science fair project.  This was a family deal.  Mom and Duke worked on the backdrop.  We all worked to gather data.  Duke and I wrote the paper.   Although, it hasn’t been a bad project, the term HOME SCHOOL comes to mind.  But that is another topic for another day.  At the Kelln Kompound, we are hoping for an A, will be happy with a B, satisfied with a C and any other letters will be associated with word “pissed”.  It wasn’t this way with our other child.  With her, it was going to be an A or SHE was going to be pissed.  Things change.  

      Nope, the Armageddon has to do with the movie.  I felt really lucky tonight.  I mean HORSESHOES, SHAMROCKS, pots of gold at the end of the rainbow lucky.  Why?  I turned on the tube.  Channels 4,5,9 & 25 all had YOUR president talking.  I didn’t need any of that fake BS, lies and wasteful spending, so I went to flipping channels.  Yep, right there on WGN was Armageddon.  I love that movie.  (How ironic is that?  WGN is based in Chicago.  Which is the home of YOUR president.  But they were showing Armageddon instead of his state of the union address.)

      The first time I saw that movie was in a movie theater in Lawrence, KS during the 1998 National FFA Convention.  That was my 3rd year teaching at Waynoka.  It was a whale of a good SR. class–good kids, lots of wins, awards, etc.  Better yet, was the stellar crop of kids in the lower grades, yet to come.  We had picked up a National Chapter award earlier that day.  We met Baxter Black and we were stoked.  There was a pile of kids in my room, telling me to rent it,  so we rented this movie pay-per-view.  That was my first pay-per-view movie.  I charged it to my personal card, as I wasn’t sure if the school could cover it.  What’s the word?  Naive.  

      Whatever.  The movie was awesome.  Full of suspense, excitement, patriotism, and all that other crap.  I loved it.  We got done with that movie, then headed out to eat for supper.  After dinner, I asked the kids what they wanted to do—guess what?  They wanted to go to the movies.  So we did.  We went to a movie theater and watched another all-time classic–The Waterboy.  Another great flick.  

     Now, when I see either of those movies, I get nostalgic.  These flicks remind me of why I liked teaching.  I think about all those kids and where they are now.  These movies take me to a happy place.  Then, I realize that if I was still teaching, I would be teaching some of those kids’ kids.  Dang.  I’m old.  But, those movies are still good.