Another Trip

I had the honor of traveling to Stillwater (which is always a good thing) to help judge the National Chapter applications for Oklahoma.  This isn’t necessarily a fun thing to do but I was glad that I did it.  Shattuck couldn’t apply this year because we were a National 3 Star Chapter last year (It’s an Oklahoma thing and it doesn’t make sense but it’s fine).  This was a two day process, so once again it left the Dragon Lady to do chores as Duke and Braden went to Cramblet’s to clip and photo does.

I was disappointed on Monday evening.  I met up with a fellow ag teacher and we were going to go eat somewhere downtown Stillwater.  We thought that we would play it safe and get us a driver.  I have yet to Uber or get a Lyft, so I was looking forward to catching up with modern society.  But no!  There were no uber or lyft drivers in the Stillwater area on Monday evening.  So we were well behaved.  Probably a good thing.

It’s kind of time for me to start paying attention to which goats will sell at Norman and at Perry on the 24th. There are a couple of Woody Warthog kids that are catching my eye.  I know, I know…what the hell kind of name is that?!  He is a Rumour Has It x Harley goat.  He is a embryo kid that is a full brother to Darcy Whitley’s  goat that was Grand at Woodward in ’15.  That goat was 2nd in class at OYE.  I flushed his mother that summer and only got one embryo.  It actually stuck and it was a buck kid.  When he was about 2 weeks old, he got sore mouth all over his body.  I really can’t believe that he survived.  It was that bad.  So, he was a brother to that Woodward goat, thus the Woody and he had sore mouth warts all over him which brings us to the Warthog part.  I know.  I’m retarded.  But I’m liking his kids.  There is also a Law & Order doe kid that handles pretty cool.  I don’t know which sale I’m taking her to yet, but I’m not keeping her.  Another proof of my retardation.

Have a good one.

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