Another Day

How about this president of yours and mine?  This dude might actually know what he is doing.  China is back to doing business with the US of A.  Long way to go, but no matter which side you are on, this guy is backing up his talk and tweets with actual deeds.

However, I did buy some metal today.  And the price of that commodity has continued to go up.  At least it is American made steel.  Ask a young person why the Pittsburgh Steelers are called the steelers?  Not many know.  They can dang sure tell their record and fantasy #ers.  Of course, most u of o fans don’t know what a sooner actually is.  But, they are in the playoffs.

Speaking of high, I was reading an article about some unique farming.  Some of their land was bringing $70,500 per acre.  Yes, you read that right.  It is a bit high.

Land will not get cheaper.  They aren’t making anymore of it and as we add more and more people, space becomes more valuable.

Very few countries are growing in terms of land mass.  But one is.  The Netherlands.  Twenty percent of their land mass is former sea bottom.   I haven’t been there, but I like studying about Dutch agriculture.  Just my opinion, but these people are ahead of the rest of us when it comes to producing more per acre.

What major city in the United States is gaining actual land mass?  Do you know? Do you know?  Now, whistle the theme song from Jeopardy while thinking of the answer.  The correct answer would be Boston.  What?  One of our oldest cities is gaining ground?  Yep, they build pilings and piers and fill it with landfill.  Pack it and keep moving out to sea.  Slowly.  But about 16% of Boston’s land is built on landfill out into the ocean.  They just keep adding land mass like their pro sports teams keep adding trophies.  Well, at least the Red Sox have recently added a trophy.

Speaking of jinxes, I hate to mention it, for fear of jinxing it.  But, I was not holding my breath on our last AI program (goats not cattle).  I had a # of does that I hoped to get settled and it looks like we are in excess.  I’m a believer in setting goals but not all goals need to be lofty.  Any goal achieved is a step in the right direction.  Even if it costs a part of an acre of Dutch land.

And since we are talking about breeding,  I normally log off here with something about have a good day or horseshoes and shamrocks.  How about we all just hope for Al Czervik’s last line?  Of course, that will probably be a lot like goat breeding–low goals, high expectations.

Have a good one!

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