I apologize to all of you whom have been checking this site for the past week, looking for some quality info.  It has been a bit hectic.  We had an online sale last week on April Fool’s Day.  It went well.  Thanks to all of the buyers, bidders and lookers.  It takes all to make it work.  We are selling some more goats in the Banners & Backdrops online sale in a day or two.  Then we will sell at the Banners & Backdrops sale on April 11 in Enid, OK.  I’ve seen several wethers that will be selling at this sale.  BIG TIME!

     I’ve been pickup shopping for several months.  Not a cheap deal.  I don’t buy very many new pickups.  I bought one in ’93, ’09 and now ’15.  I tend to keep a good pickup for awhile.  Kind of like a high quality pair of camo shorts: you just don’t get rid of something just because the crotch is ripped a bit.  

       I have this little side job that tends to take up quite a bit of time.  Hopefully, the rest of the 2015 kidding season goes better than it has the past two weeks.  I don’t sleep much, but I am ready for a good nights rest.  We have had several problems and let me tell you, the Dragon Lady has earned her keep.  She doesn’t enjoy the job, but she will work to save a baby.  

      I haven’t hunted Easter eggs for quite some time, but I was quite happy to find that my FAVORITE daughter was flying home for the weekend.  Her mom and I get in a good mood, but it is funny to watch her LITTLE brother when she is home.  You can tell that he likes his older sister.  And he is at least 6 inches taller than her now.  At Christmas, it was a close call as to who was the tallest.  Now, it isn’t close.  

      Saturday night brought my brother Jake and his family to the house.  This was great since a Kelln Klan favorite was also here.  Anytime you get Monte Sharp, Jake and I together, it gets interesting. 

      And then there was Easter Sunday.   Maybe the most important day of the year.  HE has risen.  Thanks to GOD for his only son.  I feel honored to spend this day with my family.  Then, we went to Mom’s for lunch.  OH WOW!!  Prime rib roast, twice baked potatoes, salad, beans, pies, hot rolls, deviled eggs, etc, etc, etc.  And Dad always has a wine that pairs quite nicely with whatever is being served.  My parents know how to feed the family.  Way good meal  on a way good day.  

     Here’s to hoping that all of you had a way good Easter weekend.  Just remember the importance of this day.