Another online sale

Another sale complete. This one was interesting as the goats were not at my house for a change. Everybody waits until the last hour before these things close to start bidding. About 3 pm yesterday, I got a text saying “Does anybody know about this sale?” By 9 pm last night, that person had changed their tune. I wasn’t worried. My phone had rang constantly from the time the pics went up until about 8:45 pm last night. Thanks to all the buyers and bidders.

Now that this one is over, I have to decide what to do with the next set. There are 10 goats in this mid April set. 1 buck prospect, 2 dang good doe kids, 2 doe kids that I won’t price and 5 top shelf kind of wethers. All Joe Dirt’s on dang good mommas. They haven’t been seen by very many, but those that have call weekly to see what I’m doing with them. One showmen keeps trying to trade me chocolate chip cookies for the right to buy one of them. That may work. The answer is still….I don’t know. If I was smart, I would just keep them all and not go to another sale this year. I don’t know if I have time for an online sale. I may just draw numbers, play rock/paper/scissors or have an arm wrestling contest. I’ve got a week to figure it out.

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