Another week

Tammy got home Thursday evening and I leave on this Friday morning.  She had a good trip to California.  She was pleased to go to the set of “The Goldbergs” where Kela is now working.  She also got to meet Billy Idol in some random club.  And yes, he did get up and sing a few songs even though he wasn’t there to perform.  Of course, Kela had to explain to her who Billy Idol is.  They also made it to a Dodgers game.  I have yet to make it to a big league ballpark this year.  Or for that matter, there hasn’t been a fishing trip either.  At least she had a good trip with the favorite daughter.

I saw a video on Facebook of a goat that got its horns hung up on a high line wire.  To any goat breeder this surprises none of us.  It was enjoyable reading the comments about the poor little goat.  As I watched them trying to rescue this goat, I knew that the goat would live through the ordeal.  Why?  Because it was a spanish looking cross.  If it was an actual good goat, it would have already been dead. But the common one, nope that one will always live.

It is no different here at home.  Duke’s best wether is fighting some crud that we can’t seem to get rid of.  It is taking its toll on the goat and us, mentally.  However, the common little turd wether that always has his head stuck in a panel every morning, nope, that turd never gets sick, the shits, fungus, etc.  Its always the good ones that have issues.  Regardless of species.

State Fairs are ramping up across the midwest.  Good luck and have fun.

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