April 8

    This day brings about numerous things for me.  First, I found myself at a livestock judging contest in Lawton, OK with a really great group of kids.  I hadn’t been to this contest since 2003.  But, like the timeless Whitesnake song, “Here I Go Again”.  We didn’t win, but did fair well.  Bree Taylor was 3rd overall and Kaylee Holt was 7th overall.  The team was 10th.  This means these girls had to carry the two boys as Gatlin did okay and Duke has had better days marking cards.  This crew is made up of 8th graders, so the future is bright.  All in all, a really good trip as it was a really good contest with a pile of good teams.    

      The power of facebook was evident today as I recieved a butt-load of texts and messages with all the happy birthday stuff.  I did enjoy reading them and all of the messages on facebook.  It is amazing when you scroll through all the names and see former students, old college buddies that I haven’t seen in years, friends, people that I have never met, and some that I see oir talk to dang neart everyday.  Of course, I laughed at some of the messages–Yes, I can still make it to the toilet.  No, I didn’t pee on my boots this morning–some I can’t repeat, but a lot of them referring to me as “old”.  Which, I am getting there according to the calendar and dang sure by the odometer as I am not some garage kept car that Grandma only drove to church on Sundays.  I’m kind of a self-inflicted, rough, one owner, high mileage unit that has had minimal maintenance and even less care.  But, we are still road worthy and can out run a bunch of these other newer units.  Thanks to all.  Of course, I don’t ever check out anybody else’s birthday.  I never get too excited about mine.  Although, if given the chance, I wouldn’t be against having a big side-ways kind of celebration for my day or yours or whatever works.  That’s the worst part about getting old.  I’m now on good behavior most of the time.  

       Speaking of getting sideways, I just remembered to check Hummel’s sale to see if there were any bargains that I might need to gamble on.  WHEW!!?!!  That sale looks like Snoop Dogg and his buddies–HIGH.  Very impressive.  I knew it would be high.  They work hard at it.  I like their write ups and the pictures.  They hung a lot of banners last year.  I’d like to help them hang a banner in the great state of Oklahoma, but it is kind of against my religion to mortgage the farm to buy a wether.  

      There is lots of money changing hands in the goat business.  You never know what state the next phone call or text message will be from.  The top end of bucks and wethers may not be as high as in some years, but the average price of good goats is strong.  REAL STRONG!  There are better breeders, better showmen and better feeders–in all states.  But on that note, sound livestock evaluation, study of genetics, proper nutrition, a skilled showman and honest judges make for real fun livestock shows–regardless of species.  Yes, it takes money, but it takes a LOT of hard work.  And sometimes, just a pinch of luck.  

     Alright, this blog is like me–getting old.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.