Big Weekend (of course, aren’t they all)

     Let’s just get this little blog entry started with a trophy presentation.  I’m going to have Kela go to that store on Hollywood Ave., Rd. Blvd, whatever the heck and get me one of those Oscar trophies.  It needs to say, “Driving SOB”. Why?  Because this James Sweet character is a driving son-of-a—-.   His pickup doesn’t turn worth a dang, but it sure runs down the road at a high rate of speed, no matter who is driving.  Way good!

      Of course, it would probably be a good idea to keep physical proof of insurance in said pickup.  It would make my conversations with the law enforcement go a lot better.  With that being said, that might have been the most pleasant stop that I have encountered.  Two warnings and the TX HiPo was nothing but cordial.  Thanks to modern technology, a texted pick of an insurance document saved me some cash.  

      Saw a couple of killer sets of goats these past few days.  Most weren’t for sale.  First stop had a set of wethers and doe kids that this breeder was keeping for his daughter’s senior year.  Dang Good set of goats.  I mean DANG Good.   I hope they don’t keep them all, but there is a set to be reckoned with.

      We, (I mean James) drove like all Hades to get to Llano to Cooper’s BBQ.  Guess what?  It was way good.  Then we made some calls and found a Texan with some goats for sale.  This was a new stop for me, but I will go back.  Nice set of doe kids at Mickey Vick’s and the money was right on.  He had a set of wethers, but he didn’t want us to look because his two best customers were coming the next day and he didn’t want to screw that up.  I HIGHLY respect that.  Good stop and I will go back.  

       Next morning found us at Helm’s Sale.  PERFECT weather.  Couple of killer good goats, some skinny bargains and some that didn’t sell that have already paid off.  My kind of sale.  I got to bid/buy, then go rock flipping, all while eating good tamales, burritos and dang good catfish and fries.  That cooking crew did way good.  Hats off and raised glass to all.  Then I got to stand around, talk, have a bee…beverage or 12, and listen.  I’m a real good listener and like to listen to others tell stories.  I thoroughly enjoyed just being there listening to others. Sometimes, I can listen so well that it just knocks me off my feet.  And then on the way home, I just sat in the backseat and listened to James and Heith tell stories.    I only occasionally offered an opinion or story.  But, in the end, I just tried to be quiet and friendly.  Luckily, we made a stop on the way home and I found a bargain on some daily household goods.  

     It was a really good trip for this getting old  & getting fatter German/Irish man.  Then I spent Sunday evening with the Dragon Lady cruising around NW OK looking at kids sired by Joe Dirt.  OH MY GOODNESS!  The old man is getting ready to leave a legacy.  There are a couple of doe kids that are wicked and a couple others that have nuts that will NEVER meet a green rubber band.  Welcome to my world.  Travel around several states looking to write a fat check for the next great buck and the old one that we already have that just keeps pumping them out is already here, ready and willing to hit another couple of dozen does.  Dirt ain’t picky.  They just come out good no matter what.  It’s time to ride this deal like a cheap racehorse that is winning.  What do we have to lose?

     Here’s to horseshoes, shamrocks and Joe Dirt.  Some days are just better than others.  And sometimes, an old fart has a big fun weekend.  Put it on the calendar for next year. Let’s do it again.  I’ll just wait and listen for the rest to tell me when it’s time to go again.